The Legend of Kai: Boss Fight (1)

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Boss Fight (1)

Kai's small group of adventurers stopped walking after reaching a certain point of the labyrinth.

Why? Because a huge iron door is blocking their way!

"Could this door perhaps lead to the boss's room?" Ahnari, the female elf asked curiously. Ahnari is an S-class adventurer from the main headquarter. When Kai asked for a favor from the Adventurer's Guild president, he introduced Ahnari, the dwarf Talban, as well as the human Isaac, who are also S-class adventurers to assist him.

"That's most likely the case. I wonder what type of monster or monsters awaits us inside?" The dwarf Talban responded while looking at the iron door with excitement. The monsters the group had faced so far are incredibly weak and Talban still didn't have his fill of battle despite the almost endless monsters they fought till this point.

"I hope it won't be too strong. We needed to save our strength for the real enemies lurking ahead," replied Isaac, an S-class human adventurer. He too likes to fight powerful opponents but unlike Talban, he is looking at the bigger picture. He knew the importance of their quest and he hope to complete it without musch trouble, if possible.

"I have to agree with sir Isaac. We need to be careful to avoid casualties," the human knight, Simon, nodded his head in agreement at Isaac's statement. As Melarc's second most powerful knight, Simon also loves a good challenge but he is also known for his cautious personality. The reason he is accompanying this group of adventurers is because the king of Melarc himself gave him this mission. The mission given to him is too assist the mysterious young man (Kai) and make sure that no harm comes to him. As such he is being more cautious than usual. Honestly, Simon didn't know who this mysterious young man is but for the king to gave such order, this young man is obviously someone very important.

"Ho-ho-ho! Nothing wrong with being cautious but we won't accomplish anything by being too careful," the Dragonoid, Kuran said with a laugh. Kuran is the a Dragonoid in service of Rudra's family. He had served her family for many generations and had watched their young princess grow from a little lass to a capable and beautiful young lady. Unlike the rest of the group, Kuran knows that the mysterious young man leading their group is actually Kai! The reason he knew this is because Rudra herself told him the truth. This goes to show how much Rudra trusted Kuran. For Rudra, Kuran is like a grandfather that dotes on her more than her own grandfather. As such when Kai told Rudra of his plan, Rudra unhesitatingly approaches Kuran and asked him to aid Kai.

Despite actually meeting Kai for the first time, Kuran knows a lot about Kai. He knew that he is an extremely capable young man possessing strength and methods that would make even the dragon clan's council of elders treat the young man with awe and respect. After all, the young man is one of the key player in the defeat of the demon king! Kuran is also aware that the council of elders wanted Rudra to get close to the young man and if possible be connected to their clan by way of marriage. Of course, he also knew that his young miss also holds feelings for the young man so Kuran did not go against the council's order.

"The door's opening..."

While the four are conversing, Kai's warning reached everyone's ears and they focused their attentions at the door. As Kai said, the door is slowly opening. After several second the door was fully opened. The five looked at Kai and awaited his instruction. As the leader of the group, the decision lies on Kai's shoulders.

"Let us enter."

Kai quickly scanned the surrounding and realizing that their are no traps, told the rest to enter. He walked boldy to the room and the rest quicly followed.

Inside the room they saw...

To be continued...


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