The Legend of Kai: The Shadowy Serpent Moves (5)

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The Shadowy Serpent Moves (5)


The door made an explosive sound as I kicked it open. The broken pieces from the destroyed door went towards the people inside with incredible speed. I saw that most of them was able to defend against the shrapnels but some unlucky few were heat and are rolling around the floor in agony.

A man that seemed to be the leader pointed a finger at me and demanded that I introduce myself. Since I could not tell them my real name, I used a fake name to introduce myself.

"Cid. Just call me Cid," I answered.

"Cid, huh? Never heard of you. But no matter. I'm Elric, one of Hydra's eight heads," the leader named Elric replied.

Elric then proceed to ask me where my other companions are. I understand that the reason he me asked such question is because of my constant change of disguise. Thanks to that, the members of Hydra thought that they are being attacked by several powerful individuals.

This is fine by me. I plan to take advantage of this misunderstanding to the fullest.

"My companions are currently busy doing there own things. So they are going to be late," I lied.

"Hmph! How unfortunate. I was hoping to finish you all in one stroke. But I guess I'll just destroy you first before your companion arrives," Elric said while sneering.

"Is that so? Then please, by all means try," I taunted.

"Let see how long you're going to stay that confident!"

Elric yelled and several men inside the room quickly attacked me. The attackers are fast but none of their attacks hit. I countered attack and blew the attackers away with ease.

Though the surprise attack failed, Elric doesn't seemed flustered as if the ones blown away is not his men. I guess he is not one of Hydra's head without a reason. His calm attitude is definitely worth the praise.

Unfortunately for him, I'm in a hurry so I attacked all of his men and defeated them in an instant. Elric looked slightly surprise at how I easily defeated his subordinates. But still remained unflustered.

"Your strength and speed is impressive. But don't think that you've already won," Elric said calmly.

"Is that so? Are you gonna make your move now?" I too asked, curious at how calm he is.

"Correct! I hope you won't be defeated so easily!"

Elrick draw his sword and disappeared! My eyes widened in surprise when I suddenly felt a present behind me. Though surprise, I manged to parry his attack but as I was about to counter-attack, Elric disappeared again and this time an attack appeared on my right side.

Fast! Elric is incredibly fast! Anyone beside me would have been defeated a long time ago by these fast and unseen attacks.

But it's not enough to defeat me. He might be fast but I'm no slouch either. I too upped my gear and attacked him with the same speed he used on me. Our speed is equal and only blur could be seen. If anyone is watching this fight they would only be able to hear weapons clashing and see two blurry figures. That's how fast we are.

This situation remained for a few minutes but then a figure was blown away and hit a wall with a bang! The figure slowly stood and a bloody-looking Elric could be seen struggling.

Yup, Elric and I seemed to be matched but in reality I'm stronger. The stalemate did not last for long because Elric do not possessed my outrageous stamina. Basically, I forced him to consume much of his stamina and once he's out of gas, delivered an attack he couldn't dodge.

To be continued...


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