The Legend of Kai:Searching For The Demon King's Trails (2)

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Searching For The Demon King's Trails (2)

I look at Inaba's eyes and sigh. Her eyes tells me that she already figured out the truth and simply wanted confirmation. It seems that Inaba have similar ability as Yukina. Rather, since she's been the fox clan's guardian beast, that ability originally belongs to her?


It seems that a clan's guardina beast plays a bigger role than I expected. They're no mere protector of a clan it seems...

"It is as you say. As an S-rank adventurer, I have the role to fight one of the demon king's generals. But due to various circumstances, I am forced to face the demon king head on," I explained.


Yukina, Inaba and the elders were shocked after hearing my answer. Yes, even Inaba. From her reaction, her power of insight is not omnipotent. Rather, it has harsh restrictions. Maybe, she didn't expect that I actually faced the demon king in battle. Not surprising, after all, the demon king's an SSS-class monster.

"Master Kai, what is your level when you fought the demon king?" Yukina asked.

"I'm S-class when I fought him," I answered honestly.

"Just S-class! Yet you survived an encounter with the SSS-class demon king?!" One of the elders blurted out.

"I'm not the only one fighting him, you know? There's also Shiro, the hero and her party. I'm just one of the combatant," I explained with a wry smile.

"No, no, Master Kai. That's an SSS-class monster! It won't be strange if you and everyone else was annihilated!" Another elder butts in.

I agree with that elder's conjunction. Even though I most likely won't die, considering my preparations and the skills and tools I possessed, the others won't be so lucky. Therefore, to clear up the misunderstanding, I explained that both the hero and I used one of our trump cards to force the demon king to retreat.

"That's because I used an ability to fuse with Shiro and the the hero uses her ultimate skill. Well, even though I fused with Shiro, I only manages my level to SS-class which still fell short to the demon king's level. But it's enough to buy time for the hero to prepare her ultimate skill," I explained.


"Master Kai, rather than say that you played a role in defeating the demon king. Didn't the demon king retreated because of you?" Yukina asked after a long silence.

I shook my head in response to Yukina's question. Certainly, I played a major role in that battle but without everyone's help, I stood no chance. Let's not forget hat the demon king has an army of monsters and among these monsters are generals whose level is not lower than mine.

Everyone look at one another and I could feel that despite accepting my answer, the way they look at me is now somewhat different. How should I say it? It contains more awe and respect?

After that the conversation flows smoothly. I was finally able to say what i wanted the fox clan to do.

"Like I said earlier, there's a possibility that the demon king escaped to the eastern continent and might have been hiding in these land. I want the fox clan to help me gather information. I'll be investigation too but I'm just a single person and I'm limited by time. To save time I needed the local people to assist me. Do I have your clan's cooperation on this?" I asked after explaining more real purpose.

"It'll be our honor to assist you in your mission, master Kai. We owed you too much and if we could reduce that debt even by a little, we would be happy to do so," replied the 1st elder.

The other elders also nodded with a smile as if confirming what the first elder said. They didn't even asked Yukina nor Inaba for confirmation. But seeing the two's reaction, they already agreed to it beforehand. They must have been planning to give their clan's full support from the start...

With the fox clan's promise. I was able to secure allies in my search for the demon king's whereabouts. But it's not enough. The eastern continent is huge and the fox clan is just one clan. Therefore, I needed to look for more allies.

To be continued...


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