The Legend of Kai: The Wolf Clan's Troubles (4)

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The Wolf Clan's Troubles (4)

Shiro exits the Gate that I opened. Behind him is a person of the wolf clan and a mangy-looking black wolf. I guessed that the wolf is the wolf clan's guardian beast but I have no idea who the wolf clan man is.

"Clan lord, Kyo!"

Yukina is startled after seeing the person that exits the Gate. It seems that this person is someone very important. Or, rather, clan lord? Is the man perhaps the wolf clan's leader?

I look at Shiro inquiringly. Noticing my gaze, he explained that after he defeated the wolf clan's guardian beast and as he was about to take him away, the clan lord came running,begging him to not take their guardian beast. Obviously, Shiro have no reason to obey the plea of a complete stranger so he ignores him. But once the Gate opened, the clan lord followed without hesitation.

Hearing this, Kai could not help but glance at the wolf clan's clan lord weirdly. To follow the enemy that had just defeated their protector and laid waste to their home, the clan lord is rather "unique".

"Are you perhaps the master of this being? I am Kyo, the current clan lord of the wolf clan," Kyo introduces himself.

"I see. I'm Kai. And as you surmissed, I am Shiro's master. What brings you here clan lord?"

Since I'm curious as to why the clan lord risked his life and follow his clan's guardian beast abductor, I humored him and introduced myself. I then ask the reason for his presence there.

"Though, I don't know how my clan offended you at first to the point that you'll attack us at. But after seeing that this is the fox clan's castle, I realized that our sudden attack to the fox clan might be the reason for your anger," clan leader Kyo answered wryly.

"That's actually just one of the reasons. The other reason is because of a certain young master from your clan," I answered.

Clan lord Kyo paled after hearing my reply and then begin sweating a lot. He might have realized that the young master Matou have offended me in a major way. His reaction told me that the wolf clan young master is a trouble maker and this might not be his first offense.

"Is Matou and Garudo alive?" he asked with a shaking voice.

I told Kyo that the Matou and Garudo are currently in the dungeons and are relatively alive despite being injured.

"I'I see... you have my thanks..." Kyo answered looking somewhat tired. He then noticed a little figure hiding behind Yukina and his eyes widened in shock.

"Myuu! Did you? Are you the one who opened the Gate to the clan's castle?"

Clan lord Kyo look at Myuu in shock and realized how the Shiro manages to attack their clan without being noticed. Myuu hid her head behind Yukina looking very guilty.

"Don't blame the child. Even without Myuu's help, I could as easily attack the wolf clan's castle. In fact, if not for her your clan might no longer exist. Therefore, you should be thanking her instead."

Seeing that Myuu is being cornered, I came to her rescue. I explained that it is only thanks to Myuu's help that their clan still existed. I basically explaiend that I forced Myuu to open the Gate in exchange for her clan's survival.

The wolf clan clan lord realized his mistake and quickly apologizes to Myuu who after hearing my explanation show her face timidly.

"Well then. I will let the fox clan do the negotiating. As long as the fox clan is given proper compensation for what happened, I will release your clan's guardian beast and people. Yukina, elders, I leave everything to you guys," I said as I walk towards the the courtyard prepared to me.

I ask Shiro to follow me while taking the wolf clan's guardian beast. Myuu too quickly follows despite the fact that she could stay if she wanted. I guess she's not feeling comfortable with her clan's men after everything that happened. Since it was my fault that she's feeling like that, I allowed her to follow. And then, a long negotiation that lasted the whole night ensued.

To be continued...


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