The Legend of Kai: The Monster tide (2)

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The Monster Tide (2)

"A monster tide?" I asked the person who passed me the report.

The man in question is a member of the Dark Guild who is quite skilled in information gathering who goes by the name Rodan. In another word, a spy. After cleaning the Dark Guild of its corrupt officials and members, only those that doesn't have much criminal records or those who didn't commit heinous crime are are allowed to stay. Rodan, despite being a member is one of them.

"Yes, there had been small monster tides happening to the southern parts of the continent," Rodan explained.

"If one speak of monster tides, the demon king usually come to mind. Are you saying that the demon king do not have anything to do with it but rather Hydra?" I questioned while looking at Rodan's expression.

"That's indeed normally the case but there are enough evidence that said otherwise," Rodan pointed to several important points on his report.

I looked at the part of the report and nodded. The ones he pointed is indeed suspicious and it shows that the monster tides are man-made.

"I see. These monster tides seemed very suspicious indeed. It's worth putting in more people to do a more thorough investigation. Well done. Continue the investigation. I will be sending more personnel to help you with the investigation. Your effort deserve to be rewarded. Tell me what you wanted as reward, I will give it to you as long as it is within reason."

Impressed with his work I praised Rodan and asked him what kind of reward he wanted. Hearing my statement, Rodan looked visibly excited.

"I-I heard that the young master is brewing a special kind of wine. If possible--"

"Say no more! Here, take it!"

I interrupted Rodan's words and took out a bottle of winde from my Inventory. Seeing the wine Rodan eyes brightened like a child. My cheek couldn't help but cramp after seeing his expression.

"Go now. Also do not forget to go to the accountant for your monetary reward and budget for the investigation," I said while shooing him away.

"Y-yes! Thank you very much!"

Rodan excitedly left my office with a silly smile and I could only shake my head seeing a hardened criminal act as such.

[The wines you're making tasted better than any wine in this world. Of course he'll be very excited receiving a bottle as a reward.] The System said inside my head.

"I know. I just couldn't help but marvel at aome people's attachment to good wine. Anyway, it seemed that our next move had been decided," I answered.

[Indeed. Time to cut off some more snake heads,] answered the System half-jokingly.

I shrugged at the System's half-serious and half-joking remarks. I then went on my way to the southern part of the continent--specifically the city of Anvill, where the largest monster tide occurred.

I'm not expecting to find one of hydra's base there but I am hoping to find a clue at least. Besides that, I haven't really been there before so this also served as some kind of tour maybe?

Using Greater teleportation, I managed to arrived at Anvill almost instantly. Even from where I'm standing I could see the damaged caused by the monster tide. I can tell that the city suffered large casualties by just looking at the damage.

Frown painted my face from the damage and my anger to whoever did this grew. If this is the result of Hydra's scheming, then I will make sure to pay them ten fold for their aggression.

Suddenly, I feel an intense killing intent. The killing intent is not aimed at me but I can still feel it. That's just how intense it is.

Curious, I went to the direction where it is coming from. And there I saw...

To be continued...


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