The Legend of Kai: The Dark Forest (3)

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The Dark Forest (3)

"I'll go straight to the point, Tenma have you sensed a terrifying and dark power entering the continent not too long ago?" I asked.

"A dark and terrifying power? I'm sorry but aside from you no one had crossed from the other continent," was Tenma's answer.

I wasn't surprise by Tenma's answer. I've already guessed beforehand that the demon king did not retreat to the eastern continent. But I was still hoping to get some clue.

"I see. Then it couldn't be helped," I said with a sigh.

Tenma, sees my slightly disappointed expression and asked for the reason. Since there's no point ion keeping the information about the demon king a secret, I told everything, including the battle with the demon king.

"So, a demon king was born in the western continent? How terrifying. Yet you and your allies actually manages to force it to retreat, that's truly an impressive achievement," Tenma replied.

Shaking my head, I told Tenma that unless the demon king is defeated the world would not truly be at peace.

"That is indeed so. The demon king is a threat to the world. The different races fight against each other but when a demon king is born the world must come together to save the world," Tenma agreed with my opinion.

"Master Kai, I would like to help you in your effort to locate and defeat the demon king. I wonder, if you would accept the aid of someone like me?"

I was rather surprise by Tenma's willingness to offer her help despite the fact that I'm a complete stranger. Not to mention that what I've said earlier could had been a lie.

"Are you certain? I could be lying, you know?"

Tenma merely smile to what I've just said.

How could I tell that she's smiling despite being a snake?

Feeling, what else?

"I've been alive for so long that I already lost count how many years I've lived. Therefore, I could tell if the someone is trustworthy or not," was her reply.

How impressive! As expected of a mythical class creature. They're something common sense could not gauge.

[Indeed. Just like a certain someone,] the System suddenly butts in.

Shut up System, no one's talking to you!

I retorted at the System's sudden jab inside my mind. I then asked Tenma what she would like in exchange for her aid.

"I wish that you could shelter thaty child, he's family had served me for many generations. And even after the serpent clan's fall, he and her family have served me loyally. But... I think it's already enough. The serpent clan would no longer rise and I just wanted him to find happiness," was Tenma's request.

I was touched by Tenma's selfless request. It seems that both master and servant greatly care for each other. The servant protecting his master despite the overwhelming odds while the master wanted her servant to find happiness.

"I have a suitable place in mind. Not only is that place safe, he could also become stronger their--possibly helping him gain the power to grab happiness with his own hands. But..."

"Please, I'll do anything! Help that child!" Tenma begged.

"Actually, I have no problem with that but the place I'll be taking him is my own sanctuary and very few knew of it's location. In order for me to allow him there he must join my group. If he agrees then I will take him there. Also, this invitation is also applicable to you," I explained.

"Then I agree, please--"

The words that Tenma is about to say is cut off when we heard a groan. Looking at the source, we saw that the Tenma's servant is about to wake up.

Perfect timing. It's better to ask the person himself.

To be continued...


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