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Volcano Magic?

How did she get here? What's her story, her secret? How can it get any better than this? In order to answer these types of questions, I've included these photos of her, Katie Jean Arnold, which goes back to the eruption of Mount St. Helens (volcano mountain) on Sunday, the 18th of May, 1980, in Washington State (WA). My mother, Marilyn, saw the volcano fill the sky with ash clouds. Just 38 days later, mom gave birth to Katie in 1980, June 24, Tuesday, in Oregon. Katie has been a singer, dancer, world traveler, cook, waitress, comedian. She lived in Portland, OR. She went with her sister, Crystal, to New York City (NYC).

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2006 Katie Gambling Lucky Coins Haha apx date maybe.png

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1980-07-05 Saturday - Katie Jean Arnold - 12 days old - in July of 1980 in Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA, with her parents, Marilyn Kathleen Mitchell, AKA M&M Morehead, and In A Heart Beat Donald Melvin Arnold (Rasp). Katie is wearing a number 32 baseball jersey shirt, it appears, in this picture. People wore short shorts in the 1970's and maybe even in the 1980's as well. This was back when Star Wars, Rambo, Hulk Hogan, Michael Jackson, & home computers, were very new.

1980-07-05 Saturday Katie 12 days old Don Marilyn Crib Outside Grass.png

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1980-07-24 Thursday - 33 days old Katie, her parents, & another family

1980-07-24 Thursday Marilyn Donald Katie 2 others and another baby Katie 33 days.png

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1980-08-22 Friday - 60 days old Pink Dress Sleeping Katie in crib

1980-08-22 Friday Katie 60 Days Pink Onesy Sleep Crib.png

1980-08-23 Saturday 61 days old Katie, Marilyn, Grandma Ann, & a lady in red, maybe Marilyn's step sister, Danese Ann. How do I spell Denise, Dinese, Dee?

1980-08-23 Saturday Marilyn Ann Dinese Katie.png

Grandma Ann

Marilyn's mom's mom, Anatha "Anne" or "Ann" Maude Pickell, was born in 1903, June 30, in Montana. Ann married Charles Dwight Pickett who bought Ann a baby grand Steinway & Sons Piano, in 1925. Charles died around 1975. Ann died in June of 1992 in Seattle. Katie would write to Ann.

1980-09-16 Tuesday - 12 weeks + 1 day old Katie & Marilyn

1980-09-16 Tuesday Marilyn Katie 12 weeks + 1 day.png

Christmas 1980

1980-12-24 Wednesday - Katie in a crib with a bear, near a Christmas Tree.

1980-12-24 Wednesday Katie Arnold Crib Bear Christmas Tree Haha.png

Is this Nathan Williams or a neighbor kid?

1980-12-24 Wednesday Katie & Boy apx date maybe.png

Grandma Ann with Baby Katie.

1980-12-24 Wednesday Katie & Grandma Ann apx date maybe.png

Katie on a couch near a duck & pillow.

1980-12 Katie Baby Couch Duck Pillow.png

Laughing Katie

1980-12 Katie Baby Haha 01.png
1980-12 Katie Baby Haha 02.png

Sleeping Katie

1980-12 Katie Sleep Crib.png

Katie in her red dress.

1980 Katie Red Dress 01.png
1980 Katie Red Dress 02.png

1981 - Katie Playing Piano

1981 Katie Piano apx date.png

1982-09-13 Monday - Don's step-dad, Walt Atkins, Rick, Katie, and Don

1982-09-13 Monday Don's Step dad is Walt Atkins - Ricky & Katie.png

1982-09 Katie in her blue red dress.

1982-09 Katie Blue Red Dress.png

1982 - Katie - Tri Ang Baby Walker Wagon - Pink Overalls

1982 Katie Tri Ang Baby Walker Wagon Pink Overalls apx date.png

1983-06 - Katie & Tyler Fisher on Childs Road, Lake Oswego

1983-06 Katie Tyler Fisher on Childs Rd Lake Oswego.png

1983-09 - 26 months old Katie

1983-09 Katie 26 Months.png

Baby Sitting

1982-12 - Jenny & Brian - Marilyn babysat them from September to December in Lake Oswego in 1982 or 1983. Probably in 1982 as they moved to Forest Grove in the fall of 1983.

1983-12 Jenny & Brian - Marilyn Babysat Them from September to December Lake Oswego.png

1983 - Katie, Rick, Rocking Chair

1983 Katie Ricky Rocking Chair apx date maybe LO.png

Ghetto Swing Set

1984-07 - Katie, Ricky, Swing Set, at their new house, AKA a manufactured trailer home at space lot # 163, near Rose Acres, at the Grove Estates, AKA Rose Grove Mobile Home Trailer Park Ghetto Hood Community at 3839 Pacific Avenue, Ave, 163, near Pacific Avenue Road, not Highway, in Forest Grove City, Washington County, Oregon State, in the United States of northern America (USA), zip code 97116-2277, phone number 503-357-0477.

1984-07 Katie Ricky SwIng Set at FG House.png

1984 - Katie, Molly, Strawberry Shortcake Dresses

1984 Katie Molly Strawberry Shortcake Dresses - apx date.png

Katie, Rick, & a couch

1984 Katie Rick Couch at FG maybe - apx date.png

1985 - Katie & a girl

1985 Katie & Girl at FG House - apx date.png

1987-05 - Katie & her preteen Pacific Elite Gymnastics Team

1987-05 Katie & her Preteen Pacific Elite Gymnastics Team.png

Katie, Brandy, Amy, Ricky

1987 Katie Brandy Amy Ricky FG House.png

Katie & Friends

1987 Katie & Friends Front Porch at FG House.png

Katie & her gymnastic awards

1987 Katie Gymnastics Awards apx date in blue.png

Katie, Ricky, & Friends

1987 Katie Rick & Other Girl apx date FG House Front Yard.png

1989-03 - Katie's Emmaus Christian School's Field Trip

1989-03 Katie Field Trip.png

Katie & a tall girl

1989 Katie & Tall Girl FG House near Big Tree Front Yard.png

1990-03 Katie, Ricky, & baby Crystal Ann Arnold

1990-03 Crystal Katie Ricky New Baby at FG House.png
1990 apx Katie School Pic.png

1991-05 - Katie's School Field Trip - Multnomah Falls, OR

1991-05 Katie Field Trip Multnomah Falls Oregon.png

1991-06 - Katie, Ricky, Amber, & another girl

1991-06 Katie Rick Amber who moved & other girl.png

1991-10 - Katie 6th Grade

1991-10 Katie 6th Grade.png

Crystal, Katie, Jennifer, Katrina, & Red Shirt Girl

1991 Crystal Katie Jennifer Katrina RedGirl.png
1991 Katie Crystal Walking Jennifer RedGirl 163 FG.png

1991 - Joey, Katie, Katrina, & four other girls

1991 Katie Joey Katrina & 4 other girls apx date.png

1992-03 - Katie, Joey, Crystal, Ricky, Kathy

1992-03 Katie Joey Crystal Ricky Kathy Front Yard FG House.png

1992-12 - Katie's Hair, Backyard

1992-12 Katie Hair Backyard.png

1992-12 - Katie in Marilyn's Room

1992-12 Katie in Marilyn's Room at FG House.png

Face Paint Fun

1992 Katie Jennifer & 3rd girl FACE PAINT apx date.png

1992 - Katie's 7th Grade Speech Meet - Blue Ribbon

1992 Katie 7th Grade Speech Meet Blue Ribbon.png
1992 Katie Katrina & 3rd Girl.png
1992 Katie Rick Joey Crystal Blue Mountains OFFICIAL PHOTOSHOOT.png

1992 - Katie, Ricky, Joey, Crystal, at Sunshine Pizza, near 7 Eleven, FG

1992 Katie Ricky Joey Crystal Sunshine Pizza.png

Katie, around 1996, 1997, or so

1996 Katie School Photo - apx date.png
1996 Katie School Photo - apx date 2.png
1997 Katie apx.png

Dance Team

1997 Katie Dance Team Girls apx date.png

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1998 Katie Dancing with Team apx date.png
1999 Katie AVATAR apx.png

Rising Luck

Published in October of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold | @joeyarnoldvn
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2002 Katie Coat Smile apx date.png

Katie in Paris around 2002, or in the 2000's

2002 Katie Paris Tower.png

Timeline: Rising Luck

1980-06-24 Tuesday - Birth of Katie Jean Arnold (Mars)
2018-10-05 Friday 06:00 PM LMS | Rising Luck
Published at 11:02 AM Saturday

Long Beach, WA

2003-07-26 Saturday - Katie & Crystal, in Washington State (WA)

2003-07-26 SAT Katie Crystal Long Beach WA 01.png
2003-07-26 SAT Katie Crystal Long Beach WA 02.png

2015-11-30 JA N Girl Hood 23Park CROPPED ABOUT ME FOR STEEMIT 2.pngBANNED MEME HITLER DOG 2018-07-10 TUE.pngFREE TOMMY 01 2018-07-10 TUE.png

2003-07-26 SAT Katie Crystal Long Beach WA 03.png
2003-07-26 SAT Katie Crystal Long Beach WA 04 of 04.png


howdy there Oatmeal! hey does Katie know you did this post about her? lol. What if she doesn't want all her photos posted?
Is she on steemit?

I don't know if Katie knows but I believe in telling my story which may extend to her story as well. Katie is probably not on Steemit yet, not that I know. I'm committed to telling stories in order to educate, entertain, encourage, equip, share, reference, archive, & illustrate history, lessons, illustrations, applications, ideas, visuals, regardless of what other people may or may not think. So, I'm willing to face the consequences for whatever happens both good and bad.

howdy back Oatmeal! ok sir well that's a very brave thing when you are talking about the potential wrath of a woman! lol. Have you talked to her about joining steemit?

Breaking News, Hillary Clinton is running in 2020


Hillary Screenshot at 2018-10-10 15:54:19.png

no way Oatmeal! really? I don't have time to look at anything right now but that just doesn't make sense to me! lol. thanks for sending this, I'll get to it later.

Hillary Clinton is a drunk. She is sick. She has been seeking after the presidency since her teen years in the 1960's. She is preparing to run again, is going on a tour with Bill soon. She will be trying to steal votes, nominations, from Bernie Sanders, from the others that run as well, just as she did already in 2016. We are trying our best to win for the Republic in 2018 in the midterms even as they steal votes from Republicans, Americans, Independents, Nationalists, Patriots.

yes sir Oatmeal they are corrupt and I'm sick and tired of hearing and seeing the Clintons, they just need to retire and go away.

I upvoted your post.

Mabuhay, keep steeming.

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