The Legend of Kai: The Wolf Clan's Woes (5)

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The Wolf Clan's Woes (5)

Morning arrives without me noticing. Then while I'm absent-minded reminiscing, a maid call out to me from outside the house.

"Master Kai, the mistress and the elders invite your for breakfast. Would you accept their invitation?" The maid asked.

"Got it. I'll just wash up a little and I'll be there in 15 to 20 minutes," I answered the waiting maid.

After hearing my reply, the maid offered her service. At first I was confuse, but after a while I realized that she's offering to help me wash. That's right. this sort of things should be normal for aristocrats--having servants wait for them. I decline the maid's offer. I'm pretty sure that it's just my imagination that I heard her disappointed voice. Yup, let's go with that!

I wake up Myuu who is still sleeping soundly on the bed. Due to guilt, Myuu doesn't have the courage to face the members of her clan right now. ANd though I do not know the reason, she's become rather attach to me. Since, I'm partly at faut at what happened to her, I could not tell her to go somewhere else nor do I have the heart to do so.

I told Myuu to wash her face of which she sleepily obeys. I guess she's not a morning person. Since Myuu does not have a change of clothes wioth her, I used << cleanse >> magic to clean the clothes she is wearing. Noticingh what I did, Myuu look at me with sparkling eyes--in return I pat her head of which she happily giggles. This must be how it feels to have a little sister.

After readying ourselves, Myuu, Shiro and I left the courtyard and walk towards the main house.

While walking I saw the members of the fox clan looking at me with deep respect--everyone were probably informed of my actions and are thankful for saving their clan. I smiled and nod at the people who greeted me and enters the main building.

We were escorted by to the dining hall where Yukina, Inaba and the elders are waiting. Inside the dining hall, I also saw the members of the wolf clan, clan lord Kyo, Matou, Garudo and Yano (the wolf clan guardian beast). I didn't see the 6th elder anywhere so he's probably still in the dungeon--not really surprising considering his betrayal.

Myuu's hands holding to mine trembles and tightened. Noticing what happened and frown and following Myuu's gaze, I saw the young master Matou looking at her menacingly.

Angered, I let out my killing intent and focuses it on Matou. With a shriek of "hiiiiii" the wolf clan young master collapses to the floor with frothing mouth--what a coward. Sensing my anger the atmosphere in the entire room become tense and none dare to say anything out of fear. Knowing that I might have gone overboard, quickly retracted my killing intent and everyone let out a collective sigh of relief.

"Clan lord Kyo, I suggest that you teach your son some restraints. With how he is acting, he'll destroy the wolf clan sooner or later," I said while shaking my head.

"I apologize," answered clan lord Kyo with a bow.

"No matter. What happened to the wolf clan is no longer my concern. I do have something to announce. I won't be returning Myuu, she'll be staying with me," I announced after deciding something.

"P,please wait! Myuu is a very important member of our clan!" Lord Kyo protested.

"I'm aware. But so what? I heard from Myuu herself that her parents are dead and before the discovery of her power, no one from the wolf clan has treated her with kindness. Before that she is treated as an unwanted child and her clan's men see her as an annoyance, am I correct?"

I ignore the caln lord Kyo's protest and proceed to tell everyone how Myuu is treated before the discovery of her power. Since Myuu doesn't have any close relatives in the wolf clan, I decided to adopt Myuu as my little sister.

Myuu look at me with teary eyes. I smiled and pat her head to help calm her rampaging feeling. Seeing Myuu's reaction and my action, clan lord Kyo could only give out a wry smile. He knew that I was serious and there's no room for negotiation.

After the tense start, the breakfast proceed smoothly. Then, I opened a Gate outside of the wolf clan's castle and let the soldiers from the wolf clan enter. I let everyone leave aside from Myuu--even the gaurdian beast Yano was allowed to return. I also gave him a lesser elixir to heal the injuries inflicted by Shiro.

Speaking of Shiro, But Yano and Inaba were silent the whole time we are eating breakfast. I guess, Shiro's power has subdue the two guardian beast and are very careful in his presence. thinking of such, I could only smile wryly.

With the wolf clan settled, my negotiation with the fox clan is finally completed.

To be continued...


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