The Legend of Kai: The Mysterious Miasma (2)

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The Mysterious Miasma (2)

Kai and the others speed through forest, mountains, and valleys as they traveled towards the earth dragon's old lair. Using enchantment magic, Kai and his group were able to match the speed of the dragonoids lead by Rudra even though they could not fly. With such speed, they are able to reach their destination in just three hours. An admirable feat considering how far their destination is.

"This is worse than I anticipated," Rudra said after seeing the miasma that covers the majority of the territory.

"Troublesome indeed. With such a huge amount of miasma, we might not able to last long even though we have some resistance to it," Altos agreed.

"Tsk! We could last for five hours at most," grumbled Maluk

"Hm..." (Orias)

"Ugh! Things just got more complicated! Though we are still better off compared to those guys over there," Inna said then pointed at Kai and his group.

Hearing what Inna said the dragonoids looked at the adventurers. Indeed, with the exception of Kai, the others didn't have resistance to the miasma.

"Hey! You guys have a way to get past the miasma, right? Surely you bunch aren't here to simply observe?" Maluk asked the guild master and the others in a not so friendly tone.

Guild master Guido ignores Maluk's rude remarks and laugh. He then answered, "obviously we came prepared. There's no way that we will let the dragons do all the work. Kai?"

Saying his piece guild master Guido again turn to Kai, of which he nodded and took a number of scrolls from his Inventory.

"Item Box! You actually have such a skill?"

Inna exclaimed in shock after seeing Kai take out the scrolls from seemingly out of nowhere. Considering how rare of a skill the Item Box is her surprise is justified. Even the other dragonoids were surprised with the exception of Rudra who already knew about it.

Kai merely smiled and did not answer, instead, he explained the function of the scrolls.

"These are single-use scrolls with effects like Miasma, Poison, Paralysis, Blindness, Fear, Silence, and Turn to Stone resistance, all bundled in a single scroll, and the effects last for a whole day or 24 hours."

"What?! That's impossible! How could a single scroll have all of those effects!" Maluk exclaimed loudly, not believing what he is hearing.

Maluk's reaction is normal as there has been no magic skill or magic scroll with multiple effects. All known scrolls only have a single effect. What's more surprising is that Kai's holding several of those multi-effect scrolls! With those reasons, it's no wonder that they would be surprised.

"Kai, do those scrolls really have those said effects?" Rudra asked with a serious expression.

"Yes, the effects are exactly as I described," Kai answered.

Rudra stared at Kai's eyes trying to spot if he is lying. After seeing none, Rudra could only sigh.

"Truly absurd. Where did you get those scrolls? Honestly, I have never heard of the existence of those scrolls," she asked.

"I did not buy nor find them, I made them myself," Kai answered.






The five dragonoids look at Kai like he's a monster. On the other hand, the guild master and the rest cannot help but smirk at their reactions. Like them, they too had the same reaction after hearing the truth for the first time and are happy that other people fall victim to the absurdity that is Kai.

"Hahaha! Don't doubt what he said. We've already tested the scrolls and they have the effect as Kai claimed," the guild master butts in with a laugh.

Rudra and the dragonoids looked at Kai with complicated emotions. Today has been an eye-opener for them. Dragonoids are a proud race and have always been looking down on the other races because of the dragon blood flowing on their veins. Yet despite there obvious advantage, they have never seen a dragonoid as talented as Kai. This is a huge blow to their ego. Nonetheless, it is the truth and they could only grudgingly accept it.

"It seemed that I still underestimated him... Why does he have to be human?"

Rudra's emotion is a mess and doesn't know what to think of Kai. Shaking away the strange thoughts forming on her mind, Rudra retained her calm and face Kai.

"I already knew beforehand that you are a person with absurd talent but this far surpasses my expectations. Nonetheless, those scrolls are going to be very useful. Though I am curious about something. Why did you not just create a scroll with miasma resistance? Why add poison and the other resistance that you mentioned?" Rudra spoke out what's on her mind.

"When I was investigating the miasma, I got the feeling that there are something dangerous mixed with the miasma. But because I have the All Abnormal Status Resistance, I cannot tell what those effects are. That's why, just to be safe, I decided to create the multi-effect resistance scrolls," Kai explained.

"I see! That does make sense. But since that is the case, does that mean there are scrolls for us too?" Rudra realized what Kai meant and asked if he prepares scrolls for them as well.

"Yes, I have made scrolls for you guys as well. Unfortunately, I don' have much time so there are only this much scrolls but I made enough so that each one of you could have two. Meaning, there's just enough for two days of exploration," Kai answered.

"Two days of exploration is more than enough. With these scrolls, there is no need to fear the miasma anymore! Let's begin the exploration," Rudra declared.

Everyone except Kai used a scroll and enters the miasma. Upon entering, the miasma attacked them but the protection from the scrolls prevents the miasma's effects from hindering them. Seeing how effective the scrolls are, everyone become more confident and was able to explore without many worries.

They walked and walked and notices that the deeper they go the thicker the miasma is. Thankfully, they are protected and cam leisurely explore. But ten Kai calls out to everyone much to their confusion.

"Once we passed that point, you will all feel the dangerous feeling I mentioned before. The fear will go straight to the soul, as such the fear resistance will not work. Please be prepared," Kai warned.

The dragonoids and the adventurers looked at one another and nodded. Since Kai experienced the feeling before, they believed him. Once that's out of the way, everyone continued walking but then they started having an uneasy feeling. It is as if something or someone was watching them. It felt uncomfortable and terrifying at the same time. The deeper they went the more pronounce the dangerous feeling is. Fortunately, not one of them is ordinary and was able to maintain composure.

Kai notices that the feeling of danger was greatly reduced than when he is investigating alone. It seemed that going with a team is the right choice. But then Kai frowned. He could feel several presences approaching at incredible speed.

"I can feel the several powerful presence approaching. Please be prepared, I think they might be monsters!"

Kai warned everyone of the incoming presence. And hearing what he said, everyone took out their weapons and formed a circle facing every direction.



To be continued...


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