The Legend of Kai: Dragon Subjugation Quest (4/4)

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Dragon Subjugation Quest (4/4)

The adventurers attacked the earth dragon with everything they had. Swords, spears, arrows, and magic flew towards it.

Yet most of the attacks just bounced off of it. Fortunately, Shiro's taking much of its attention. Shiro's speed enables it to attack the earth dragon without suffering any damage itself.

Kai did everything he could to support it. Using enchantment on its fangs an claws. If there's something unfortunate in the situation is that Shiro could not use its innate my magic due to the fact that it would also affect the adventurers nearby.

Nonetheless, most of the damage to the earth dragon was caused by Shiro.

Slash! Stab!

Clank! Bang!

Twang! Twang!

"Keep it up! It's working"


"We need a healer here!"

"On my way!"

Kai watched everything that is transpiring. But due to the arrangement with the subjugation team, he could not act as he wishes and could only support Shiro from afar. Though itching to fight the earth dragon itself, Kai must consider the bigger picture and control himself.

Despite this though, Kai never let his guard down and is carefully observing everything. His greatest concern is something unexpected cropping up.

"Seemed like everything is going well." Kai thought as he watches the earth dragon slowly being overwhelmed.

"It's only a matter of time..." he added.

Kai is not the only one who's on guard. Stan too did not join the fight as his job is to command the adventurers. And just like Kai, he also found the situation strange.

Dragons rarely stray far away from their territories. The only time they would do so is when they feel threatened or when looking for mates. Obviously, the Misty forest do not have another dragon so the latter could be dismissed. The only explanation is that the earth dragon's terrified of something. And that "something" is terrifying enough for the earth dragon to abandon its territory and flee towards the Misty forest.

"Just what is it that terrifies the earth dragon?" Stahn thought.

Unless they found the reason for the dragon's behavior, Ark would never be safe even if they managed to subjugate the earth dragon.


Stahn snapped out of his deep thought when he heard the earth dragon's enraged roar.

He saw the earth dragon covered in yellowish hue and knew instantly what it is trying to do.

"Watch out it's gathering mana!" he barked.

"It's going to use magic! Someone stop it!"


Kai yelled Shiro's name and the hurricane wolf quickly gathered mana and rushed the earth dragon.


Shiro rammed the earth dragon while being protected by the wind, causing the earth dragon to lose its footing thus forcing it to stop gathering mana.


Seeing the earth dragon losing its footing, Stahn ordered everyone to attack in full force. Weapons, arrows, and magics bombarded the helpless dragon.


The earth dragon let out a final roar before finally dropping to the ground unconscious.


"We did it!"

The adventurers roared and celebrate once the dragon falls. They quickly surrounded the unconscious dragon while congratulating each other.

"Mages, make sure to keep it asleep. We don't want anything unexpected happening." Stahn ordered the mages to cast sleeping spells to keep the earth dragon from waking up and going berserk.

"Got it," they answered.

The subjugation team did not finish off the earth dragon despite able to do so. Dragons are a protected species and the other races of this world treat them with high regards. Not to mention killing a dragon could incur the wrath of the dragon race causing much friction between the dragon race and the other races.

The dragon races also keep to themselves most of the time and would not interfere with other races. The only reason they would be subjugated and captured is when they stray too far from their territories and living near settlements where they could endanger the other races.

As for what they would do with the unconscious earth dragon, the guild will deal with it.

Kai let out a sigh of relief as he ruffled Shiro's fur. He just got a notification from the System telling him the completion of the quest. But as he expected, it's still not over. Seeing the new quest given by the System, Kai could only give a wry smile.

Special Quest: Investigate the reason for the earth dragon's behavior.

Quest Details: Dragons are solitary creature and would often live far away from settlements. Investigate why the earth dragon left its territory and flee towards the Misty forest.

Rewards: 10,000000 Exp, 500,000 SP and active skill 'Contract'

Kai looked at the rewards and can already feel an incoming headache. He knows that the bigger the rewards the more difficult the quest is.

"Hah... I guess I have no choice..." Kai thought after sighing.

Kai then walks towards the celebrating adventurers to join in the celebration. And so Kai's first dragon subjugation quest concluded in a resounding success.


Previous Chapters




To be continued...


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