The Legend of Kai: The Underwater Ruin

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The Underwater Ruin

Standing atop a certain cliff, a young man with crimson hair looked at the valley below. This young man is non-other than Kai.

"So this is the Valley of Echoes?" the Kai spoke to himself.

Kai listened to his surroundings but all he could hear is the roaring wind echoing. "I guess this is the reason it's called that..." he thought.

Summoning Shiro, Kai jumped unto the beast' back and ordered it towards the valley below.

After leaving Ark, Kai went straight to the Valley of Echoes as it is the nearest place to his true target; the Jura forest. The Jura forest is said to be the previous home of the earth dragon before it flees to the Misty forest. As for mapping the Valley of Echoes, Kai planned to do it while passing the place. With the help of the System map, he could easily accomplish such a task.

Scribbling sounds

The pen dances atop a scroll as Kai draw the map of the Valley of Echoes. Having mastered the Mapping skill, creating maps such as the one he's doing right now is as easy as breathing.

"How convenient these skills are. Back on Earth, making even the simplest map would require tons of time and patient. Here, all I needed to do is to ride on Shiro's back as the System map gets filled." Kai said to himself.

"Shiro, turn to that direction."

Pointing to a certain direction, Kai led Shiro to the place that wasn't shown on the System map.


Shiro happily followed its master's order and walked eastward. Before long they stumble upon a clear and beautiful lake.

"What a beautiful lake!" Kai exclaimed as he looked at the scenery before him. "Let's rest here for a while," he added.

Jumping off of Shiro's back, Kai walked towards the water. But the moment he is about to dip his hand on the water he was startled by the sudden notification from the System.

[Side quest available. Would the host like to see the quest?]


"Uh... well, that was sudden... Alright, let me see the quest."

Smiling wryly at the suddenness of the quest, Kai was slightly taken aback but still decided to see what the quest was all about.

[Side Quest: Explore the ruin under the lake.]

[Explanation: A remnant of an ancient civilization forgotten by history lie inside the lake. Explore the said ruin and shed light on its hidden secrets. ]

[Quest Reward: 2,000,000 Exp / 50,000 SP / "Title" function ]

"Holy smokes! A ruin under the lake? And those rewards... this is just too tempting. System what is the 'Title' function?"

Kai was flabbergasted by the content of the quest. Never did he expect that there's a ruin inside the lake. What's more, the rewards are quite generous but what truly caught his attention was the "Title" function. Therefore, he quickly asked the System of its uses, despite the fact that he already has the inkling of what it does.

[The "Title" is one of the System function currently locked, and could only be unlocked by completing a certain requirement. In the "Title" function's case, an 'Exploration Side Quest' ]

"So that's the case! Hah! I guess there's still a lot of things I don't know about the System and it's functioning. Better up my game!" Kai declared.

After accepting the quest, Kai investigates the lake's surroundings but he could not find an entrance that would enable him to enter the said ruin.

"It seemed that the entrance is under the lake. This is troublesome..."

Unable to find a way to enter the ruin without entering the lake, Kai is on a dilemma. Left with no choice he decided to check the System shop in the hope of finding a skill or item that could help him with the quest. Fortunately, the System shop did not disappoint and found several skills and items that could assist him.

The skills he chooses are 'Swim', 'Dive', 'Underwater Maneuver', 'Underwater Fighting', 'Underwater Breathing', and the 'Temperature Control' spell and then maxed them all for added insurance. He also bought several types of equipment with magical effects that could protect him from the elements and other unexpected surprises. Of course, he did not forget to establish a gate point just in-case he needed a quick getaway.

With everything ready, Kai activated all the underwater skills he bought and jumped into the lake. Like fish on water, Kai was able to move underwater with relative ease thanks to his maxed out underwater skills and spells. Once again, he was reminded how useful skills and magic are.

As he moved deeper the surrounding become darker but it has no effect on Kai as he can see in the dark thanks to his passive 'Night Vision' skill. With the help of the System map, Kai was able to quickly locate the hidden ruin, or rather, a temple similar to the ones built by the Mayans back on Earth. To his surprise, the said ruin is in surprisingly good shape and seemed to be protected by some sort of magic that prevented it from decaying despite the passing of time and the fact that it was submerged underwater.

"This is truly fascinating. I wonder what sort of magic allows it to last this long, no, rather, how could a spell last this long? "

Kai was fascinated by the underwater ruin, and have tons of question but decided to leave it at that for the time being and proceed towards the ruin. The moment he crossed a certain distant Kai felt like he entered some sort of barrier and quickly plummets towards it.

With a "thud", Kai falls to the ground. Fortunately, he was able to balance himself and was relatively unhurt.

"Geh! That surprised me. Who would think that there's no water surrounding the ruin? How mysterious!"

Though surprised by the discovery, Kai did not dwell into it for too long. Instead, he carefully walked towards the only entrance he could see. And with a determined face, enters the underwater ruin.

To be continued...


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