The Legend of Kai: Visiting Melrac's Capital (2)

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Visiting Melrac's Capital (2)

Sana, the capital of Melrac is one of the most flourishing city I've seen on the western continent. Of course the city of Ark looks prosperous as well but Sana gave me a good vibe that I don't often feel in other cities like Ark.

Though this is probably due to the fact that unlike Ark which proclaimed itself as the city of adventurers, unlike Sana which is famous for its harbors. Yes, Sana is situated near the sea. Ships of all sizes enter and exits its many harbors. If Ark's main attraction is the large adventurer's guild building located at the center of the city, Sana's main attraction is the sea and it's harbors.

Sana is not just famous for its harbors but also for its many tourist spots. Tens of thousands arrived at Sana yearly to see its magnificent harbors and beautiful tourist attractions. Despite Sana's popularity as a tourism hub, Sana is actually a city of trade and taxes from the merchant ships is its main source of income.

I've always like places like Sana where tourism and trades flourishes. Maybe it's my merchant souls calling out to me?

If not for a certain troublesome issue that would occur if I visit the city, I would visit the city a lot--for business and leisure purpose.

What's the issue, you ask?

Why it's the king's insistent that I marry his daughter!

I have nothing against the said 1st princess that I have never meet before. It's just that political marriage is not my thing. I also heard that the princess' reputation is good but that's not the only thing necessary for a good marriage partner.

Of course the biggest reason is because we know nothing about each other--save rumors and such.

I guess this is the real reason why the king wanted me to visit the capital often...

I arrived at the capital of Melrac using one of the Gates I've setup beforehand. But instead of going straight to the castle, I went to one of its many hotels.

Why you ask?

It's because it would be rude to meet the king without announcing my arrival. Surprise visits is fine and good if you're just visiting a friend. But a leader of a nation is a different story. Even though my current fame and status is high, it doesn't excuse me from not showing proper courtesy to a king.

Anyway, after getting a single room, I've asked the hotel messenger to deliver a message for me. The said messenger was surprised after noticing that the letter is addressed to the castle and became flustered. He politely asked me to wait for a while as he calls for the hotel's manager.

Since I expected this to happen, I wasn't surprise at the messenger's reaction. After getting my permission, he quickly left and several minutes later I heard knocks on my door. Opening the door, I saw a middle-aged gentleman along with the hotel's messenger. The manager introduced himself as Alfred and asked if we could converse.

I invited the manager into the room along with the nervous messenger.

"I apologized for taking your time like this, honored guest. But the letter you wanted to deliver is rather inconvenient," Alfred started.

"Inconvenient? Is there a problem with it?" I asked, feigning ignorance.

"The letter itself is not the problem but rather it's the destination," Alfred answered.

As expected, it's because of that, huh?

"I see. Then are you saying that the letter cannot be delivered?" I questioned.

"No, it can be delivered but if you could tell me a bit of your identity and the identity of the recipient of the letter?"

Alfred and the messenger looked visibly perturbed as they await for my answer. Since I don't have the habit of causing unnecessary troubles for others, I answered factually.

"I think you've already knew since you saw the name in the hotel's logbook, right? But fine, my name is Kai and that letter is addressed to the king himself."

Both the manager and the messenger was startled at my direct answer, the two of them even started sweating despite the cold weather.

"P-pardon for my rudeness but could you perhaps show something that could preove your identity?" Alfred asked while stuttering.

From his intense reaction, Alfred is probably aware of my reputation, yet he still persist of doing his job. Quite the impressive willpower he has. Most likely it's due to his long experience. The messenger on the other hand is already paled as white paper--making me worry that he'll lost consciousness at any moment.

Anyway, I handed my guild card which will prove my identity. Politely taking the card, Alfred's eyes widened. He stood up and politely bowed at me.

"I apologize for our rudeness. The letter would be delivered post haste!" Alfred declared after returning my guild card.

He then ordered the hotel messenger to use the hotel stable's fastest horse. And as compensation for wasting my time, he offered to put me to the hotel's best room with no additional cost. No, rather than saying with no additional cost, he even waivered all the cost for my stay! He also told me that I could use all the hotel's amenities for free!

Oi! Is this hotel going to be okay? To let me use the best hotel room and all of the hotel's amenities for free seemed to be going too far!

I was about to refuse his offer but after seeing his pleading look, I could only agree. So before I knew it, I was transferred to the king's suite, he even left two young and beautiful maid to attend to my every needs.

The hell? What do I need maids for?

Since it already come to this, I have no choice but to accept the hotel's hospitality. Of course I won't be doing anything to the maids! That's just too cliched....

Less than three hours later, the hotel that I stayed was suddenly by none other than the king!

To be continued...


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