The Legend of Kai: Start of Turmoil (1)

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Start of Turmoil (1)

Hildan Plain, Goeth

Twang, twang, twang!

Lily fired three consecutive arrows, squarely hitting the three Birds of Prey trying to attack Mia who's currently fighting five Dire Wolves. Glancing at Lily with gratitude, Mia pierced a Dire Wolf attacking her from behind. On the other hand, Kara is currently fighting with a huge Demonic Bear on her own. She blocked the Demonic Bear's claw with her shield and countered with a slash, wounding the monster on the arm. The demonic Bear roared in pain and fury but its counter-attack was easily fended by Kara. And with several stabs with her sword fell the said monster.

After defeating their respective opponents the three girls regrouped while several mid-level mechanical puppets kill the remaining monsters.

"Is everyone okay?"

Lily took out a waterskin from her Item Box and gave it to the two and asked if they are okay.

"No problem!" Kara answered after taking a sip from the waterskin and passing it to Mia.

"I'm good too," Mia answered before taking a drink from the waterskin.

"That's good. I've got a telepathic call from Ozma, It seemed that the remaining monsters have been all thrown to the Gate," Lily reported.

Lily, Kara, and Mia had been tasked by Kai to lead the monsters attacking Goeth into the Gate that Kai sets beforehand. Kai did this not only to help with the monster attack but to train the girls as well. He had Ozma deploy the several high-level mechanical puppets to protect the girls including a Greater Mechanical Puppet for the girls' protection. As such the girls are able to train without worrying that they would be overwhelmed by the monsters. To protect the secret of his mechanical puppet troops, Kai had Ozma camouflage them so that people will only see the puppets as unknown soldiers. But since Kai needed publicity for his newly established team, Fenrir, the girl's identities are not kept a secret.

The girls along with the disguised mechanical puppets had been very active these past days, killing and luring monsters all around the battlefield while carrying the flag of Fenrir. Their timing is also uncannily good, providing aid to the most dangerous parts of the battlefield, as such Fenrir's reputation rises quickly. Whenever the soldiers saw a flag with a silver wolf's head on it, they knew that Fenrir has come to aid them, raising the morale of the soldiers and adventurers. Of course, the reason for their perfect timing is because of Ozma, who has a full view of the battlefield thanks to the help of the Eyes (observation type mechanical puppets). Thanks to this, Ozma could send a small group of mechanical puppets to places where dire help are needed.

And so with Fenrir's help, Goeth's forces were able to push the monsters towards the Gate that leaf to the Sea of Terror. With this, the monster invasion in Goeth was officially put to a stop. And as for the dungeon where the monsters spawn, Goeth, its allies and the adventurers guild set up an epic class seal to prevent any more monsters from coming out, of course, Kai had set a gate inside it beforehand as a precaution.

"We are very grateful for your help, lady Lily. It's mainly thanks to Fenrir's help that the worse situation was avoided," General Andos said after giving Lily and the others a soldier's salute.

"You're welcome, general but this is our job as an adventurer. Also, we only gave our aid, in reality, it was the brave soldiers of Goeth and the alliance who did most of the jobs," Lily gracefully replied to the general.

The general smiled at Lily, grateful for her reply. A lot of soldiers died fighting the monsters and he appreciates that Fenrir is willing to give most of the credits to the soldiers despite their great contribution. Though what Lily said was technically true, Fenrir's contribution cannot be sneezed at. The plan to open several large Gates to throw the monsters to the Sea of Terror was proposed by Fenrir. And considering that they are also the ones who provided the magician that can use the spell, the success of the operation is largely thanks to them. What's more, the mysterious warriors that terrorized the monsters are members of their team as well. And, speaking of the mysterious warriors, it's believed that all of them are A-class and there are twenty of them! But what's more terrifying is the leader of this warriors, the tall, person garbed in full-bodied, black armor behind the girls! According to the report, this person fought an S-class monster and killed it within minutes, which makes him or her as someone with S-class strength as well!

Then there's that mysterious space magician as well...

Even now, general Andos could not believe that there's an unknown team of adventurers with such strength. Though he is very grateful of them, he also could not help but be somewhat wary, especially since they are not from Goeth. According to the Lily and the others, they are from the adventurer's city, Ark, a famous city from their ally, the kingdom of Malkal. Though technically not part of Malkal's military forces as they are adventurers, they would likely side with Malkal in an event of a war between his nation and Malkal. Though such an event won't likely occur as they are allies, but still...

General Andos, mentally shook his head of such unnecessary thought. Right now these people are friends that offered their aid, so rather than enemies and he would treat them as such.

"Would you mind if you and you're team meet with his majesty? I very certain that he will thank you all profusely," General Andos offered.

"Thank you for the offer general but we need to return to Ark as quickly as possible. We received a message from our leader and the result of an investigation he and the dragon race had a result, and it's not a good one."

Lily declined the general's invitation to meet with the King of Goeth, explaining that the situation in Ark is not looking good.

"Now that you mentioned it, I did remember that your team leader is investigating something back at Malkal and was not able to come because of it, correct?" The general asked.

Lily nods in confirmation. She then explained, "a dungeon, similar to the dungeon that appeared on Goeth had also appeared in a nearby territory. Only, this one is much worse..."

"!!! Are you certain?" General Andos asked in shock.

"Yes. But I'm not too certain of the exact details. All I know is that we must return as fast as possible and that a messenger would be sent to your king," Lily explained.

"I understand. It seemed that I will be fighting alongside your team once more," said the general.

Lily and general Andos shook hands. He then saw off Lily and the rest of Fenrir, entering a Gate, disappearing before his sight.

To be continued...


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