The Legend of Kai: The Unexpected "Reward" (2)

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The Unexpected "Reward" (2)

Yukina explained that one of the reward for the quest of retrieving their clan's treasured sword is her hand in marriage. Everyone in their region is aware of it and there had been countless people in all walks of life who tried to retrieve the sword but none of them succeed--until I showed up that is.

"Then why did you not tell me anything about that particular reward?" I asked in confusion.

"That's because I'm not certain that you would accept the quest if you knew about that part of the reward. After all, you're an adventurer and would most likely not be tied down by responsibility," Yukina answered truthfully.

I groaned after hearing Yukina's explanation. Certainly, I might not have accepted her request if I knew what the true reward is. Still, I couldn't really blame Yukina for keeping the truth a secret. The first time they've meet, I noticed a trace of desperation in her eyes. With Yukina's power of clairvoyance, she probably figured out that I might be able to help her. Hence, her presence in that certin restaurant.

"Yukina, as you know, I'm an adventurer and something like marriage is still farthest thing in my mind. Of course, I'm not saying that I have no plan of marrying but that would happen in a later date--most like a decade from now or so," I explained.

Yukina look at me in the eyes and smiled. She is most likely aware of my decision and so she's neither surprise nor upset--much to my relief.

"That's fine, I would not force the marriage with you. After all, it was my deception that forces you to accept my request," Yukina said with a warm smile.

I'm grateful of Yukina's explanation and the is about to thank her but her next world stopped me on my track.

"Though, there is a slight problem. Everyone already knew that sir Kai, successfully completed the quest. And since you've been living with us, the commoner might have though that we're already married," Yukina dropped the bomb with an apologetic look.


What the hell?! Isn't this practically force marriage?!

My mind went blank and I don't know how to react. despite my experience with women in my previous world, none of it prepare me for this.

Before I noticed, Yukina is already seating beside me. Confused, I asked her what she's doing.

"It is still possible to announce that you refused the marriage. After all, no ceremony had been performed and our union is by name only."

Yukina, seeing my blank look proposed an idea that greatly surprises me. Certainly, the union isn't official yet. ANd in reality, there's really no harm in doing so--atleast for me. If I agree to her proposal, Yukina's reputation would be greatly affacted. And for an unmarried woman to be reputed as someone unwanted, her reputation would fall to the buttom.

"There's no way I could do that to you, you know?" I answered while smiling wryly.


Yukina covered her mouth in shock. She probably didn't expect that I would refuse her proposal.

"B,but. If we don't clear up the situation, people would misunderstood!" Yukina exclaimed with reddened face. She's so agitated that she didn't even notice how close we are to each other.

"Let's leave it at that for now. At most we could just delat it as much as possible. Also, you're too close...,"


Yukina finally notices her action after my reminder and quickly separate from me in panic. she then lowered her head in embarrassment and no longer dare to look at me.

Sigh. This is troublesome. it's not like I hated Yukina nor do I find her unattractive. In fact, it is the opposite. Yukina is probably the most beautiful woman I've meet since arriving here. And as a man, there's no way am I unitenrested in her. But marriage is sacred and I would like to marry the one I truly love. Also, I don't know how i would explain this to the my female aquintances...

[Host, have you forgotten? This world allows polygamy,] the System dropped a bombshell.


To be continued...


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