The Legend of Kai: The Approaching Battle (2)

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The Approaching Battle (2)

Though the news of the demon king's reappearance shocked everyone, the chaos caused by mass panicked was avoided thanks mainly to the efforts of various kingdoms and forces. Because of this an uneasy calm lingers in the whole western continent. But this calm did not last long. Several days after the news promulgated, one of the demon king's army finally appeared!

"So this is where they are hiding...," Kai murmured to himself as he watches the army of monsters coming out from one of the continent's forbidden zone. He had been investigating the demon king's trail since it's disappearance several months ago. But despite his best effort he still failed to find where the demon king was hiding. It is as if the demon king and his army just vanished into thin air. And yet, several months later, the demon king finally appeared, and his first course of action was to attack Hydra!

It's not like Kai did not investigate the forbidden zones, as a matter of fact, he even personally investigated all of them but due to the immense size of those places, his investigations bore no fruits.

"The demon king probably knew the secrets of this place unlike me."

Kai believed that the demon king is very familiar with the forbidden zones on the eastern continent. He believed that that's the only reason he fails to find any clues despite putting a lot of time and resources investigating those places. Kai's assumption actually made sense. The demon king have appeared in various generations. And according to various sources, the demon king retained his memories every time he is reborn! Hence, thinking that the demon king knew the secrets of the forbidden zones is not wrong at all.

Watching the marching army in a discreet location, Kai was almost tempted to attack but he stops himself. He knew full well that this army is just a small part of the whole army. Destroying it wouldn't have much effect--just like throwing pebble into a lake--barely affecting anything....

"Still, I could not just let them march on unhindered. I should tell Ozma to prepare traps for this army. They can just consider it as some sort of greetings from Fenrir!" Taking one last look at the marching monster army, Kai disappeared from his location.

While Kai is preparing for the inevitable battle, something else is happening elsewhere. Having received the news of the marching monster army, the Holy Church, quickly ready its troops of holy mages and clerics. Looking at this scene from the topmost level of a tall tower are the Pope himself and the Hero Emilia!

"After waiting for many months, we could finally avenge our failure from back then," said the Pope as he watches the church's orderly army.

The failure he is referring to was the church's failure to slay the demon king when it first appeared! Back then, they announced to the whole continent that they greatly wound the demon king--forcing it to run for its life. Though not exactly a lie as the demon king did retreat back then due to being seriously injured, the whole alliance was also at the brink of collapse back then. If the demon king chooses to fight til the end instead of retreating, the whole alliance army could have been annihilated!

Of course, the church and the alliance's decision back then was not fueled by desire to manipulate the public or to simply save face but rather to maintain order and morale. If they announced that the alliance was almost destroyed by the demon king's army, morale would crumble and mayhem would ensued! As such they could only tell a white lie...

"I'm afraid it won't be easy. The demon king would surely be more powerful than before," answered the Hero Emilia as she watches the whole thing with an emotionless face.

"That it is indeed true. But you shouldn't underestimate yourself. You have survived the most difficult training back in the forbidden ground and your power have grown tremendously as a result. I'm certain that you are not weaker than the demon king now!" The Pope replied with a gentle smile.

Hero Emilia simply smiled and did not say anything to the Pope's praises. She is aware how powerful she has become. If the demon king is only as powerful as when he first appeared, Emilia is quite certain that he could have defeated the demon king without help. But Emilia knew better. Just like her, the demon king must have powered-up a lot too. After all, the demon king back then had just been reborn and was not at peak power! As such, Emilia dare not underestimate the demon king for all she knows, the demon king's power is something they could not imagine!

Seeing the smile on Emilia's face, the Pope could only nod in approval inside his head. He knew what Emilia is thinking. She had spent countless time with this red-headed hero and is familiar with her personality. He did not skimp on his praises not only to praise her current achievement but to also test her! If Emilia became too proud because of her newly acquired power, the Pope would have lectured her. Fortunately, Emilia did not become conceited and remained grounded.

"I heard that the young sir Kai, was finally able to returned to the eastern continent," the Pope started as he picked up a porcelain cup to drink tea.

The Pope's eyes are focused on Emilia's face, waiting for any change on them. Seeing the startled expression, the Pope was not disappointed. There were very few things that could have any effect on the young girl's heart and one of them is Kai's name. The old Pope was always been aware that the mysterious young man had greatly affected Emilia after the last battle. It is no secret to anyone who fought on the last war that it was thanks to Kai that the demon king was forced to retreat back then. Even though it was Emilia who gave the winning blow, it was Kai who gave Emilia that chance.

"I see, that's wornderful to hear...," answered Emilia like in a soft voice. According to the information that the church gathered, Kai was originally from the eastern continent and was only sent to the eastern continent by accident. Now that he was able to return, he must have been really happy or so Emilia thought.

"Er... I did not make things clear. According to the new information from our spies, Kai can now go whenever we want after mastering a new spell! Right now, Kai should still be in the western continent, preparing to fight the demon king," the Pope explained with a teasing smile.

"Eh?" Emilia stared at the Pope dumbfounded but quickly pouted after noticing the Pope's teasing smile!

She had been tricked! The old Pope was at it again!

Seeing Emilia's pouting face, the Pope let out a hearty laugh and stood up as he still still needed to attend an important meeting. But before he left he looked back at the still pouting hero and said, "I heard that the king of Melarc wanted to make Kai his new son-in-law and had invited the young man to meet his oldest daughter!"

Leaving those words, the Pope increased the speed of his steps as if running away from something! And as he expected, he heard the Hero Emilia, following him while yelling at him to stop walking and explain!

Inside a certain forbidden zone, a demon general is walking a huge and eerie looking hall. His destination is on the throne room where the demon king awaits!

The demon general stop at a huge door and announces his name. Several seconds later, the door opened accompanied by a lound creeking sound.

"My liege, I come to report," the demon general kneel on one knee and waited for a reply.

"You are allowed to speak!" Came a booming voice full of power!

Seated on the large stone throne is none other than the most dreaded creature on the whole western continent--the demon king!

To be continued...


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