The Legend of Kai: The Shadow Behind The Abduction (2)

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The Shadow Behind The Abduction (2)

I explained what little information about Hydra to my friends. Unfortunately, it's not much so we could not come out with a proper plan. I like to do a deeper investigation myself but my hands are full with issues concerning the Dark Guild. Since I wanted to change I wanted to change how the guild operates, I needed to do a lot of "clean up". But as expected, changing a criminal organization will not just take a day or two. What makes it worse is that it has many branches scattered through out the whole continent. Fortunately, I possessed the Long-distant Teleport spell so I could at least reduce needed to travel.

The first thing I did after controlling the guild is to stop all operation pertaining to the abduction of adventurers. I ordered all abducted adventurers to be escorted to the a certain place where I could sent them all back to the Adventurer's Guild main headquarter at a later time. I'm pretty sure the president would be very busy after this but considering that I did all the work of rescuing them, this much is justified.

It's quite fortunate that the deadline when the abducted adventurers are too be delivered to Hydra hasn't arrived yet. This gives me enough time to formulate a plan to infiltrate Hydra's base and gather more information about this secretive organization.

How will I do it?

The plan is not that complicated. What I did is choose members of the Dark Guild that I would then disguise as the abducted adventurers. And while I'm at it, I will also slip in a number of mechanical puppets that will act as spies.

Though not complicated, the plan requires a lot of finesse to pull off. First, I must make sure that the disguise is perfect. Meaning, the appearance, mannerism and aura must be the same as that of the abducted adventurers. This is easy to do with the mechanical puppets but become rather complicated when it comes to the members of the Dark Guild.

The reason it becomes complicated is not because I'm feeling guilty about doing those things to them as these but because I needed to carefully control them using hypnotism and drugs. And no, I don't feel guilty about using these people as they are criminals that did all sort of crimes that would have landed them on death rows once captured. All members of the guild are criminals but these people are the worst of the worst, as such I feel absolutely no guilt for what is about to happen to them.

Now I just need to wait for the representatives from Hydra to collect these people before releasing all of the abducted adventurers.

Then the fated day arrives. Three men came and met up with the leaders of the Dark Guild. These men are dressed and cloaks and are wearing masks--most likely to hide their identities. What's more they are enchanted making it impossible to know their identity using spells like Identify.

Rather thorough of them if I say so myself.

Unfortunately to them, all of their preparations are useless. Compared to the omnipotent System shop, their preparation is a joke. Using the highest level Identity spell sold at the System store, I easily discovered their true identities. I could only shake at how overpowered the System store is.

Now that I found out who they really are, I should be able to begin my plan.

Hydra was it? I'll make sure that you guys regret targeting adventurers. You have eight heads? I'll cut it one by one!

After paying for the adventurers, the three men lead the caravan of abducted adventurers to a certain location and then transported them using Gate!

Gate, huh? I gotta say I'm surprise. Since the Gate could be connected anywhere in the world, locating them can be very difficult. Well, that would have been the case if they are transporting real adventurers and not spies. But since they are literally transporting my spies, there location might as well not be a secret.

Since I'll be very busy with rehabilitating the Dark Guild and making it a proper force of Fenrir, I could not monitor Hydra myself. But it's not a problem as I have Ozma. i'll just let everything on his capable hands while I wait for the results.

Well then... it's time to work!

To be continued...


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