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Infowars Banned Oatmeal from the INFOCOMMS for alleged spamming. Spyware Chips. Dalat 2013. Gun Debate. Alex Jones was on Joe Rogan. Began going to the Leaf Pagoda in August of 2013. Rat Cat Bats. Socialism Versus Free Markets Debate. Snow Day 1992. The Walking Dead 909. Can we learn from Athens? Banned From Travel? Water Versus Snow Debate. State of the Union 2019. Needing Friends. Gotham 505. Animal Heart.

Breaking World News

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Twisted Irony

2019-02-01 - Friday - 2019-02-02 - Saturday - 09:51 AM LMS - Friday the 1st of February of 2019 - This INFOCOMMS website is ALREADY on Google. This forum is already on Google, which YouTube is an extension therein. Everything on the Internet is already public, and you are pretending that is not true, but it is in so many ways, and the fourth amendment is being violated in so many ways already by governments and big tech companies, and yet you are looking at me in regards to the fourth amendment instead of looking at technocracy. Remember Substratum & the January 2019 Arnold Brothers Adventures. Alex Jones mentioned today about the two-way black crystal balls and mirrors which are allegories of what big tech and others do and Gandalf said, “We don’t know who else is watching,” in The Lord of the Rings (LOTR). Fight fire with fire. Fight bad tech with good tech. Make good robots.

Computer Wars

2019-02-02 - Saturday - 2019-02-03 - Sunday - 08:05 AM LMS - Saturday the 2nd of February of 2019 - If they don’t already, computers and phones should be build inside copper cages or other types frames that can shield them from attacks.

Sinless Sinners

2019-02-03 - Sunday - 2019-02-04 - Monday - 08:24 AM LMS - Sunday the 3rd of February of 2019 - I'm Human - I'm Not a Sinner - @Bingozee is trying to get me banned. @Bingozee says he is not a sinner. Now, assuming that I am a human, too, and not a sinner, like @Bingozee, then why should I be banned? If I am banned, that would mean I was bad, AKA sinner. Does that mean that @Bingozee is not bad and does not do bad? @TheFrozenWarrior might be blaming me for something. It might be similar to things that @Paladin said. But you can ignore notifications on your phone. You can be responsible for your actions, your priorities. You can disable notifications. You can setup a VPN. You can download a Linux OS. You can keep a journal and a calendar. We all can do more in helping MAGA. That matters so much. I try not to blame other people for my life, as much as I can. Bingozee responded, "Lol your banning will have nothing to do with you being a sinner or not, it will however have everything to do with your trolling, nonsense comments, rhetorical and redundant questions." It began snowing Sunday night for the first time in Shelton, around here, in 2019, this year.

Legalizing Baby Murder

2019-02-04 - Monday - 2019-02-05 - Tuesday - 02:43 PM LMS - Monday the 4th of February of 2019 - Can somebody please create an infomercial that I believe will help wake liberal millennials? - Everybody remembers the baby bottle pop commercial. Baby bottle pop, baby bottle pop, it’s a baby bottle pop… Please utilize the words, baby body parts, baby body parts, we sell baby body parts.

KKK Demoncrats

2019-02-05 - Tuesday - 2019-02-06 - Wednesday - 10:11 AM LMS - Tuesday the 5th of February of 2019 - False. Mama Potato posted Drug Related Verses to a Paladin Drug Thread which Paladin could have ignored. Paladin has the right to falsely claim that the related verses weren’t related. Paladin could have ignored them, too. Paladin can do what he wants. Potato can do what she wants. Paladin was talking about drugs. Potato was talking about drugs, too. They were both talking about the same topic. But Paladin was like CNN who said, “Anything except Wikileaks.” So, to Paladin, the Bible is his Wikileaks. Paladin: “She may not use too many expletives but she constantly vandalizes threads she disagrees with with off-topic Bible spam…” @MamaPotato: "This forum is supposed to be for activism." Agreed. Sing Alex Jones Songs at Karaoke Bars. Film it. False. But the same question could be asked of Paladin concerning whether he hounds people with his belief in darkness. Paladin: “hounded by street corner Christian Fundamentalists vandalizing ever thread.” Scary Stuff

Seeking Genetic Memory

2019-02-06 - Wednesday - 2019-02-08 - Friday - 12:05 PM LMS - Wednesday the 6th of February of 2019 - Morality Debate - How can I get more Genetic Memory, @Bingozee, because I’m losing it, and are we crazy, sick, evil, and/or ill, because we are sick, ill, crazy, and/or evil, and is the earth one big egg? Oh, @MamaPotato knows you well, you don’t offer simple answers. But wouldn’t simplifying things help?

Activist Mommy

2019-02-07 - Thursday - 2019-02-08 - Friday - 08:40 PM LMS - Thursday the 7th of February of 2019 - Her Website - ActivistMommy.com - Making Better Choices - Elite Proxy: "Linux was the best thing that ever happened to the world. Open Source is going to be the last frontier of resistance as the technocracy unfolds." Does Linux have problems? I don’t know. I’ll keep an open mind. But there are two things people must be reminded of. First, we all do better when we seek after better choices. We must remind people to make better choices in all areas of their lives. Open source things has been better for a bunch of reasons. The philosophy is all about going after what may work better. Yeah, that seems to be too much work for some people, to stay on top of. But that’s what innovation is all about. Technology is like cleaning your room. Why? Because it involves renewal. If something doesn’t work, move on to something that does. But people get stuck on Microsoft and Apple for too long. Some people think Ubuntu is only for nerds, geeks, programmers, web designers. False. The user interface (UI) may look different. And Ubuntu may have been tougher to use like twenty years ago. But it has been getting easier and easier for more people to use, each year.

Getting Back to the Root

2019-02-08 - Friday - 2019-02-09 - Saturday - 02:55 PM LMS - Friday the 8th of February of 2019 - Christian Apologetics Thread - What did it say originally in the original languages, like Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, that the 66 books of the Bible via 40 authors were written in, plus, what was the original context that the books were written to, and who were the books written to, is the question, are the questions, as these books were not directly written to us, maybe for us indirectly, but directly to us, meaning there is a lot lost in translation, interpretation, and especially application.

Matthew's Bible

2019-02-09 - Saturday - 2019-02-10 - Sunday - 10:54 PM LMS - Saturday the 9th of February of 2019 - That's what I try to tell people about the Bible. I'm a fan of KJV. I didn't know about Robert Dick Wilson until now. One of our guest lecturers at the New York Word Of Life Bible Institute was Charles Ryrie who wrote a book on theology - Matthew's Bible - What do you think about the 1537 Matthew Bible which was written by John Rogers, AKA Thomas Matthew? His Bible has the New Testament of William Tyndale. His Bible has the Old Testament and the Apocrypha of Myles Coverdale's translations from German and Latin sources. My mom has this Matthew Bible. She likes it.

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Metal Gear Joey

2019-02-10 - Sunday - 2019-02-11 - Monday - 04:27 PM LMS - Sunday the 10th of February of 2019 - I uploaded 5 videos which were previously terminated by YouTube alongside thousands of other videos. For of the videos were made in Vietnam, where I lived for 5 years teaching English until 2017. The other one is called Metal Gear Joey, which is from 2011. The Metal Gear Solid video games have amazing stories to them.

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Destroying Mankind Struggle

2019-02-11 - Monday - 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 10:53 PM LMS - Monday the 11th of February of 2019 - I like hugging people like they do in Full House. The globalists have taught us not to touch other people and to have sex. That is a war on family, culture, communities, humanity. Alex Jones has said it many times, that the left tries to ban talking, many words, things that can be deemed offensive, including mother, father, he, she, depending on if you have parents or not, depending on if you identify as male, female, or not, and the list continues. People are being sucked into that black hole. Our job is to show people unconditional agape love. People are in a dark world. Our simple smile makes a difference.


INFOCOMMS Highlights

2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 2019-02-13 - Wednesday - 09:37 AM LMS - Tuesday the 12th of February of 2019 - Here are some of the highlights, some of the threads that has been standing out of the crowd. There is a lot to be said. I like to raise awareness to a bunch of different things. The left took down Gab using those tactics. Potato on me: "he’s quoting things on a public forum and putting his own spin on it." Mama Potato said that to Paladin concerning what I do on this forum. Yeah, that’s basically it. Plans for my 34th birthday? No plans on my birthday. Each day, generally, I just write and write and write. I research, I write, and then I try to share what I write to as many websites as I can find. Sometimes, I make videos, memes, etc. Well: "There could easily be infiltrators purposefully making us look stupid." Leviticus: "Believe it but…this thread and others like it has run it’s course. You can’t even back read about what happened because the other threads have been removed from the forum. Whatever you think you know about Creepy Uncle Joey Arnold… THINK AGAIN!!!" Housewives are great. Mothers are number one. True, and specifically, behind every great man, historically, globally, generally, is an ever greater woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter, truly I say unto you. My mom homeschooled me & my 3 siblings. Yes, leftist education is trying to take over the world for the globalists and the others. Education is the most important information war as it focuses on prevention over correction, on tomorrow, on future generations, as older people are less likely to change and as younger people haven’t made up their minds yet about what kind of people they want to be, generally speaking. In so many ways, that should be the focus. I vote for @ProudInfidel for President of Infocom, and Mama Potato as Vice President. @Nwenglarz wrote, “Folks this is what’s wrong with this whole thing. Y’all want to support little pieces of shit like this? Instead of accepting he’s a drama starter he tries to start more. Go ahead read my whole comment to him asking him to stop starting drama and his reply is to mock my request for peace and say he won’t stop or be sorry. Tell y’all what I’m going to sign out of this shit for good. No respect for team players and instead attack us with harassment? There’s 1 other who solidly harasses others as well. I didn’t join this for division and I’m done fighting this losing battle. You folks can support this forum killing type of person but I’m not here for drama. I’ll link up with groups outside of Infowars. Sure hope a few of you never find yourselves in a tough situation because most here will never defend you. Goodbye to those who like me tried getting rude assholes to stop being rude assholes. A few of you are awesome and community builders and I hope the best for you. Good luck.” Paladin: "Why are you defending @JoeyArnoldVN? Have you not seen his endless stream of libel and slander against forum members?" Gay has at least three meanings, happy, homosexual, and sucky.

Response to Broadway Joe

2019-02-13 - Wednesday - 2019-02-14 - Thursday - 09:01 AM LMS - Wednesday the 13th of February of 2019 - You might be saying that western civilization should not be defended, supported, promoted, in the mist of storms, historical patterns personified, illustrated, again and again, similar to how the Roman Empire fell. Raising awareness to those patterns helps. He is taking it way too personal. I may have said he was ignorant and arrogant. But if he wants to prove that he is not, then he could try to see what he did not see. That was the point. I said that Paladin hated Christianity, because he does, even when he says he doesn't. He can do whatever he wants. But he lies and pretends not to hate it when he does. Yes, he talks about the crazy religious people, and I agree with that element which is a problem in many religions, cults, beliefs, etc. Yeah, of course, that is a major problem, the fanatics, people who try too much, too hard, to force things upon others, etc. Beyond that, still, I would rather that Paladin is at least honest to say that he hates Jesus as he really does. Joe came in and talked about how the infighting is retarded, and I basically agree with that on the surface, but that is only scratching the surface. But that is not the root of what was underneath the infighting. That is why I said he might be blind. He might be too focused on symptoms over root causes, and I said might, not to say that he is or is not. That is a common problem. Actually, all humans are ignorant and arrogant, due to total depravity, the fact that we are not perfect, through the curse of sin. So, it is not a personal insult. It is simply the condition of mankind. But it is a problem at the same time. Yeah, there may be infighting on INFOCOMMS. But stopping a fight does not always resolve the underlying issues any more than bandages do. Yeah, a bandage helps stop the bleeding, but the body must do the healing. We are the body.

Tough Love & Daily Reviews

2019-02-14 - Thursday - 10:26 AM LMS - Thursday the 14th of February of 2019 - I started drafting, writing, daily day review posts during the day of each post, of each day, on this day, as opposed to writing up my day review the next day. Tough love might be evil if it was evil. If it was evil, then it would not really be tough love in the first place. Tough love may be more an emphasis on justice, on correction, on prevention, on discipleship, as opposed to grace, mercy, kindness, procrastination, ignorance.

Banning Oatmeal

2019-02-15 - Friday - 09:24 AM LMS - Friday the 15th of February of 2019 - Bingozee said he was trying to get me banned. I believe in freedom. I don't want people to murder animals. However, there are more important issues at hand at the same time, like ownership/property rights. I love animals. I do not want animals to die. However, humans are more important, and that includes freedoms, rights, liberties, property rights, ownership rights. If you own a dog, you can do what you want with your dog. We grew up with cats, dogs, mice, guinea pigs, snakes, hamsters, and I love animals. I can show you pictures, videos. I wrote a song about it called Animals Are Dying. I'm a big animal lover. But I believe in priorities. Illegals are stealing our employment - In case anybody forgot, Starbucks is hiring illegals. But there has to be hope. There has to be things we can do for local communities, towns, counties, in America.

Banning Oatmeal

2019-02-16 - Saturday - 11:21 AM LMS - Saturday the 16th of February of 2019 - Two of my YouTube channels were terminated because of these types of claims by Sony, CBS, Universal, etc. Pew Die Pie has talked about it. For people who don't know, you can find many copyrighted songs that are uploaded by the left that remain up. You can even find entire two-hour movies on YouTube that stay up for years with thousands of views. At the same time, some people have just beat the drums, or a table, or just hummed the soundtrack, to songs, and got copyright strikes. You can watch Pew Die Pie videos and hear him talk about those things. YouTube has violated Fair Use & Safe Harbor & Antitrust laws in America. My videos were fair use. I told them that. They laughed and said goodbye. The companies that issued the copyright claims are also the ones that decide whether or not they accept your rebuttal to their claims. YouTube doesn't get involved. YouTube gives them your email address and they email you with their claims. They give you about two weeks to respond. They make you take it down or else. That's why I lost thousands of my videos. And many other people run into these types of problems as well. Sticks talked about it. Good summary in this video. almost nine minutes long. @FlagDUDE08, the recording companies emailed me many times.

Open Borders - Destroying America

2019-02-17 - Sunday - 12:23 AM LMS - Sunday the 17th of February of 2019 - Detaining Americans & NOT Illegals - I do not know if they detained me because I have Bitcoin or not. They did not say why they detained me. They searched my bags. They asked me about what I was doing in Vietnam. They were asking me how much money I would make in Vietnam. I always wanted to travel and help people since I was eight years old. I met people online that encouraged me to come to Vietnam. I started seeing Muslims come to Vietnam. I left America because Obama. I came back to America because of Trump, to work on a family album, to visit friends, to buy a house, to maybe settle down, to maybe find a girl with Infowars values as her motto in life. I am mostly here to settle down and to build a home. I could always go back to Vietnam or other countries. But if I ever had to return to America in ten or twenty years, where would I return to? I'm not sure. I came back to see if I could build a home base, a foundation, a place, a community of people that cared enough about me because I may need them someday. If I wait ten or twenty years, then when I come back to America, will I have anywhere to return to, will anybody still know me, will family still be around, or what about friends, etc? I decided to come home. My website I was building was supposed to be like Facebook or Steemit and YouTube and MySpace and Twitter and many things all combined in one. Mea Omnia is Latin for My Everything.

Wearing Skins Whiling Skinning

2019-02-18 - Monday - 10:51 AM LMS - Monday the 18th of February of 2019 - By the way, in The Walking Dead, they have these people that wear zombie skin to blend. They killed that character named Jesus. So, you walk around, and see some zombies, but some of them are wolves in sheep clothing. That is progressive liberal leftism in America, in the skins of freedom. There are differences between freedom defining Christianity and Satanic Catholicism. - Learning From Athens - Me Against The World

Alternative Gateways

2019-02-19 - Tuesday - 05:15 AM LMS - Tuesday the 19th of February of 2019 - Learning From Athens - Did you know that there are alternative ways to access the Internet apart from the main Internet Service Providers (ISP) of like monopolies, of empires, like Comcast, etc, like you said? Not a lot of people seem to know about this but there are ways around ISP. I will need to start a new thread as soon as I do it myself. I'm connected to the Internet via Comcast. But I'm aware of the alternative gateways, star gates, and I strongly believe in open source, blockchain, GNU-Linux, etc.

Blondie Laura to Hitting Road Jack

2019-02-20 - Wednesday - 08:53 AM LMS - Wednesday the 20th of February of 2019 - Blondie Laura Loomer to Jack - One Way or Another Meme Music Video Challenge - Meme Challenge - Can you put Laura Loomer to the tune of Blondie's song - One Way or Another? - You get a better idea? - Laura said today, to Jack, that she would find him, one way another, somewhere or another - Lyrics to the One Way or Another - Blondie - Should Laura Loomer sing this song? - "I'm Going To Find You, Twitter Jack Dorsey." Laura Loomer.

Internet 3.0

2019-02-21 - Thursday - 10:16 AM LMS - Thursday the 21st of February of 2019 - You Can Bow to Internet 2.0 Kings or You Can Move Towards Alternatives - @Disgustabunk.com, Internet 3.0 is happening through and by many different independent people, groups, forces, around the world, independently, and you seem to be uninterested. So, you can remain in the dark. You might as well go back to Facebook and stay there in Internet 2.0. Facebook is Internet 2.0. What is Internet 2.0? It is the technocracy version of what was supposed to be a decentralized Internet. Tech Giants, corporations, oligarchies, plutocracies, and others, have been helping in the Internet 2.0 projects which includes virtual monopolies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Email (Gmail), etc. Internet 3.0 goes against those empires in a variety of ways. Either you build alternatives or you bow to these world kings.

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Blockchain Social Networks

2019-02-22 - Friday - 12:46 PM LMS - Friday the 22nd of February of 2019 - I was researching and signing up (joining) new social blockchain network websites. I post my articles to Steemit, Serey, Bear Shares, normally, or as of January 2019. Also, Smoke.io at times when it is like Smoke related perhaps or so some say. Now, I added to that list two more networks to post on, Weku and Dream Real. These six blockchain social networks accept markdown code. Well, Dream Real struggles to translate likr the YouTube videos or the pictures or something but the others take markdown code. I don't know how much HTML they make take. It was snowing a little this morning. Ate an apple, peanuts, chips, an egg.

Laughter Girl

2019-02-23 - Saturday - 11:57 AM LMS - Saturday the 23rd of February of 2019 - Tikoya Monique - Laughter always is awesome for sure. I love your eyes. You have an awesome name. Spicy. I grew up in Forest Grove, OR. I've probably been in or near Eugene before. You have great fashion. Yeah, talking to people is great, the more the better. I'm Joey Oatmeal. Nice to meet you. I love going after goals. Yeah, positivity is fundamental. Good work with graduating college. Haha yeah, just do it. That is the first step and it is often the toughest step for sure, generally. ) - Laughter always is awesome for sure. I love your eyes. You have an awesome name. Spicy. I grew up in Forest Grove, OR. I've probably been in or near Eugene before. You have great fashion. Yeah, talking to people is great, the more the better. I'm Joey Oatmeal. Nice to meet you. I love going after goals. Yeah, positivity is fundamental. Good work with graduating college. Haha yeah, just do it. That is the first step and it is often the toughest step for sure, generally.

Banning Oatmeal

2019-02-24 - Sunday - 08:44 AM LMS - Sunday the 24th of February of 2019 - I was banned from the Infowars INFOCOMMS. I wrote my August 2013 Vietnam Article. I attended church where pastor talked about 2 imaginary guys, Jack & Jill, I mean Jill and Jeb Bush. One believed in like predestination and the other believed in freewill. He talked about the pros and cons of both views. But I believe in both because either God knows what our freewill choices will be, outside of time, or he can predict things and mold his predestination around our freewill. Began attending the Leaf Pagoda in August of 2013.

Banned From Infowars - Parts 01-05

2019-02-25 - Monday - 09:27 AM LMS - Monday the 25th of February of 2019 - On Monday, I was Banned From Infowars. That's the biggest thing that happened on that day. I was banned for being too smart on the INFOCOMMS. Rode the free city bus for the first time at 05:39 PM. Worked on my snow hill.

Banning Oatmeal - Parts 06-13

2019-02-26 - Tuesday - 08:57 AM LMS - Tuesday the 26th of February of 2019 - Tuesday, I continued writing about how Infowars banned Oatmeal from the INFOCOMMS for being American in Parts 006-013. Paladin said in the Mind Bender 010 Video that he contacted Steemit in the Steem.Chat in order to take down my content, my posts, my articles, on Steemit. You can watch the video yourself or Read My Commentary on the Video, here. In the video, Griff, Leviticus, and Paladin, say that my life has been a lie and that the hundreds of people that have met me in real life didn't actually meet me at all. I don't plagiarize, I quote, link, and comment on many different things. I've published over 54,000 posts & comments on Steemit and most of it came before INFOCOMMS was even a thing. I've been making thousands of videos since 1996. I've been making my own art, memes, stories, Encouragement Articles (EA), etc, since the early 1990's in Oregon, was born in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA, on Monday, the 11th of February, 1985, just eleven years after Alex Jones. I was born on the same day he was. I'm a real person that believes in family first values. I've been promoting that for many years. But it is sad to be accused of things I'm innocent of. They've been lying about what I say and do. People have been twisting it all. That is too bad. But they continue to repeat the same lies even after I rebuttal. Please check out the Tribute To Men.

Joe Rogan Alex Jones Experience

2019-02-27 - Wednesday - 10:18 AM LMS - Wednesday the 27th of February of 2019 - The biggest thing was the Joe Rogan Alex Jones Experience and I spent around five hours watching that episode of JRE. I've been learning a lot from that podcast video on YouTube. Why is it not trending on YouTube? Alex Jones was trending on Twitter for hours. I published a commentary article on that JRE video and I still have more to say. That was the highlight of my day for a bunch of reasons. Banning Oatmeal - Part 014.

Spy Hardware Chip Prevention

2019-02-28 - Thursday - 08:44 AM LMS - Thursday the 28th of February of 2019 - I wrote about Spy Hardware Chips inside computers and what we can do to stop them from killing us, the depopulation agenda 21 2030 programs. I wrote about Banning Oatmeal - Part 015 which talks about a secret website that you may have not seen. I wrote and posted pictures from my Dalat 2013 Trip. I published a Gun Debate article. I also wrote my Wednesday review as well.

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Chronology of My Biography

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