The Legend of Kai: The Unexpected "Reward" (1)

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The Unexpected "Reward" (1)

Several days passed after I bought Myuu to the Den. And with my and the girls help Myuu regained her true and cheerful personality. To help Myuu familiarize herself to the western continent, I took her and the girls to a tour which lasted for several days. It's unfortunate that the days of leisure tends to pass quickly.

Once Myuu's affairs were settled, I returned to the eastern continent using one of the Gate I set up beforehand. Outside the gate, Yukina and the elders are waiting for me. They probably noticed the disturbance or maybe it's because of Yukina's ability. Maybe, even both? Not that it matters though.

I was once again lead to the courtyard I've grown familair with. There, I discusses my plans with Yukina. For some reason, the elders seems look at us strangely. No, I noticed their strange actions before this. Like increasing the time that there is only two of us in a room or something similar. Though that rarely succeed as Myuu tends to stick to me a lot.

What are they planning?

No. I understand what they are trying to do. They wanted me and Yukina to end up together. Yeah, they are hoping that something happen between Yukina and I...

"Are they really that desperate to marry off Yukina to me?" I thought, mentally shaking my head.

"I apologize for the elders' behaviours. They meant no harm and are only thinking of the clan's future," Yukina apologizes as if reading my mind.

"Uh, no. I'm also aware of that. But they are so obvious that I couldn't help but notice," I retorted with a wry smile.

Yukina and I look at one another and laugh. After a while we calm down and the room fall into a weird silence. But the silence did not last long and Yukina spoke.

"Master Kai. I believe I haven't told you the real reward of the quest I gave you," Yukina said and then lowered her head.

I grew confuse of what Yukina said because I'm pretty certain that I've already received the fox clan's cooperation which was the reward for the quest of retrieving the former clan lord's (Yukina's father) sword.

"How do you mean? I'm pretty sure I've already received the reward. Are you saying that your clan's cooperation is not the real reward?" I asked in curiously.

"It's, it's just part of the reward...," Yukina answered without looking at me.

"Just a part of it? Then, what's the reeward?" I asked while somewhat hesitating.

"It's... actually my hand in marriage," Yukina answered, letting out a bombshell.


Unable to comprehend her reply, I let out an idiotic reply.

"HUUUUHHHHH!?!? Are you serious!?" I exclaimed out loud after fainally realizing what she meant.

"Y,yes...," Yukina answered with reddened face.

"Wait, wait! I'm not aware of that! Explanation, I need explanation!"

Still in a panic state, I asked for an explanation from Yukina.

To be continued...


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