The Legend of Kai: The Wolf Bare Its Fangs (2)

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The Wolf Bare Its Fangs (2)

Once < Fenrir > joined the fighting, the direction of the war flows more favorably towards the alliance. Using guerrilla tactics, Kai learned back on Earth, < Fenrir > manages to cause massive dame to the demon king's army. Nonetheless, the army of monsters is not easily defeated, surging like waves, they carry on marching despite the massive casualties caused by the allied forces, Kai's forces and even the underworld forces lead by Hydra.

Still, thanks to this victories, the morale of the allied forces has reached the peak -- making the soldier fight fiercer. And yet, the demon king have still not shown himself for some reason -- worrying the leaders of the alliance that something more sinister is a foot.

"How was it?" Grand Marshall Kaiser ( The marshall leading the Alliance Army ) asked his assistant, General Berlow.

"Still no respond. The elite spies we sent inside the Forbidden Ground was completely annihilated. The one who luckily escaped, died after passing the information to us," general Berlow reported with an unsightly expression.

The Alliance has gotten the information that the demon king is currently hiding inside the Forbidden Ground, and had sent spies to infiltrate the place and to lure out the demon king. Yet the spies was somehow discovered -- leading to their annihilation. One spies luckily escaped but with heavy injuries but died after passing this information.

"...I see. Make sure that these men families are well compensated," said Marshall Kaiser with an unreadable expression.

"Understood!" General Berlow answered but did not left afterwards as if wanting to say something.

Seeing his assistant's expression, the Marshall knew that the general have something to say but was hesitating if he is suppose to speak his mind.

"There's just us here, so speak what's on your mind," the Marshall urges.

"Marshall, maybe we should ask the church to send Hero Emilia's party, and maybe, even Fenrir to force out the demon king?" General Berlow spoke after a bit of hesitation. Berlow was hesitating because both the Hero's party and Fenrir is not under the allied army's jurisdiction, and could not be ordered by anyone except for these organization's respective leaders.

"It'll be great if those two forces can be moved by us. Unfortunately, they're not under the Alliance's command and could not be ordered around. The Hero and her party could still be argued to act since the Hero and the Demon king are mortal enemy since time immemorial but Fenrir is another matter altogether. Making that force to act is no easy matter...," answered the Marshall with a bitter smile. Though both the Holy church and Fenrir are powerful, they are independent entities and are not under any country or state. Besides, they owed the two forces for defeating the Demon king in the previous encounter...

"I will try to communicate with them, and hope that they would act for the better good," added the Marshall after a bit of hesitation.

Hearing this, General Berlow felt a bit relieved. He knew that negotiation won't be easy but they at least have to try.

While Marshall Kaiser and General Berlow are discussing and racking their brains on how to convince the leaders of the Holy Church and Fenrir, the two forces in questions are doing their best to dwindle the Demon king's army. Of course, the news of the Alliance's elite spies annihilation did not escape the two force's notice. They knew that after that failure, the leaders of the Alliance would try to negotiate with them.

Kai did not bother himself with this. He could just ask Ozma and Lily to negotiate with these people. His main concern is to figure why the Demon King had secluded himself. He knew that the whole situation is strange and he could not remove the uneasy feeling inside his heart. He could tell that something big is about to happen. And yet, Kai could not do anything about it. As such, he could only try to prepare as best as he could.

While Kai is contemplating on his next moves, he suddenly received a sudden notification from the System. [Host, I am detecting a sudden energy surge from the north-west part of the continent,] the System informed.

Kai got startled at the sudden information and quickly asked, "is it the Demon King?"

[It is not. The energy is different from the Demon King. Rather it is more dangerous and powerful,] the System answered.

Hearing the reply, Kai's eyes widened with shock. An energy signature more dangerous and powerful than the Demon King? WHo or what could that be?

Kai's expression grew gloomier as he thought of this. First the Demon King's strange behaviour. Now this strange energy signature. Lamenting his bad luck, Kai could only let out a frustrated smile.

Though the energy signature is not that of the Demon King, Kai knew that he could not let this be without investigating. He also have the feeling that the Demon King's strange behaviour have something to do with this energy signature.

"To the north-west!"

Having made up his mind, Kai quicklty uses a < Long-distance Teleportation > spell to investigate the mysterious energy signature!

To be continued...


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