The Legend of Kai: A Fierce Battle (1)

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A Fierce Battle (1)

Bang, bang, bang!!!

Endless black lightning hail down from the sky, hitting the monsters inside the miasma, following that is the shriek of pain could be heard. And a moment later a loud and long caw could be heard as if answering Shiro's challenge. Before long everyone could see a large shadow flying towards the army.

Shiro growled and intercepts the shadow. After the shadow was stopped, everyone finally saw what the shadow is--It's a gigantic monster bird that looked like a raven.

"That monster... that's a << Demonic Raven >>!!!" Someone exclaimed loudly.

Demonic Raven. A legendary avian monster that can control lightning and wind. Power level, S-class. It is said that in ancient times, a demonic raven can destroy a large city in just one day.

"To think that the demon king's army has such a monster in their ranks," Inna of the dragon clan said.

"Indeed. But look, it seemed that Shiro is doing well against it," Orias commented.

"It's truly surprising. I never thought that Kai's summoned beast is that strong," Rudra said full of admiration.

"He hid it so well. Rather, Isn't his team too overpowered?" Inna asked then looked where Kai's team << Fenrir >> is located.

"It is as you say. The armored warrior guarding those girls is said to be S-class and those other warriors are A-class. Adding Kai and Shiro, they have three S-class on their team!" Orias exclaimed.

"I'm truly surprised as well. Hard to believed Kai is able to form such a team. I wonder how the king of Malka feels about it?" Rudra questioned with a wry smile.

The three Dragonoid could only shake their heads with the absurdity of Kai's team. They are pretty certain that the king is worried that such a powerful force not under his control existed on his land.

"Are you okay with this, Malkal?" The king of Goeth asked as he eyed the ongoing battle with a frown.

"Kai, will someday become my son-in-law, so why would I be worried?" King Malkal answered nonchalantly.


The king of Goeth and the others listening to the side were left speechless by how shameless the king of Malkal is. To think that he already thought of Kai as his son-in-law. But from the look of things, the king of Malkal have already thought it through and decided that making the mysterious Kai a relative through marriage is the best course of action. With such a thought, the other forces are also ruminating on their next action. Of course, not everyone is silent about it, the chief of the Barbar tribe is especially loud about his displeasure.

"What nonsense! How dare you say such a thing?! Can you not see the great << Holy Beast >> fighting in the sky? With the great holy beast by his side, young master Kai definitely have a strong connection to us!"

Shamelessly saying so, the chief of Barbar also expressed his desire to pull Kai into his side.

"He is as shameless as the king of Malkal!" Everyone thought.

"Stop right there! Did you all forget that Kai is an official member of the adventurer's guild? Can you not try to lay claim on him in front of me?"

Unable to stand the two leaders' shamelessness, the president of the adventurers guild finally said his piece.

"Can we discuss this some other time? The demon king's army is upon us, you know?" The elder from the dragon clan reminded/

Though unsatisfied, the three stopped bickering as they prepared for the incoming battle.

Demon king Army

"Neo Hurricane Wolf. So the other side had that trump card. Still, it is not enough to stop my army. Prepare for battle!"

The demon watches the battle between Shiro and the Demonic Raven with interest. Seeing Shiro did surprise him but the presence of the Neo Hurricane Wolf did not worry him in the slightest. The demon king army has plenty of monsters with that level.

Scanning the allied army hindering his path to domination, the demon king army gave the cruel order to massacre those who stand on his way.

"Prepare for battle! Obliterate the enemy in front of you!"


And with a mighty roar, the monster army under the demon king charges like one massive wave--ready to trample and sweep all opposition away!

To be continued...


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