The Legend of Kai: Monster Invasion (2)

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Monster Invasion (2)

After failing to proceed further in his investigation, Kai returned to Ark. seeing that his friends and teammates are not home at the moment, he went directly to the guild to report the progress of his quest. Kai also wanted to investigate the strange miasma that surrounded the earth dragon's old lair.

While walking he notices that the atmosphere seemed strange. Though curious, Kai decided to ignore it for now and proceed to the guild. At the guild, he went to a receptionist and asked if he could meet the guild master. The receptionist went to the guild master's office and returned a few minutes later.

"The guild master said you could go in," said the pretty receptionist named Lucy.

"Um, thanks, Lucy."

Kai left the reception area and walk straight to the guild master's office where the guild master secretary Lena is waiting.

"Welcome back, Kai. Glad you returned safely," Lena greeted with a smile.

"Thank you, Miss Lena. Is the guild master inside?" kai returned the greeting and asked.

"Yes, he's inside but he has a guess, an emissary from the dragon race," Lena replied.

Kai was surprised by what Lena said. He never expected to meet someone from the dragon race just after returning from his investigation of the earth dragon's lair.

"Is this a coincidence?" Kai asked himself.

He then asked Lena if it's okay to go in of which she nodded.

"He actually wants to introduce you to the emissary," she added

"Really? Then I'll go in."

Kai opened the door and walked in. Inside he saw the guild master and a silver-haired, and beautiful young lady with red horns on each side of her head. Knowing that this young lady is the emissary from the dragon race, Kai politely gives his greetings to the two.

"Ah, perfect timing. He's the promising young man I was talking about, lady Rudra, his name is Kai, someone from the eastern continent."

The guild master applauds Kai's timing and introduced him to the young lady, named Rudra.

"SO you are Kai, guild master Guido has nothing but praises for you. I am Rudra of the silver dragon clan, it's pleasure to meet you at last." Rudra greeted Kai then extend her right hand.

Kai returned the greeting and took her hand for a handshake.

"The pleasure is mine, milady," he said with a smile.

after that, the three sat down while Lena served them tea.

"So, Kai, how's the mapping going?" guild master Guido asked.

"It's doing well guild master, I've mapped at least 70% of the unmapped areas," Kai answered.


Hearing Kai's reply, guild master Guido choked on his tea and asked in disbelief.

"That fast?! It's only been a week!"

"Did guild master forgot Shiro's speed?" Kai asked innocently despite knowing that the speed of his quest completion is abnormal. Obviously, he could not tell him the existence of the system map he possessed.

"No... I'm aware, but still..."

Despite hearing Kai's nonchalant reply, guild master still find it unbelievable but decided not to pursue the matter. After all, everyone has secrets. Meanwhile, lady Rudra also looks at Kai with a surprise expression though she did not say anything. She already found this young man exceedingly abnormal. Her dragon eyes are very sensitive to mana and magic undulations and have seen the exaggerated amount of mana that Kai possesses. An amount that could even rival dragons!

"Well, I'm glad that you're fast. I'm pretty sure that the city lord's going to be pleased, especially if you consider the state of things right now..." said the guild master after sighing.

"Did something happened?" Kai asked while frowning. He noticed the strange atmosphere in the city and could feel that the citizens are uneasy.

"It's not surprising that you do not know. After all, you're in the middle of nowhere doing your quest just a while ago. The thing is..."

Guildmaster Guido proceed to tell Kai everything that occurs while he is absent. He told him of the mysterious dungeon and the monster invasion with a solemn expression.

"To think that something so serious happened while I was away. I wonder if there's a connection between the earth dragon's sudden exodus and this monster invasion..." Kai murmured.

"wait, what did you just say?"

Hearing Kai mentioning the earth dragon, lady Rudra cannot help but hurriedly ask.

"Actually, this is the main reason of my early return. You see..."

Kai then proceeds to explain everything. How he finds the earth dragon's behavior odd, and the result of his investigation.

"That's very reckless! Do you have any idea how dangerous a miasma is? You could have gotten yourself killed!" guild master Guido chastised.

"Indeed. Miasmas can easily erode the body of the livings. Do you know how miasma are formed?" Rudra agreed with the guild master's sentiment and asked Kai a question.

"I understand the guild master and lady Rudra's concern but I did not enter the miasma without prior planning. And it's exactly because I knew about the danger of the miasma that I have the confidence to investigate. You see, I have strong resistance to the majority of abnormal status effect. What truly concerns me is not the miasma itself but rather what's hiding beyond it," Kai explained

"Something is hiding beyond the miasma?" Rudra asked solemnly.

"Yes, the nearer I got to the source the more danger I feel. Because of that, I realized that whatever is hiding inside the miasma is beyond my capability." Kai explained further.

The three remained silent for a few minutes before lady Rudra broke the silence.

"Let's stop the discussion for now. Guildmaster Guido, there will be someone from my race that'll take the earth dragon, please prepare it accordingly. Also, please keep what we discussed right now a secret. I will report Mr. Kai's findings to the elders and investigate things thoroughly. Mr. Kai, please refrain from mentioning this to anyone. Can I have your promise on this?" lady Rudra gave instructions with a serious expression and asked Kai and the guild master to cooperate.

"I promised not to tell this to unrelated people but I need to discuss this with my teammates. But I can promise you that they will not tell this to anyone. Is that acceptable?" Kai gave his answer.

"I see no problem in that but keep it on your circle. Also, please try to keep yourself accessible as we might contact you again," lady Rudra agreed and requested that Kai not go too far for a while.

"Got it."

After confirming everything, lady Rudra said her goodbye to the two and quickly left the guild master' office.

Seeing her leave, Kai then presents the maps he completed to the guild master and left the guild after letting the guild process everything else. He returned to his house and used the Gate to teleport to Fenrir's Den.

To be continued...


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