The Legend of Kai: Mysterious Entity

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Mysterious Entity (1)

Kai directly arrived at the place where he felt that mysterious energy signature only to find out, to his surprise that he is not alone! Standing not too far away from him is someone he did not expect to see -- the Demon King!

"What is he doing here?!" Kai thought to himself without showing any emotion on his face.

The Demon King also looked at Kai with a bit of surprise but also did not betray much emotion on his grim looking face. The two of them glared at each other but did not attack as if waiting for the other party to make the first move. The situation become more awkward as they continue glaring at one another. Surprisingly, it was the Demon King who broke the awkwardness.

"I have to say that I am greatly surprise to see you here. I thought it would be the little girl who is going to suddenly appear here but unexpectedly, it was you," remarked the Demon King with blunt, emotionless voice.

"Little girl? Are you referring to the Hero Emilia?"

Hearing the words "little girl," the first person that entered Kai's mind is the Hero Emilia; most likely because she is the only girl that managers to get the Demon King's attention -- Being the hero and all...

"Who else should I be referring to?"

The Demon King sarcastic remark left Kai a little speechless. There are millions if not tens of millions of girls in this continent alone so who knows who the Demon KIng is referring to?

"She should be arriving soon."

Though a bit annoyed, Kai simply blame the Demon King's thousand of years of being sealed for his lack of tack and social skills and answered directly.

"Is that so? This era's hero is rather slow compared to her predecessors. She has still a lot to learn," remarked the Demon King while shrugging his shoulders.

If anyone could hear Kai and the Demon King's conversation, they would be greatly surprise -- these two were discussing like they are two old friends chatting with each other!

Kai felt that the situation is starting to feel weird but decided to just ignore the strangeness of it all and asked about the most important issue at hand -- the mysterious energy signature he felt earlier.

"That energy signature, who or what is it?" Kai asked.

Hearing his question, the demon King frown but as he is about to answer, he and Kai felt a familiar power surge fast approaching!

Both Kai and the Demon King turned around to and waited for that "person" to arrive. Two seconds later, Hero Emilia arrived with extreme speed! Upon landing, Emilia almost fall down as she tries to stabilize herself. The church's way of traveling quickly is really sickening! If Emilia had a choice, she won't use that < Extreme Transfer Array > to quickly arrive at her destination! Unfortunately, the situation seemed really grave, therefore, she could only bite the bullet and use that hateful array!

Upon getting back her bearings, the first person she saw was Kai who is looking at her strangely! Startled and embarrassed, Emilia cleared her throat and awkwardly greet Kai.

"H-hi! It's been a while!"

Kai let out a small wry smile after hearing Emilia's awkward greeting. Since she did not want to embarrass the young woman, Kai returned the greeting.


Before Emilia could ask Kai what he is doing there, she heard someone trying to stifle a laugh. For some reason she could not understand, that stifled laugh sounded incredibly grating to her ears! Turning her head to look at the annoying person, Emilia's jaw almost dropped to the ground!

The Demon King!

Emilia almost couldn't believe what she is seeing. She rubbed her eyes several times but no matter how many times she rubs, the Demon King did not disappear!

"What are you doing?!" Emilia blurted out without caring about her image and as if taunting her, the Demon King sneered and sarcastically asked: "Why wouldn't be I here?"

Emilia become more annoyed at the Demon King's answer but like Kai, she too, did not attack recklessly. Seeing Emilia, repressing her annoyance both Kai and the Demon King look at her with approval. It seemed that Emilia not only trained her body but also her mind!

"Not bad, hero! From the looks of it, not only did your powers grew but so is your mentality!" The Demon King praised.

Being praised by her mortal Enemy greatly surprised Emilia. Nonetheless, she did not allow the praise to go into her head. For all she knows, the Demon King is just trying to confuse her mind.

"I have no need for your praise! More importantly, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be hiding somewhere; waiting for the right time to make a counter-attack? Your army is being slaughtered on the battle field if you are not aware!"

As if trying to get back at the Demon King, Emilia launched her own mental attack. Unfortunately, her effort proved to be futile as the demon king simply let out a smirk.

"That's useless. No matter how many monster you killed, they are just going to be reborn at the nearest dungeon as long as I live!"

The Demon King's answer not only surprise Emilia but also Kai! To think that the demon king would actually reveal such an important information!

Kai, has had such assumption a long time ago but the Demon King's admittance
of this still surprises him. But then again, with the Demon King's strength, there's really no need for him to hide such information! But still, Kai could not help but be more wary of a hidden trap...

"No need to be too wary. That little girl would eventually become aware of it after more of her inherited memory awakens."

Noticing Kai's rising wariness, the Demon King reveal a vital information about the hero!

"How did you know that?"

Emilia jumped as if a cat whose tail was suddenly stepped upon. The information that the Demon King reveal was one of her greatest secrets! And yet, the Demon King seemed to be incredibly familiar with these secrets!

"What's so surprising about it? The Hero and the Demon King have been fighting since time immemorial! No one is more aware of these things but you and me! Though it seems that you have yet to fully awaken..."

The Demon king explained the situation; relieving some of the questions on Kai's mind. But he also noticed that there's hidden disappointment on his last sentence much to Kai's confusion.

"Okay! Enough with that! We should be ready, the real game is about to begin!"

The Demon King's words greatly startled both Emilia and Kai.


What Game?

As if answering Kai's question, something unexpected happened -- the mysterious energy signature returned!

To be continued...


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