The Legend of Kai: A New Beginning (3/3)

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A New Beginning (3/3)

The System adviced Kaidu to stay inside the forest to train before going to the nearest city. Explaining that if he wanted to live freely in this new world, Kaidu needed power, and resources.

The System explained that he could hunt monsters for EXP and materials. He could also gathering for herbs and plants that could be made into useful potions or be sold.

Kaidu find the System's advice sound and followed them to the letter. He trained and killed monsters to level up. The forest is also teaming with rare herbs that can be sold for a decent price. And with the help from the System, Kaidu did not missed any of them.

Thankfully, the System had informed Kaidu that he could also used the extremely rare "Storage" magic. The magic enables Kaidu to store any item that he touched with but a mere thought. This revelation made Kaidu gleeful and he could not help.but laugh like an idiot.

["Taming" activated! Tempest Wolf successfully tamed.]

"Finally! I thought I'll never succeed" Kaidu did a victory pose and looked at the tamed monster sitting meekly.

[Congratulation for taming your first monster, host. Would you like to name the monster?]


"Yes! It'll be called Shiro from now on!"

[Tempest Wolf successfully named to Shiro. Commencing evolution in 1...2...3...]

Kaidu gawked after hearing what the System said. He then saw that the Tempest Wolf Shiro being covered in a blindning light. Once the light fade, Kaidu's jaw almost fall when he saw Shiro's new form.

[Evolution complete. Tempest Wolf had evolved into its variant form Hurricane Wolf!]

"Wait! What happened? How did Shiro turned into this form?!" Kaidu points at Shiro while asking the System. But the System ignores Kaidu and instead said something that greatly surprised him.

[For successfully taming and evolving a monster, the host received 10,000 EXP and learned the passive skill "Riding" as rewards.]

[Level Up from 3 to 10! Congratulation for leveling up. Host received the skill "Multislash" "Windblade" "Stealth" and "Fireball"]

[The System Shop is now available]

[Reward: 10000 EXP and 1000 SP (System Point)]

"Da hell! I call hax!" Kaidu exclaimed after seeing the continuous notification from the System, and finally realized how OP the System is.

After calming down, Kaidu started asking question. First he asked why Shiro evolved.

[Every monsters tamed using the "Taming" skill can evolve once they are named by the tamer. The only downside is that they cannot choose which evolution path they'll can take.]

"So you mean it's random?"

[That's true for normal "Taming" but the host's "Taming" skill is unique and enable the host to choose the monster's evolution path.]

"Huh? But I did not choose which evolution path Shiro would take." Kaidu asked in confusion.

[That's because Shiro's variant evolution removed the other options.]

"What? Why?"

[Variant monsters are always stronger than there counterparts. Hence the System removed the other options as they are redundant.]

"I see... then does that mean, this is Shiro's final form?"

[Negative. This is just Shiro's first evolution. The System detected that it is still cspable if two more evolution.]

"That's so cool!" Kaidu was elated after hearing will have two more evolution. Now that Shiro's evolution was answered, Kaidu finally asked about the System Shop and SP (System Point)

[The System Shop allows the host to buy items, equipments, and skill using SP. There are also other functions that'll be unlocked once the host reached a certain level.]

Elated by the System's explanation, Kaidu quickly opened the System Shop with a thought. Seeing the things that are being sold, Kaidu could not help but whistle in amazement. The items, equipments, and skills being sold made Kaidu's mouth water. As an avid gamer in his youth, Kaidu could easily tell how overpowered the items are.

"Too bad they are so expensive..." Kaidu lamented at his lack of SP. He had his eyes on some very powerful equipment and skills. Unfortunately, most of them causes 100,000 SP or more.

Looking at the measly 1000 SP he have Kaidu could not help buy sigh.

"System, how could I earn more SP?" Kaidu asked, not wanting to give up on those items.

[SP could be earned by completing System quest, converting EXP to SP, or converting items to SP.]

"Really! What's the conversion rate of EXP to SP, and what items that could be converted?" Kaidu excitedly asked.

[The conversion rate is 10 to 1. So 10 EXP could be exchanged for 1 SP. Item conversion is dependant on the value of said item. For example, an ordinary iron knife could be converted to 20 SP.]

Kaidu contemplated and thought that the conversion system seemed quite fair. "It seemed that I need to work hard if I wanted those items." He thought.

After thinking for a while Kaidu decided to use his 1000 SP to buy better armor and weapon. His current wardrobe consisted merely of animal skins haphazardly sewed. And his weapon is a spear that uses a stone spearhead, a wooden sword, a bow, and several arrows. In another word, Kaidu looked like a caveman.

This does not sit well with Kaidu, considering he is from a modern world and is used to wearing fine clothes.

Kaidu bought a set of clothes with protective properties. The clothes looked stylish but not gaudy and Kaidu love the designs and colors. After wearing his new clothes looked extremely pleased. He then bought a sword forged using a strange metal he could not pronounce. The sword have a magical property that enhances mana flow, enabling Kaidu to channel his mana unto the sword more effectively.

While Kaidu's testing his new toys, he was startled by the sudden notification from the System.

[The System detected several humans being attacked by a large group of goblins 5 kilometers from here.]

[Abrupt Quest: A caravan is being attacked by a large group of goblins. Save the said caravan to complete the quest.]

[Quest Reward: 100000 EXP and 10000 SP]

[Would you like to accept the quest?]


To be continued...


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