The Legend of Kai: Roselle (1)

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Roselle (1)

Northeastern part of the continent, Valley of the Wind

A white shadow flew towards the a mountain's summit while being bombarded by strong gust of winds. Nonetheless the raging wind of the valley can do nothing to stop this white shadow as it finally reached the summit.

"He's back! Thor's back!" yelled a little girl with white wings on her back excitedly.

In response to the little girl's excited scream, several men and women with wings went out from several stone dwellings to welcome the returning Thor.

"Weena, how many times do I need to tell you not to yell when people returned? Hm?" a beautiful woman with brown hair scolded the little girl called Weena while looking at her exasperatedly.

Weena cutely stick out her tongue after hearing the beautiful woman's scolding. "I'm sorry mom, I won't do it again, I promise!" the little girl replied sheepishly.

"Oh you, you always say that and yet you'll just do it again!" the beautiful woman shook her head, no believing a word of it.

The winged men and women simply let laugh at the bartering of the two, obviosly used to the scene.

"Yo! You guys are having fun I see," said Thor with a smile after safely landing.

"How things down the valley?" asked one of the men with a solemn expression after greeting Thor.

Thor shook his head then replied with grave expression,"it's not looking good. There's tens of thousands of people down there. Worse still even monsters and demons are waiting below!"

Hearing Thor's explanation, everyone's faces became dark. They knew the reason why those people (and monsters) came --- they are after their priestess, Roselle!

Before these people's arrival, the priestess gave out a prophesy that there would be countless people from various races that'll look for her. Thanks to this warning, the people of their Wendia tribe manages to relocate to the Valley of the Wind. And yet, their pursuers still found them in the end.

"Damn them! Why won't they leave us alone? Our tribe have lived in peace for countless generations and yet because of some god who wanted to ascend, we're suffering like this," a middle-aged man curses.

"Calm down Grion, I understand how you feel. I'm very angry too, but being angry won't do anyone any good," Thor said as he tries to pacify the middle-aged man Grion.

"Thor's right. Besides, we should report this to the priestess," a woman with red hair said with agreement.

"You're right Yulia. We should report this to the priestess. She'll know what to do," Grion replied after calming down. He then looked at the biggest stone dwelling at the peak of the mountain.

The men and women from the Wendia tribe bowed at the entrance before entering. Inside they saw a black-haired young lady sitting on the floor covered by soft feathers with her eyes close. The young lady is none other than Roselle, the priestess of the Wendia tribe and the chosen "vessel of god".

"Greetings priestess!" everyone exclaimed.

Roselle opened her eyes slowly, revealing beautiful black eyes that shines like the stars! Anyone who see those eyes wouldn't be able to stop themselves from marveling ang praising them for their mysterious beauty.

"Have thor returned?" Roselle asked after several seconds of silence.

"I am here priestess," Thor answered after stepping up.

"From your expression, things doesn't to be looking good?" said Roselle calmly. She is of course referring to the army below the Valley.

Thor nodded his head and solemnly explained the situation below. Though they've already knew what's happening, hearing Thor's explanation made everyone's heart grew cold.

"As expected, it's impossible to escape tens of thousands of eyes. They still managed to find me despite erasing most clues," Roselle uttered calmly as if she has nothing to do with the situation.

Seeing their priestess' calm demeanor, the members of the Wendia tribe became less flustered. Since the situation have already devolved into such a state, they could only face the everything with steady hearts.

"What's our next move, priestess?"

Noticing that the priestess manages to calm everyone with her action, Thor's awe of Roselle grew bigger. Taking advantage of the situation, he quickly asked her of their next course of action.

"We just need to hold on for a bit and everything would be settled. Anyway, the whole valley is protected by a mysterious power that prevented any kind of teleportation and the wind of the valley will stop anyone not belonging from our tribe from flying to the top of the valley," explained Roselle with a smile.

Thor nodded at this as he knew the mysterious power of the Valley of the Wind. Nonetheless he still could not help but worry because among the pursuers is the messenger himself!

"You do not need to worry about the messenger, he wouldn't be able to do much while he's on our realm. This is the main reason he is using the influence and power of the Holy Church. With only his power, finding us would have been a monumental task," Roselle explained after noticing Thor's worried gaze.

Finally convinced, Thor thump his chest and declared," since that's the case, you can leave hindering the advance of the army to us. We will make sure that every step they will take will be filled with throuble!"

Roselle smiled and nodded her head with appreciation. The group except Yulia left the house after bidding their goodbye.

"What is it?" Roselle asked after several seconds of silence.

Yulia hesitated for a while but after letting out a sigh, asked Roselle, "will that person really come?"

The "person" that Yulia is asking refers to the one in Roselle's prophesy. According to her, a mysterious person would appear in their time of need. The reason that Roselle is not escaping despite the fact that they have been found is because someone will come to their rescue. As such they only needed to hold on a little longer.

"Yes, that person will come. So please believe me and be patient," Roselle asnwered with confidence.

Yulia's face eased after hearing Roselle's confident answer. Anyway, Roselle's prophesy have never been wrong and their tribe had been saved by her prophesy from calamities many times already. With light heart, Yulia said her goodbye and exits the house.

After everyone was gone, Roselle finally let out a sigh. Then her confidence expression disappeared and was replaced by worry. Her worry expression is not for her but for her people. Though her prophesy had never been wrong, she could not still help but have a heavy heart. After all, her opponent is not a mortal but a god!

To be continued...


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hi dear @yuki-nee, always beautiful continuations for this fantasy story !! the priestess is a great character, who knows a lot of things !! waiting to see how it continues, congratulations for your work ;-))

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