The Legend of Kai: Start of Turmoil (2)

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Start of Turmoil (2)

The defeat of the monsters army made the citizens of Goeth and the nearby kingdoms to cry in joy. In response, the king of Goeth made an announcement to make the day of the victory a national holiday, causing mass celebrations all over the kingdom. but unbeknownst to the citizens, a bigger storm is brewing a storm so big that it will engulf the entire western continent--the birth of a demon king.

But in order not to cause mass panic, the rulers of the kingdoms involved needed to keep the information a secret despite the fact that it cannot be hidden for long. Still. this will buy them a bit of time to prepare. Every kingdom started to secretly draft soldiers to face against the demon king and its monster army. All men of fighting age were required to register to the army. This action causes a bit of confusion as the drafted men are not told why they are being recruited. But as it is their duty they have no choice but to comply and could only swallow any question they have.

All forces on the continent did everything they could to fight against the demon king's eventual awakening, even the adventurer's guild is not spared from this. On the contrary, they are expected to fight once the war started.

As expected, rumors of the demon king's appearance started circulating. No one knows how it started or who started it. But the rumor spread unbelievably fast to the everyone on the know's surprise. This rumor causes the citizen to panic and confronted their rulers for answers. Fortunately, the higher-ups manages to resolve the situation, avoiding mass panic. After knowing that a massive army was formed to combat the demon king's threat, the citizens started to calm down a bit--to their rulers' delight.

Meanwhile, Kai received a summon from the king of Malkal, inviting him to the capital, Aeris. Kai responded to the summon and meet with the king in secret. The meeting was kept a secret due to Kai,s request. He wanted to limit the people who knew his secrets to the bare minimum.

"I've heard a lot about you, sir Kai. But despite seeing you personally, I still cannot believe how young you are," the king started.

"I hope I did not disappoint you, your majesty," Kai answered politely.

"Disappointed? Why would I be? Rather, I'm pleasantly surprised to see someone as young as you so accomplished!"The king declared.

"I thank your majesty for the praise. If I may, can I know the reason for the summon?"

Kai thanked the king for his praise but went straight to the point thereafter. He got an inkling for the reason he is summoned but still wanted to hear the reason from the king himself.

"Just like I heard, you're very straightforward. Why don't you take a seat first so we could comfortably converse?"

The king nodded approvingly at Kai for his straightforwardness and invited him to take a seat which Kai gracefully accepted. The king then started the conversation. First, he told Kai that one of the reason for his summon is to meet Kai in person as Viscount Alfred keeps praising him and his abilities in front of the king. Another reason for the summon is because he wanted to invite Kai too become a noble and serve under him. The first two reason was understandable and Kai was not too surprised, but the third reason almost made Kai spit out his tea--the king actually asked Kai to become his son-in-law!

"S, surely, your majesty jest. I'm just a commoner, what right do I have to become his majesty's son-in-law?"

Kai let out cold sweats and is trying his best to escape this uncomfortable situation. He had imagined a lot of scenarios but nothing prepared him for this situation.

"What's wrong? Could it be that you think my daughter's not worthy of you? Or perhaps you already have someone special in your life? Worry not! I don't know how it is on the eastern continent but in the western continent it is not uncommon for a man to have more than one wife!" The king declared.

This declaration almost made Kai doubt what he heard--the king is actually okay into making his daughter become just one of his wives! Kai's image of royalty shattered because of this. He always thought that the western continent has similar values to medieval Europe but it seemed that he is being naive again. This is a different world and he should have left his biases of western cultures and traditions back on Earth.

Kai forcefully calmed himself, and quickly explained to the king that his people's tradition is different from those of the western continent and the king's proposal is out of his expectations, therefore he could not give a definite answer. He also explained that he wanted to be a world-famous adventurer and will not be staying at one place for too long. Yet despite his answer, the king did not give up and insisted that he at least meet his daughter. Kai wanted to refuse but thought that this might complicates matters and could only make an excuse that he'll meet with the princess once the situation of the demon king was resolved.

Knowing that this is the most concession that he will get, the king agreed. Seeing that he somehow resolved the situation, Kai let out a breath of relief. He then discusses the current issue of the demon king with the king. An hour later, Kai said his goodbye to the king and quickly teleported, as if afraid that if he stays a little longer, the king will again pester him about the marriage. After Kai left, a mysterious man wearing hooded cloak walks out of the shadow. This mysterious man is the king's protector, a powerful warrior that serve only Malkal's royal family.

"Why is his Majesty determined to marry the princess to the young man from the east?" The shadow questioned.

"Why? Because he is a very impressive young man, don't you agree, Karlos?" Replied the king.

"He is indeed most impressive. In terms of appearance, talent, and demeanor, he is the most impressive young man I have ever seen," Karlos gave his agreement.

"Indeed! Glad we see eye to eye in this. But that is not the main reason why I am so adamant that he marries my daughter. I have a premonition about the future. The moment I laid my eyes on him, I know that instant that I must do everything I could to develop a close relationship with him. and what closer relationship is there but for him to become my son=in=law!"

The king's declaration surprises Karlos even more. The king's lineage had always been blessed with a mysterious ability that allows them to have a glimpsed of the future. Since the king has a premonition of the future the moment he laid his eyes on Kai, Karlos believed that the young man will do something that could affect the kingdom as a whole or even the whole continent as a whole.

"Is the princess going to be okay with it?" Karlos voice out his concern.

"Worry not, Elisa will not complain once they meet!" The king said with confidence.

Since his king declares it so, Karlos no longer worries and returned to the shadows.

Though still not fully aware why the king is so adamant to marry him to the princess, Kai knows that he could not avoid meeting the princess of Malkal and could only prepare himself for it. Though his meeting with the princess will have to wait until the defeat of the demon king.

To be continued...


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