The Legend of Kai: Shiro's Might (2)

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Shiro's Might (2)

This is Shiro. A lot of things happened since I become my master, Kai's << summoned beast >> . for example; master found an ancient ruin sleeping beneath a certain lake. And after a bit of effort, master became the master of said ruin-- ah, as expected of my master!

Anyways, master turned the ruin into our team's secret base and named it << Fenrir's Den >>

Amazing right?

After that, he let the Ozma and the girls take care of our new base while he continues his quest while riding on my, Shiro's back. But on once we arrived on our destination, master and I saw the place covered in thick fog, which master called the miasma or something...

How terrifying!

Somehow, I can feel great danger inside that thick miasma, though I cannot figure out why. Master sent me back to the den while he investigates the place. Though I wanted to accompany master, he told me that it might be too dangerous inside the miasma. Therefore, I could only wait for my master's return.

Not long after, master returned, looking very serious. I heard him explain to the girls and Ozma that he felt a terrifying presence inside the miasma. After that, he left to report his findings to the guild. Once he returned from the guild, master told us that he meets a female << Dragonoid >> while visiting the guild master. He then mentioned that there is going to be a large-scale investigation to assess the situation and he is expected to help.

With that said, master asked Ozma to train the girls in preparation for something I do not understand. Despite the fact that master won't be able to go on an adventure for a while, he too will be very busy as he needed to do some enchanting or something complicated like that.

I guess I could only accompany the girls in their training...

Days passed and the investigators from the dragon clan arrived. There are five of them of which two are female, including the same Dragonoid that master met at the guild master's office. After a bit of misunderstanding due to a certain male Dragonoid, we then proceed to our destination--the << earth dragon's lair >>

Quickly arriving at the place, everyone finally saw the rumored miasma with their own eyes--causing them to turn pale, probably out of fear. oh wait, master and I are not included in that as we have seen it before and is no longer that affected.

Fortunately, master is always prepared and pull out some things out of nowhere, much to everyone's surprise. As expected of master, he knows how to impress people!

Using those strange items, the group safely enters the miasma. despite that though, I could feel the unease in everyone's heart. Only me and master are calm. Not surprising there though...

Not long after entering the miasma, master warned everyone of the impending danger--the monsters are attacking!

Master warned everyone that he can feel the presence of an S-class monster among the attacking horde. This terrifies everyone except my master and me who told them not to panic as it is just an S-class monster and he would be taking care of it. After a bit of argument, master left using << Short-distance Teleportation >>. Master then proceed to intercept the said monster--a snake-like monster with an upper body like that of a man--a << snake man >>.

The snake man attacked me and master ferociously, but despite not S-class ourselves, master and I manages to defeat it with ease--thanks mainly to a skill that left the snake man immobile and helpless. Master, you're skill is such a cheat! Though I expected it from him...

After defeating the snake man, I carried its corpse with my mouth upon master's order. It seemed that the materials gathered from the snake man's body are very useful to master.

Upon seeing me and master, everyone looked really surprised, one of the Dragonoid even exclaimed after seeing the snake man I'm carrying. Hehehehe! I* just love those flabbergasted looks after learning that master and I killed an S-class monster. But those expressions are nothing compared to the expressions they showed after learning from master that we are might be facing a demon king!


A demon king!

Even someone courageous like me was taken aback but somehow master doesn't look to worry. Well, it's master after all.

After that day, everything becomes very hectic as preparations to battle the demon king and its army are proceeding. The entire continent is shocked after learning of the demon king's existence. Among the busiest is definitely master. He teleported from places to places to prepare something I cannot comprehend but it does not matter. I'm sure master will take care of everything. I, too, have been very busy, Not long ago, master finally entered the rank of the S-class! Master is really amazing. But of course, master is a perfectionist and will not allow being the only one becoming strong. Using the << Gates >> he setup beforehand, master took me and the girls to different labyrinth and dungeons to increase our strength. And after a lot of effort, I too reached S-class! Yes, I have finally reached the apex of my species! I evolved into the << Neo Hurricane Wolf >> --the most powerful wolf monster!

Hurray for me!

Master looked really happy and proud when I evolved which makes me very happy. But master told me that I can still grow stronger, He told me that due to the contract between me and him, I still can evolve further. This surprises me. My inherited memories--memories that I inherited from my ancestors told me that the Neo Hurricane Wolf is supposed to be my kind's final form. But since master told me that I can evolve further, then it must be true. I trust master after all...

Finally, the awaited day had arrived. The demon king and its army march towards us. Everyone looked nervous--well, mostly everyone. There are a lot of strong people in our camp and compared to the ordinary soldiers, they are a lot calmer. Of course, master and I are calmed too. Oh, and so are the girls. Yeah, the girls become stronger too. They are not at A-class level yet but with master's help they are a force to be reckoned with, and they too are much calmer than the others. As expected of our team!

But still, I am feeling unhappy.

Why am I unhappy you asked? It's because of the << Dire Wolves >> --my kin from the north. They too are here to fight against the demon king's army. But they are a disappointment.

Why are they acting so terrified?

Sure they will be facing the demon king's army and that can be very scary.


They are wolves!

Wolves are proud and courageous!

Even if we are facing monsters stronger than us, we will not falter. Yet this, wolves are cowering in fear! So disgraceful!

As if reading my mind, master told me to help my kin regain their courage. As expected of master! He knew what I wanted.

The dire wolves are startled upon seeing me. That's to be expected. Despite my current form, they can feel my power and knew that I am far stronger than any of them. This is good, all of their attentions are on me. I growled at them. letting them know of my dissatisfaction'

Why are you all cowering?

What happened to your courage? Your pride?

I sent my intent carrying my message on everyone's mind.

The wolves whined, obviously ashamed.

The result is much better than I expected and with my master's permission. I transformed into my true form. startling not only the wolves but the others as well. Everyone's attention was focused on me, and me alone. I feel proud. But I did not let that get inside my head. My master gave me an order-- to show off my might and raise everyone's spirit. Master wanted them to know that they are not helpless, even against the demon king's army. That they too have someone powerful fighting among them.

I can feel everyone's spirit being lifted.

But it's not over yet. I will now show them my might. And so I howled--summoning wind and lightning. I am a Neo Hurricane Wolf. The storm is my ally!

My howl carried my intent into the storm. Howling at a certain direction, I released my strongest skill << Storm God's Fury >>!

To be continued...


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