The Legend of Kai: Dungeon Master (1)

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Dungeon MAster (1)

After taking their rest, Kai and his group resume their exploration of the labyrinth. Their progress was steady at first but as they dive deeper, the monsters strength increases exponentially. What's more traps ar springing left and right.

If it wasn't them doing the exploring, those people would have been annihilated a long time ago. Fortunately, every member of Kai's party possessed the necessary strength and experience. But even so, the group is aware that if things goes on like this, then even their group would suffer the fate of annihilation.

"This dungeon is too strange," said Isaac with a frown on his face after killing the last of the monster that ambushed them.

"Indeed. It is almost like someone was controlling the monsters, making sure that we would be killed," Ahnari replied agreeing to Isaac's statement.

"Do you think the demon king is involve in this?"

Hearing what the two said, Talban could not help but ask if the demon king is somewhat involve on this matter. After all, everyone new that the demon king can control monsters--able to make an army of them even.

Everyone aside from Kai and Kuran are startled at what Talban said and they could not help but be Apprehensive. If the demon king is really responsible for this strange occurrence, then their current party is not enough to deal with the situation. One must not forget that the demon king is incredibly powerful himself, yet he also have the demon generals serving him loyally.

"The demon king shouldn't be involve in this. If he were, he would have taken care of us already. Also, labyrinths are very popular to adventurers and treasure seekers. It won't be wise to live at a place where people could easily ran into him--his no fool, you know?"

The party relaxed after hearing Kai's explanation. If one would just stop and think, he is right. Hiding inside a labyrinth wouldn't be a wise decision. Due to the sheer numbers of adventurers and explorers in the continent, it would have been impossible for the demon king to hide his tracks if he is staying at a dungeon or labyrinth. Because if he is, people would have discovered him already. No matter how careful the demon king is, one cannot totally hide if millions of people are looking for you. The proof of this is when he first appear, Kai, and his easily found out of his existense shortly after his appearance. The reson for this is because he stayed at a newly born labyrinth!

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! What you said made sense, leader! The demon king should be hiding somewhere less populated. A labyrinth won't be an ideal hiding place!" Talban agreed with Kai's explanation and laugh hard after realizing that he is overthinking things. Besides even if the demon king is really here, their group won't fall so easily. One must not forget that they all have S-class strength. Even the demon king and his army won't be able to kill them so easily.

"It's good that you understand. Still, the situation inside this dungeon is indeed too strange. Even if it is not the demon, I do believe that someone is causing trouble for us. Maybe a dungeon master?"

Dungeon master!

Indeed, those things also existed! In the long history of this world, there are indeed such entities. Personas with power to create dungeons and labyrinths. No one know how they manages to have such power but dungeon masters are troublesome people and they had caused countless deaths inside dungeons and labyrinths. Fortunately, dungeon masters are incredibly rare. They are not as troublesome as the demon king but they still causes lots of troubles to people entering their dungeons. They are also the cause of headaches of monarch everywhere due to the fact that many of them actually sprout dungeons near cities and some even under the cities!

"Leader, you mean, a dungeon master has his or her eyes unto us?" Simon asked. He knew the danger of the dungeon master poses and knows that their current quest is more difficult than what they anticipated. No wonder this quest was only given to S-rank adventurers. The danger of the quest is S-rank as well!

"I have a reason to believe so. Hence, we must approach the situation with the greatest of caution. If we make a big mistake, our party could easily be eliminated!"

To be continued...


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