The Legend of Kai: Uninvited Visitors (2)

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Uninvited Visitors (2)

The servant went towards an elder and whispered something. The elder paled and quickly told Yukina the news. With my acute hearing, I was able to hear what the servant reported. It seems that some troublesome guests arrive and they're not here with good intentions. I mean, they have an army of thousands outside the city. This does not bode well for the fox clan.

Yukina's expression turned dark after hearing who the guests are. She ordered the servants to tidy up her father's remains. But before anyone could act, a pompous voice filled the courtyard.

"There you are Yukina! How could you not greet your future husband?"

A man with arrogant air enters the courtyard as if he owned the place and declared himself as Yukina's husband. Yukina was startled and for some reason look at me.

Hm? Why is she looking at me like that?

[another one has fallen I see,] the System teases.

What the hell are you trying to say, System?

[The host should really cultivate self-awareness,] the System adviced me in a non-joking manner.

The hell is with that!

"What are doing here, young master Matou? Also, what is with that army outside the city? Is the wolf clan trying to start a war with the fox clan?"

Ignoring the wolf clan's young master's earlier statement, Yukina asked why he is here and why is there a fully armed army outside of town.

"As expected of my future wife. You're ability's truly superb!" Young master Matou laughed delightfully while looking at Yukina with intense desire.

"I heard you asked a human to retrieve your clan's treasured sword. I'm just worried that that human would scam you and the fox clan. Coupled with my love for you I took several of my clan's soldiers to get rid of that annoying fly. I don't want to see my future wife being troubled you see?"

Several soldiers? Who are you trying to fool?!

The elders and the fox clan servants stared at the wolf clan young master with hate--none of them is buying his pathetic excuse.

"Young master Matou. Do you really think that we are 3-years old to believe such an excuse? Please tell us about the purpose of your visit. Depending on your answer, you might not be able to leave this courtyard unscathed," one of the elders, the 1st elder asked the young master Matou his true purpose with a voice laced with threats.

"Pffffttt! Ahahahahahahaha!!!! 1st elder no needs for threats. Do you think I'm not aware of your clan's situation? What can a clan do without its guardian beast?"

As if hearing the funniest joke of his life, the wolf clan's young master guffawed while holding his stomach. After that, he let out a statement that shocked the Yukina and the elders.

"Y,you! how did you? 6th elder, it was you wasn't it?!" The 1st elder was mortified after hearing what young master Matou said. And as if realizing something, pointed at the person hiding behind the wolf clan's guard.

A middle-aged person with grayish fox ears and tail walk out and confront the Yukina and the elders with a smirk.

"You traitor!" Yelled one of the fox elders.

"How dare you?!"

One of the elders, unable to contain his anger, attacked the smirking 6th elder but was stopped by a wolf-eared man with a huge built.

"Guh!!!!" The attacking fox elder, the 3rd elder retreated with a groan after his attack was easily countered.

The other elders help the wounded 3rd elder and glared at the huge man from the wolf clan with hatred.

"Garudo! How dare you interfere!" The 1st elder yelled at the wolfman named who seems to be named Garudo with anger.

"..." (Garudo)

Garudo did not respond and merely stood in front of the still smirking 6th elder.

"6th elder, what is the meaning of this?" Yukina stared at the 6th elder coldly and asked what he is doing with the people from the wolf clan.

"I'm doing this for the sake of the fox clan. Yukina, be obedient and marry young master Matou if you love the fox clan," the 6th elder responded.

"How dare you! For the sake of the fox clan? You just want the leadership for yourself!" The 2nd elder jeered at the 6th elder with anger after hearing what he said.

"Hmph! I'm still a much better option compared to an inexperienced girl. I suggest you all give up now and obediently surrender the clan head's sword!" The 6th elder ordered--not even trying to refute the claim that he wanted the clan head's seat.

"In your dream!" The elders responded.

Since I'm not a member of the fox clan, I could only watch as the drama unfolds in front of me. Since Yukina did not ask me for help, I'm hesitant to act. Fortunately? Or unfortunately? My indecision did not last long.


Because a certain young master has set his eyes on me.

To be continued...


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