The Legend of Kai: Messenger (1)

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Messenger (1)

After making such a declaration, the messenger look at the Demon King with killing intent, while doing so a sphere made up of holy energy quickly formed. Kai, Emilia and the Demon King could feel the tremendous energy contain in that sphere!

"Such powerful holy energy!"

Emilia could not help but shout those words after sensing the might of the < Holy Sphere > that is quickly accumulating energy. Being the Hero that, also uses holy element, Emilia could easily tell how powerful the attack would be!

"So this is the power of the a god's messenger..."

Kai look at the < Holy Sphere > with a contemplating look and murmured. He then turned his gaze towards the Demon King and saw a small mocking smile on his face!

Seeing this, Kai could not help but be startled. He knew that the Demon King's weakness is holy element and yet he saw no worry on his expression!

"He is this confident?"

A frown appeared on Kai's face after seeing the Demon King's fearless expression. If the Demon King is not fearing the messenger's impending holy attack, does it mean that the Demon King no longer fear the holy element? If so, then Emilia's advantage over the Demon King is void!

"Demon King, prepare yourself and accept god's punishment!"

Completing the < Holy Sphere >, the messenger stared at the Demon King and declared that his punishment is nigh.

"For a doll, you sure talk to much!"

Not caring too much for the messenger's threat, the Demon King let out words laden with sarcasms.

"Hmph! Let us see how long that arrogance will last! < Holy Sphere > punish thy for!"

The < Holy Sphere >went straight towards the Demon King at incredible speed, making it almost impossible to for him to dodge!

Emilia blanched at the speed of the < Holy Sphere >! Despite the brutal and dangerous training he experienced, Emilia still could not release such a powerful< Holy Sphere >!


The Demon King clenched his right fist as he faced the incoming attack. His face, still devoid of fear, grew a little solemn as he gather dark energy on that fist! With a roar, the Demon King punch the < Holy Sphere >!


A tremendous blast occurred as the Demon King's fist and the < Holy Sphere >met! The wind howled while the shockwaves flattened the surrounding terrains!

Emilia covered her eyes with her arms as the shockwaves bombarded her body. Holy energy surrounds her body, enabling her to remain undamaged by the shockwaves but she still could not help but take several steps backward because of the blast!

Such power!

Remembering something, Emilia quickly look at Kai's direction worry for his safety. To her surprise, he saw Kai at the same position he is earlier completely unscathed!

Seeing his calm expression, no one would think that he had withstood powerful shockwaves created by the collision of holy and darkness energy!

Remembering that she needed to use her holy energy to withstand the shockwaves, and was still forced to take several steps backward, Emilia realizes how powerful Kai has become!

Though she have many questions for Kai, Emilia knew that this is not the right time for that. She turned her gaze towards the Demon King, wanting to know how his condition.

Not long after the blast, the dust started to settle and the Demon King could finally be seen!

A large crater, tens of feet deep formed where the Demon King is standing, reminding the everyone present how powerful the collision of power was! Inside that crater is the Demon King standing completely unharmed!

The Demon King sneered mockingly after easily resolving the messenger's attack. He does not even fear the messenger's master, what more of a mere servant? To him, the messenger is simply courting death!

He doesn't fear a mere god messenger. A god's messenger might be powerful but it is limited by this world's law. Even if he is disadvantaged by conflict of elements (Holy trumps Darkness), the messenger would not be able to do anything to him!

"How is this possible! Why are you unharmed!"

The messenger roared at disbelief after seeing the Demon King not taking single damage from < Holy Sphere > he/she had released!

Not only the messenger but even Emilia was startled seeing not a single injury on the Demon King's body!

Kai on the other hand, is still calm. He had already predicted from the Demon King's confident smile that that attack would not be able to do anything to him! And seeing this situation, his doubt was proven...

"What so surprising about it? How could I let myself be injured by an attack from a mere doll? If you wanted to punish me, then your master will have to do it himself!"

The Demon King's scathing words made the messenger more furious. He/she wanted to attack him again but upon remembering that his strongest attack had no effect on the Demon King he held back. Looking still confuse, the messenger's eyes wandered and saw Emilia and Kai nearby.

That's right! He/she is a lofty god's messenger; he doesn't need to punish the Demon King himself!

"Champion! An you too, human! Heed my order and attack that infidel!"

Hearing the messenger ordering them, both Kai and Emilia were left dumbfounded. What's with this situation? A god's messenger actually ordering them to attack the Demon King after failing to do it himself?

Emilia might actually obey considering that she is the Hero of the Holy Church but Kai has absolutely no connection with the church! So what if he is the messenger of this world's creator? He has no business ordering him around!

Kai look annoyingly at the messenger while Emilia is feeling conflicted. The messenger had already proven himself as the real thing and according to the teachings of her organization, she should obey!

"What are you still waiting for? I ordered you two to attack!"

The messenger grew panicked as he saw no movement from the two humans and scolded them. But as is about to scold them a second time, the messenger felt a powerful dark energy coming his way!

To be continued...


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