The Legend of Kai: Visiting Melrac's Capital (1)

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Visiting Melrac's Capital (1)

Yes! I was finally allowed to work!

No! No! No!

I'm not a workaholic, I tell you!

It's just that I'm not use to doing nothing!

[That's what all workaholic would say, you know?]

Shut up, System! I'm not asking for your opinion!


While I'm not working, my spies continuously poured reports on my table. And one of these reports actually contains information that could lead me to one of Hydra's base.

Unfortunately, the information are mostly rumors that one of my spies compiled together. Nonetheless, one of this rumors might turn out true so I decided to put more people in investigating these rumors.

And while I was waiting for the results of the investigation I decided to visit some of my friends outside the Den to see how they are doing.

Of course since it is a visit I brought along gifts like foods and wines. The items in question are not made using my maxed out skill in cooking and brewery as using that would bring out the items max effect. Of course I'm not being stingy for doing so. Instead it's because I deemed it unnecessary. Not to mention that those are for Fenrir's use only.

Despite that though those items are all high class and couldn't be bought anywhere else. And I think these items are perfect enough to be given as gifts.

The first place I visited is Sia's family inn. I have two purpose for visiting them. First is to see them obviously, the second is to give them new recipes. Since I haven't visit Sia and her parents for quite a while, they were greatly surprised by my sudden arrival. Sia also chewed me quite badly for that though. I guess should visit more often.

Thankfully, the gifts I've bought was enough to pacify her. And once I brought out the new recipes, the incident of me not visiting for a long time was forgiven.

Huh... what a tough girl Sia is. Good thing I've brought gifts along.

I said my goodbye after staying at the inn for two hours. I also promised to visit as often as I could as I do so. After that I went to the guild to meet my adventuring acquaintances. They too were surprise with my sudden visit but quickly recovered only to be bombarded by endless questions from the staffs and adventurers. Fortunately, I came prepared and they let me go after I brought out the food.

I slipped from the voracious adventurers and guild staff and went to see the guild master Guido and Ms. Rena.

Ms. Rena was a little upset because I rarely visits nowadays but was glad that I'm doing well. After asking me drop by often she finally let me go. Of course the food and wine also helps greatly. I'm truly glad I've brought gifts or there would have been lots of explaining to do!

After pacifying Ms. Rena, I entered the guild master's office and chatted with the guild master for a bit. I then said my farewell but not before leaving the gift behind.

Also, since I'm in the area, I also gave the governor's mansion a visit. Thanks to my good timing, I was able to meet the governor who seemed very surprised to see me. Passing him the gifts I asked the governor if anything strange is happening at the city lately. The governor replied that things have been peaceful lately and that nothing strange is happening. Though he did mention that there had been an influx of merchants and adventurers from other places visiting the city.

My guess is that the influx of people coming to the city had something to do with the newly discovered labyrinth and because Arc is officially Fenrir's registered city. The governor is obviously happy with the influx of people and asked me to show my face more often, since I understand what the governor is trying to do, I happily gave my cooperation.

Now that I'm done with Ark, it's finally time to go for my last location of the day, the capital.

I once promised to the king to visit the capital. The purpose of that is because he wanted to introduce me to his daughter, the 1st princess. I've tried to postponed my visit for as long as I could but I know that I have to go there sooner or later. And since the timing is convenient, I decided to make the capital the last place I will visit for the day.

To be continued...


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