The Legend of Kai: City of Adventurers (1/3)

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City of Adventurers (1/3)

[Abrupt Quest: A caravan is being attacked by a large group of goblins. Save the said caravan to complete quest.]

[Would you like to accept the quest?]



Kaidu did not even think when he the System asked if he would accept the quest. First, Kaidu's a busybody before even transmigrating into this world and that habit is already ingrained in his soul. Second, it's a freaking System quest and the rewards are too tempting to pass off.

So without further ado, Kaidu ride Shiro's back and ordered it run towards the caravan. With the help of his "Riding" skill, Kaidu rode like a pro.


Clang! Clang! Clang!

Slash! Stab!


A goblin was stabbed in the throat by a girl with her sword and spasmed as it slowly loses its life.

Seeing their comrade's death, the goblin became enraged and charges with more ferocity.

"Careful everyone!"

The sword-wielding girl warned as she parry a rusty spear thrust at her.



Another girl with a shield and spear rushes towards a girl named Lily. She then uses her shield to protect Lily from an incoming attack.

"I-I'm okay!" Said Lily as she tries to removed the arrow lodged into her left shoulder. Yet no matter hard she tries, the arrow refuses to dislodge itself.

"N-not good, the arrow's poisoned!"

Lily started to panic when she notices that her strenght is leaving her. "Kara, i-if we fail to escape, please kill me..." Lilly begged the shield-wielding girl.

Knowing full well that her fate is going to be worse than death once the goblin capture her, Lily would rather die. Unfortunately, the poison from the arrow is robbing her of her strenght.

"Shut up! We're going to survive this!" Kara scolded despite the fact that their chances of escaping is almost nil.


"Mia!" Kara and Lily exclaimed as they saw the sword-wielding girl flew towards the wagon with grear force.

"C-careful, they have a champion!" Mia warned as she tries to get up but her body's in such great pain that she collapsed.

"S-sorry you two. It seemed that I cannot fight anymore..."

Mia looked at the two girls guiltily. Tried as she might, her body refuses to listen to her.

Kara and Lily smiled at Mia with teary eyes. They dare not blame her, no, if ever there is a need to blame someone it is themselves as they are the ones who insisted to take this route to save time. With Mia's skill, she could have ran away like those two cowardly adventurers that they hired beforehand.

Kara and Lily could only sigh with resignation. Carrying Lily with one arm, Kara quickly ran towards Mia. As the last one with any fighting capability left, it is her duty to protect them with her last breath.

"Kara, Mia... I-I have a vial of poison with me. If...if..."

Lily's voice trailed off as she looked at her bestfriends. The guilt she's feeling right now can no longer be described by words alone. After all it was her who invited the two to travel with her to another city to trade. If only she did not took the shorter path in an attempt to save time, this would not have happened.

Kara and Mia stayed silent when Lily brought out the topic of killing themselves. But there silent is also a form of agreement as the three of them would rather die than be humiliated by these goblins. As for whether their bodies going to be violated and eaten after their deaths, that's something they have control over.

But as Lily was about to open the vial of poison, a large shadow fall on top of the goblins! The shadow then started rampaging killing a goblin with every attack!

The three girls gawked at this scene with disbelief. The moment they are about to kill themselves, a huge wolf-like creature appear out of nowhere and started killing the goblins. But what's more amazing is that there's actually a person riding the back of the said creature!

The moment Kaidu, arrived at the scene, he saw three girls being cornered by the goblins. Two of the girls are incapacitated and is being protected by a girl wielding a shield.

Angered by this, Kaidu ordered Shiro to jump, pointing where the majority of the goblins are concentrated. Kaidu's intention is clear, he wanted Shiro to crush to gobkins to pulps! Shiro did what its master ordered and jumped, moments later it landed and crushes the poor, unlucky goblins like hus master intended.

After crushing several goblins to pulps, Kaidu let Shiro loose. And with every attack with its paws, tail, and fangs, a goblin's life was taken.

Kaidu did not let Shiro do all the work and jumped off of its back. Sword in hand, Kaidu killed any goblins foolish enough to block his way. Sword flashing, Kaidu targeted the biggest and strongest goblin in the group — the goblin champion!

Seing a human running towards it, the goblin champion was angered and smash its huge club at Kaidu. Yet to its surprise, Kaidu did not even try to dodge, instead cut the club along with its hand!


The goblin roar in pain and fear. Unfortunately for it, its roaring cannot save it from Kaidu's rage. And with another slash with his sword, Kaidu cut the goblin champion in two!

[Goblin Champion successfully killed. The host gained 5000 EXP.]

To be continued...


Previous Chapters





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