The Legend of Kai: A Certain Guild President's POV

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A Certain Guild President's POV

Guild President Arthur's POV

Adventurer's Guild Main Branch

"Sir, another batch of abducted adventurer's was delivered at the agreed location."

My secretary, Felicia entered my office and reported that more adventurers that had previously been abducted was delivered at a hidden location inside a certain forest. This batch should be the 16th if I'm not mistaken.

"Thank you, Felicia. Report to me if something happened."

I thanked my secretary and instructed her to directly report to me if there's a new development. After saying yes, Felicia slightly bowed and left.

"Hah! How tiresome. I've been so busy that I wasn't able to go home for three days..."

I let out a sigh and complained how troublesome my current work is, to the point that I couldn't even go home for three straight days. I basically made the guild my house. Fortunately, the guild is well equipped for situations like this.

Still, my wife is going to nag if this doesn't end soon...

I wanted to blame the person responsible for addded work but considering that he is also doing a very troublesome work, I couldn't do so.

"That guy sure is overworking me despite the fact that I'm the guild president," I complained to Kai who is not there at the moment.

"Well, sorry about that but... I also have my hands full, you know?"


A voice that sounded troubled suddenly replied to my careless muttering surprising me to the point that I let out a strange voice.

"K-kai! What are you doing here?!"

I quickly restore my posture, trying to recover what little left of my dignity.

"Felicia, why did you not report that Kai had arrived?" I looked at my secretary with blaming eyes.

"I did knock several but since there is no reply from you we decided to enter and check on you, president," Felicia answered while massaging her temple.

"Ugh... is that so? My apologies, Felicia."

I apologized to Felicia after hearing her explanation. It seemed that I had been absent-minded to the point that I did not hear the knocking on the door. I then asked her to prepare tea while inviting Kai to have a seat.

"So, what brings you hear, Kai?" I asked Kai after taking sip of tea from my cup.

"It's about Hydra," Kai replied.

"You managed to get new information?"

I straightened my body and quickly urges Kai to continue.

According to him, Hydra seemed to be planning to incite a revolution at Kabbala, a kingdom to the far north of the continent.

"Tsk! Those bastards! The demon king hasn't been taken care of and they are already causing troubles!"

I could not help but curse at Hydra after hearing what they are planning to do. Why couldn't stay silent like what they have been doing for decades? Why now when there's still the threat from the demon king?

"They are most likely underestimating the demon king. Maybe they though that they can recover their lost influence while everyone are busy with the issue concerning the demon king," Kai answered with his assumption.

Kai is most likely correct. Hydra lost the majority of its power a long time ago, causing them to go dormant. But many years had passed and they must have recovered somewhat. And they are taking advantage while everyone is concerned about the demon king's resurgence.

What a troublesome bunch...

"Do you have some plan, Kai?" I asked Kai.

Since Kai was able to get this information, he must have thought of a countemeasure as well. Right now, Kai is the only person I could turn to and I have great expectations of him. Fortunately, Kai did not disappoint my expectations.

"Yeah, I already have a plan. I'm just here to report to you. But I hope that you could keep the information confidential," Kai replied.

I promised Kai that no one will know about this. Like him, I too believed that Hydra has spies everywhere--even inside the guild. So it's better that I keep the secret between us. I don't know what his plan is but I'm sure he'll be able to do something about Hydra's plan.

Several minutes later, Kai left my office but not before giving me a bottle of wine. Guess he knew that I was stressed out and needed a drink to relax. What a considerate guy.

I know that it's not good to drink wine while at work but surely a glass won't hurt, right?

I returned to the documents at the table while absent-mindedly taking a sip of wine. But the moment the wine enters my mouth...

To be continued...


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