The Legend of Kai: Serpent Hunting (1)

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Serpent Hunting (1)

Inside the Den, I was walking the corridor accompanied by Tenma. While walking we are conversing and the content of the conversation focused mainly on issue of the monster tides.

"Do you think Ozma manages to extract information on that person?" Tenma asked.

The person in question is the man responsible for the monster tide on Jillan. Due to the information from Paul and some coincidence, I was able to witness how the man-made monster tide was perpetrated.

"Ozma should have methods to make a person talk. After all he's the accumulation of all the knowledge possessed by an advance and ancient civilization," I answered with confidence.

"Oh, that's true~" Tenma nodded her head after hearing my answer.

We stopped at a large, mechanical door. Beyond the said door is the room where Ozma is doing the interrogation. But before I entered, I used the intercom to talk to Ozma and to confirm if it's okay to enter. After gaining permission, we enter the room and saw Ozma standing besides the prisoner.

The prisoner is strapped on a sturdy metal chair that looks incredibly uncomfortable. But then again, the person in question is a villain that causes hundreds of death in Jillan so I don't feel any sympathy at his condition.

"How is it?" I directed my gaze at Ozma and asked about the result of the interrogation.

"He's a hard one to crack but after some effort, I manages to get what the young master needed," Ozma answered looking quite satisfied that he did not fail his master.

I smiled after hearing Ozma's answer. I did not ask what method he used to make the prisoner talk but I know that it's not something pretty but I don't really care at this point.

"And the prisoner?" I asked again while looking at the prisoner that looked like he had lost all will to live.

"He should be okay physically, though I could not say the same for his mental health. The method I used isn't exactly mild after all. But he should be able to live normally after wiping all of his memories," Ozma explained.

"I see, that's better than expected. He's still lucky that he only ended that much. By the way, what did you found out?"

I shrugged my shoulders at the fate of the prisoner. Since he could still live a normal life after wiping his memories, he should consider himself lucky. Anyway, I finally asked Ozma about the information he extracted.

Ozma took a usb stick like thing from his breast pocket and told me that all information are in there. I praised Ozma after getting the usb stick. In respose he gave me a butler-like bow, thanking me for the praise. Tenma, Ozma and I, then exits the room, leaving the prisoner alone to a mechanical puppet that would return him to his cell. I don't like the idea of him staying at the Den where my friend are so I will have tranfered to a secret facility later where he would stay till Hydra is taken care off.

Inside my office, I was reading the printed report of the extracted information while drinking tea. I'm not the only one there though, Tenma, Ozma, Lily, Mia, Kara, Yukine, Rukka and even Myuu is there. Everyone have a copy of the extracted information with the exception of Myuu who is still too young to understand difficult words. Instead she's reading the information along with Lily who is explaining things to her.

"Such a grand plan!" Kara blurted out after reading the report.

"Um, it's very thorough," Mia said in agreement.

"If this plan succeed, hydra would be able to conquer the southern part of the continent without everyone knowing," Yukine said while slightly shuddering after undertanding the purpose of the man-made monster tides.

"Kuh! We can;t let then succeed no matter what!" Mumbled the usually taciturn Rukka.

"Is it really that bad?" Myuu asked while tilting her head cutely.

"Yeah, it's really bad, Myuu. Because a lot of innocent people would be hurt in the process," Lily explained.

"Hurting people? That's no good! We must stop them," Myuu exclaimed after hearing Lily's explanation.

"That's right, Myuu. We can't let them do whatever they wanted. Don't you agree, Kai?" Tenma chipped in and then turn towards me looking expectant.

"Of course! Now that we know the entirety of their plan, we can make counter-measures. Ozma, you know what to do, right?" I answered then looked at Ozma.

"Yes. Everything is arranged as you ordered," respond the always dependable Ozma.

I smiled and nodded at his answer. Now that we a clear lead, we can start our counter-attack.

To be continued...


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"Well then, time to hunt some serpents," I murmured with a smile.


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