The Legend of Kai: Infiltration (2)

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Infiltration (2)

I went to the target brothel as intended and mingle with the place's onee-sans. And as man surrounded by beautiful women, I did... absolutely nothing.

Hey, what are you expecting?

I did say that I'll be going there to gather information and catch the target, right? Of course, I did spend money on the place but only to make myself less suspicious. And I also change my disguise for good measure.

Nonetheless I did not see the target for a couple of days but that's to be expected as the person in question is an officer of the Dark Guild. So despite the guy's "hobby", he is doing his job properly. He is working for the Dark Guild after all and such an organization would not be kind to incompetent people.

Back to the topic. I befriend the brothel's onee-sans using money and guile and I was finally able to get some interesting information. For example, when he usually visit and the girls his favorite girls. And after a few more days of patiently waiting, the target finally showed himself.

The target in question is a slightly chubby middle-aged man with sly looking eyes. His face doesn't look like someone who work for an underground organization but rather he looks like a sly merchant--especially with those eyes of his.

According to the information I gathered, he is called Molby and he owns a weapon shop in town. Most likely his cover on the surface. The Dark Guild is an organization with well hidden bases scattered all over the western continent. As such the location of their main base is still a secret until now. But thanks to my subordinates' (mechanical puppets) tireless work, Fenrir manages to locate the location. But knowing the location and getting inside are two different matters. I might be able to do it by using Fenrir's whole force but that would be counter-productive as it will also expose my organization's capabilities.

I'm aware that after the war with the demon king, there are people in high places wary of me and of my organization. Due to that, Fenrir's situation becomes complicated. As such I could not just show Fenrir's power as it might complications. Of course if pushed, Fenrir is not afraid to against using force but I will try to avoid doing that if necessary. So for now, I'll do the troublesome task of sneaking into the dark Guild's main base.

Anyways, I went off topic again.

I let Molby meet with his favorite girl without doing anything. Though I won't be doing anything the would. An hour later I heard knocks on the door of the room I was staying. When I open the door I saw a cute girl with rabbit ears. She's one of the girls that Molby usually visits. The rabbit girl secretly pass a paper along with a tray of alcohol. This is our way of communicating since none of the girls can use Telepathy. After investigating and interacting with the girls for several days, I managed to befriend them. I then proceed to convince them to entrap Molby in exchange for money.

My plan is relatively simple. I will pay the girls enough money to allow them buy their freedom and have enough left to live comfortably for several years. It's a lot of money but considering my current wealth it's just like a drop in the ocean. Though it doesn't mean much for, for these girls it is a once in a life time chance to change their lives. After all, who wanted to earn a living by selling their bodies? As such the girls in questions quickly agreed to my proposal.

Of course such a proposal also contained danger as the Dark Guild would surely investigate if one of their important members suddenly disappear and the brothel and the girls would surely be blamed.

To prevent that from happening I will use a drug that can control the person.

Yeah, there are that kind of drugs. And the System Shop also sell those at dirt cheap price.

Seriously System, just how convenient are you?

I would surely hesitate to use such drug if I'm dealing with an ordinary person. But since I'm dealing someone from the underworld, I have ni such hesitation.

After getting the rabbit girl's message, I gave the girl a tip while secretly handing a piece of paper with my own message written on it, The girl thanked me for the tip and left. Now I just need to pass time. While doing so, secretly observe the people guarding the said Molby in secret.

This is the reason why there is a need for such a complicated arrangement. Because if I handle this improperly the girls would surely be in danger and my conscience wouldn't allow it.

Several more hour passes and Molby finally left the brothel looking very drunk. He then boarded the carriage he uses to get to this place after drunkenly berating the coachman. This is normal for him and no one really said or do anything.

Molby still look and act the same but there is one major difference. He is actually drugged and is not fully conscious of what he is doing. Unbeknownst to all except myself, Molby is no different to a puppet--he should be able to help me get inside the Dark Guild's main base.

Somehow, I feel like a villain for doing something like this but I convince myself that this is necessary.

A few days later, a mysterious man enters a large building...

To be continued...


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