The Legend of Kai: Serpent Hunting (3)

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Serpent Hunting (3)

Felix signaled with his eyes and the people inside the hall ready their weapons. Seeing this I could not help but smile. This people really have good rapport with one another, too bad they are using it to cause chaos.

What a shame. If only Hydra is not an organization that causes harm to others.

I started my attack before Felix and his men could start theirs. The secret to winning in a fight where you are outnumbered is to catch them off guard or by using speed!

Since I'm faster, I was able to eliminate several of them before they could even attack. Despite this though, Felix and the others did not lose their cool and attack me with spells and skills.

Quite the impressive bunch...

Unfortunately for them, their attacks simply hit air. My current speed allows me to move at supersonic speed. Unless their attacks can hit me then it's useless.

"Damn his fast!"

"Someone stop him!"


"Bastard, stop moving if you dare!"

Curses and screams started filling the hall as the members of Hydra falls one by one.

Still there sure are lots of them here. Besides Felix himself is not doing anything though his men are dying. Instead he's looking at the fight with intense concentration. I can feel that his eyes is gathering power.


I don't know what he is trying to do but I'm pretty sure that it isn't simple.

Somehow, anticipation is growing inside my heart.

Ugh! This is no good! I'm started to sound like a battle maniac!

[Aren't you a battle maniac since a long time ago?] The System teases.

Shut-up System! I'm not a battle maniac, okay?!

I quickly ans strongly denied the System's assumption as I keep dodging the enemies attacks.

Suddenly, I noticed something wrong within Felix eyes. No, it's something very dangerous!


An attack as fast as the speed of light hits me and soon I was covered in a blinding light!

I covered my eyes and I could feel something strange is happening to my body. This feeling, it's strange and painful. It is as if I'm being encased in concrete!

Petrification? No way! I have complete immunity for it!

But there is no mistake about it. I'm quickly being turned into statue!

Tsk! How troublesome!

Felix's ability is out of my expectations. But this should be expected of one of the remaining heads of Hydra. He too, possessed mysterious ability.

Elric is his uncanny speed and this Felix guy is petrification that ignores immunity!

How strange. Hydra is truly mysterious. To think that there are powers in this world that defies common sense!

Still, it's unfortunate. They are not the only one possessing powers that defies common sense. I too, possessed such cheats.

Since Immunity does not work, then how about an ability that invalidates all skill and spell?

Before I am completely encased in stone, I quickly use one of my trump card, << Invalidate >>!

Invalidate, as the name suggest, it's a skill with the ability to invalidate any skill or spell without exception! It's an ultra cheat skill that defies all common sense. But like everything else it has one flaw. I could only use it twice a day.

But despite that flaw, Invalidate is still an overpowered ability. Also, it's a skill I learned on my own. Yes, I did not bought it on the System store nor do I got as a reward from quest. In short, it's my unique skill.

The petrification quickly stopped and the petrification vanished to everyone, especially, Felix's surprise.


Felix screamed like he lost his sanity after seeing his ability being nullified just like that. He must have extreme confidence in that skill for him to react like that. His subordinates are also terrified and confuse. Judging from their eyes, they wanted to know how I did it.

But I have no reason nor interest to explain anything to them. So without warning I started my attack. Several minutes later, only I and Felix were left standing.

The reason that Felix is still alive is because I left him so. I do have lots of question after all. And Felix is the only one that could answer.

I walked towards him but Felix did not even move an inch. It seemed that the shock is too much even for him.

How pitiful...

I shook my head in pity at his appearance. But as I was about to capture him, his body shone and I feel incredible danger!

I quickly teleported outside the mansion and then...

To be continued...


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