The Legend of Kai:The Mysterious Tower of Trials (3)

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The Mysterious Tower of Trials (3)

clang, slash, slash



I slashed at the armored monster trying to sneak up on me while deflecting an attack from the sword-wielding monster. My brows cannot help but frown seeing how difficult it is to kill the monsters.

"They are getting difficult," I complained.

[Coming from someone who is nonchalantly killing and beheading his opponent, its kinda hard to take what you are saying seriously,] the System took a jab at my remark.






[You spoke first so it's my win,] the System said proudly.

"Whatever... But still, the difficulty is getting higher. from the looks of things only those who are S-class or higher can complete the whole tower," I replied after ignoring the System's boasting.

[Maybe that's the point of this whole tower. Rather than a tower of trials, it's more of a training ground for high-level people?] The System suggested.

I nod at the System's observation. I also think that this place is more of a training ground. certainly, there are traps and puzzles but it seems that they are put there more of an annoyance than anything else. Also, the requirements of needing to be at least A-class is telling of this.

"Well, I'll just complete the both Yukina's and the System quest and then exit. I have other things to do and could not waste my time here," I declared.

[This place is perfect for training, you know? Are you sure you won't stay for a bit?] The System asked.

I smiled at the System's questions. I then answered, "I've already marked the place. I could enter the tower anytime I wanted with Gate."

[You plan on letting the girls train here?] Asked the System despite already knowing my answer.

"That's the plan," I replied.

After a bit more of fighting, I finally reached the 20th floor where the sword is supposed to be located.

Looking around, I saw the sword I was supposed to retrieve--being hugged by a skeleton.

"...So that's how it is," I whispered after realizing Yukina's reason for wanting to retrieve the sword.

[I wonder what's her relationship with this person? Maybe, it's her husband?] the System asked

"It doesn't matter who it is. I just need to retrieve the sword," I answered.

But before that though, I need to kill the monsters approaching me with killing intent.

Seeing how the monsters seem bent on killing me, I smiled savagely and a one-sided slaughter ensued.

After killing all of the monsters, I approached the skeleton and crouched down to observe it. From how it is hugging the sword, it seemed that the person is hellbent on protecting the sword. The sword was obviously very important to this person. Also, the person is a man and I got a feeling that he does have some sort of relationship with Yukina. Though my instinct is telling me that it's not a romantic one.

I gently took the sword, careful not to damage the skeleton--not that it's undamaged, to begin with. After taking the sword I put it inside my Inventory. I then look at the skeleton and decided to take it along with me--also putting it inside the Inventory where it wouldn't be damaged.

I then went straight to the next floor to face the second boss of the tower...

After several more hours, I exited the tower using the portal found at every 11th floor--the floor where I faced the tower bosses. The portal I took is on the 31st floor. Of course, Of course, I only used the portal after completing the System quest.

Outside the tower, a person in ninja garb approaches me. The ninja is one of Yukina's servant and seemed to have been waiting for me the whole time--what a dedicated person.

Lead by the ninja, I rode the horse that he prepared beforehand. And so I went back to town to meet Yukina once more.

To be continued...


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