The Legend of Kai: The Wolf Clan's Troubles (3)

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The Wolf Clan's Troubles (3)

After a little more "urging" from Kai and Shiro, the little wolf girl named Myuu finally agreed to open the Gate to the wolf clan's castle with teary eyes.

Seeing those pure, teary eyes looking at him, Kai felt a little guilty. But since the wolf clan is endangering his new allies, Kai hardened his heart. To lessen the guilt he is feeling and to assure the Myuu, he promised that he would not kill anyone.

Though still saddened that a lo of her clans men would be hurt, Myuu knew that it's retribution for the wolf clan's unprovoked action. Using what left of her mana, Myuu open a Gate one more time.

Kai nodded after seeing the opened Gate. After confirming the coordinates of the wolf clan's territory, he ordered Shiro to enter the Gate while he waits for the result. His orders to Shiro are to attack the wolf clan's castle while making sure not to kill anyone, to avoid hurting the civilians and to weaken the wolf clan's guardian beast.

Shiro walks towards the Gate nonchalantly and with ease, as if the incoming battle is of no consequence. Not long after the Gate closes,leaving Shiro on his own--will not really as Kai and Shiro is spiritually connected.

At a certain Fox clan courtyard, Kai is seen enjoying his tea. Besides him is the little girl from the Wolf clan named Myuu that has the ability to open a Gate, similar to Kai. In her hands are several tasty candies gifted by Kai. Aside from them, there is also Yukina who is refilling Kai's tea cup and Inari, the Fox clan's guardian beast who is conversing with Kai.

Why are they inside a courtyard you ask?

Well, after Shiro left for the Wolf clan, Kai told them that it might take several hours before Shiro returned and they couldn't just stay at that broken courtyard (they changed courtyard after the previous one is damaged from the battle), so Yukina ordered the servants to prepare another courtyard for Kai to stay.

Wolf clan young master Matou, Garudo and the wolf clan soldiers are put into cage-like cells after putting restraints on their abilities. The fox clan's traitor, the former 6th elder is put on a different location to be interrogated by the angry elders of the Fox clan. As for his punishment, Kai have absolutely no interest as such he left everything to Yukina and the elders discreetion. What ever the higher ups of the Fox clan's decision woulld be, it has nothing to do with Kai.

Back to the main topic, Kai took out a bottle of purpl-colored concoction and put it on the table.

"Master Kai, what is this concoction?" Inari asked after looking curiously at the purple concoction.

Yukina and Myuu also look at the concoction with interest, though they are not saying anything, their eyes were asking the same question as Inari.

"It's called an << elixer >>. Once Inari consumes it, she would regain her former strength and all of her hidden injuries would be heal," Kai explained.

"Is that true!?"

Hearing Kai's explanation, Yukina was greatly agitated and asked Kai if what he said is true. In response, to Yukina's question Kai simply gave a nod.

Upon receiving confirmation, Yukina look at Inari and the elixer alternately, her intention pretty obvious. Once Inari recovers her full strength, the fox clan would no longer worry about future attacks from the other clans. The fact that Inari was injured is supposed to be a secret yet the wolf clan easily found out about this secret and attacked without warning. If not for Kai and Shiro's presence, Yukina could only imagine her clan's fate. As such her excitement of knowing that their guardian beast could recover her full strength with by just drinking a potion is understandable.

Seeing the usually calm and compose Yukina being this excited, Inari could only give a wry smile. She doesn't doubt the effect of the potion. After seeing Kai and Shiro's power, she knows that there's absolutely no reason for Kai to lie. If he say that that purple colored concoction can help her recover then it is likely true. the reason she's not drinking the potion yet despite her desire to do so is because she doesn't know what compensation Kai would ask.

A potion that could help recover a guardian beast like her just like that is by no way cheap. Such rare medicine is definetely not easy to get. If it is, her clan would have procurred it for her a long time ago.

"Master Kai, what would you ask as compensation for the elixer?" Inari asked.

Hearing Inari's question, Yukina finally cool down. Indeed, in her excitement, she forgotten that such a medicine is not easily found. It's obvious that Kai would not give such precious medicine for free!

"Compensation? I've never thought of that. Just forget about compensation and that stuff. I mean, we are ally and all," was Kai's answer.

Kai's nonchalant answer greatly surprise the three. And they stare at him like his a rare beast or something. Their reactions made Kai's face cramp. But as he was about to retort, he received a telepathic message from Shiro.

To be continued...


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