The Legend of Kai: A Fierce BAttle (2)

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A Fierce Battle (2)


"Mages, archers, fireeee!!!"

"Bring the wounded to the rear!"

"More monsters to the flank! Intercept them!"

The allied army and the monster army finally clashed. Both sides fought ferociously and no quarters are given to the enemy. Though nervous at first, the allied army is able to recover their bearing thanks to Shiro's display of power. As such the whole army are able to fight with their all.

Nonetheless, the monster army is numerically more superior. Not to mention, monsters are normally stronger than most people. As such the allied army suffered countless casualties. Thankfully, the allied army have their own champions--individuals possessing great skills. With their help, the army was able to fight the monsters on even ground.

"The allied army is doing quite well, considering that they have fewer men," Maluk observed.

"Indeed. But then they are only fighting the grunts--the weakest monsters in the army. The stronger ones are yet to move...." Orias replied.

"Elder, when are we going to assist?" Inna asked the elder from the dragon council.

"Patient, lass. our numbers are fewer compared to the other units in the alliance. We must not act recklessly and move only when the strongest unit of the other side act. This is what's been agreed on the last meeting," the dragon elder answered.

"The elder is right. we must preserve our strength as much as possible. Just look at the adventurers, None of them acted yet--even Kai and his team are waiting for the right opportunity."

The moment Rudra mentioned Kai and the adventurers, the Dragonoid looked at him and the adventurers. Since they haven't acted yet, it meant that they too must keep their calm and wait for the right moment.

Demon King's Camp

"My liege, the alliance army are holding their ground much better than we anticipated. Though we outnumbered them, their morale remained surprisingly high. what are your orders, my king?" A demon general asked.

The demon king frowned but did not answer immediately, instead, he asked if the adventurers and dragons have acted. The demon general answered that there has been no sign of the adventurers and dragons on the battlefield and even the church have not acted yet, with the exceptions of the clergy and clerics that are healing the wounded.

"I see. So they are waiting for us to act first. Hmph, such arrogance! Fine then, I'll give them what they wanted. It's time to send the B-class monsters, make sure that they cause much chaos and destruction as possible!" The demon king ordered.

"By your will!"

Following the demon king's order, the demon generals finally deployed the B-class monsters. Of course, such an action did not go unnoticed by the alliance. In response, the adventurers and the monks from the church are deployed--the dragon clan also sent a unit to assist the army from the sky. The deployment of the B-class monsters leads to a more bloody and intense battle. But at the end of the day, both side failed to gain an advantage.

The second day of the war.

Roooaaaarrrr!!!! Caaaaawwwwww!!!!

Like the first day, the battle started with Shiro battling the demonic raven. The two beasts are equal in power and none could get a single advantage from the other. The battle of the two legendary beasts are intense but the allied and the monster army have no time to appreciate the intense battle, both armies are fighting their own intense battle.

But unlike the first day, the adventurers are deployed along with regular soldiers. fenrir too, has made a move but they did not engage the monsters head-on, instead, they used arrows and magic to reduce the numbers of the monsters. With their help, the pressure on the army are slightly reduced. But the battlefield is ever-changing. The demon king, after noticing that his army is in a disadvantage, ordered the deployment of the A-class monsters--forcing the adventurers, the church and the Dragonoids to deploy their primary forces.

The only ones that remained undeployed are the S-class of both sides. But everyone knew that this will not last long as they too will be deployed one of this day.

"Another stalemate, huh? It's good that we are able to hold our ground. But if this continues, our side will start losing once fatigue kicks in," the sage king said as he observed the battlefield using an orb-like magic item.

"It is as you say. The battle might look even now but once our army's stamina started declining we will surely lose the initiative. Monsters are known form their stamina after all," answered the king of Malkal in agreement.

"Hmph! That damn demon king is probably waiting for it. Yet despite knowing this, we have no choice but to play along. After all, our numbers are fewer. How infuriating!"

Infuriated by the demon king's tactics, the Barbar king could not help grumble.

"Have patience, young one. Anger can easily lead to losses--let it not consume your heart," spoke the pope after noticing the intensifying atmosphere.

"His Excellency is correct, Barbar chief. Impatient could cause us this battle. Besides, it's not like we have no plan to counter this. Didn't we already deployed those guys?" said the king of Goeth.

Hearing what the pope and the king of Goeth said, the Barbar chief regained his calm. Nonetheless, he still looked unsatisfied.

"Do you think "they" would be able to pull it off?" asked the president of the adventurers' guild. The "they" he is asking refers to a secretive unit tasked to reduce the number of champions from the enemy side.

"Hard to tell. The demon king is no fool. He will most likely notice it before long. We could only hope that that unit is able to do their job before being discovered," the Queen Lazuli answered.

The tent remained quiet after that. Instead, they focused their sight on the orb-like magic tool that shows the whole battlefield. Among the battling soldiers and monsters, a small group is silently infiltrating the monster army ranks in order to assassinate the monster champions---a very dangerous and risky maneuver.

To be continued...


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