Infowars Friday 2018-08-17

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You can watch them.

Find the three daily weekday Info Wars shows, Real News with David Knight, The Alex Jones Show with Alex Jones, and the War Room with Owen Shroyer, all over the Internet.

On Steemit, you can find them @RonGibsonChannel and @xsmith

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Info Wars Shows

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howdy this fine Saturday Oatmeal! hey I read that article about the American couple riding their bikes through ISIS territory, what a shame but how stupid can they be? terrible.
hey I love that top photo you have there, that looks like a Texas girl! is that a free image that i can steal?
you got so much great information here as usual, I didn't know Alex Jones grew a beard.

Yes, sad. Yes, you can have that photo or any of the other photos and videos and links and everything that I share online and everything. Yeah, he has a beard because we are starting to win and he has said long ago to his friends he would grow out a beard someday if we ever started winning.

Oatmeal! hey I thought he just got kicked off of facebook and youtube..isn't that a big blow or is damaging?
hey what are the chances that he could get on steemit?

Alex Kicked Off YouPorn, Disqus, Apple, etc.

Alex has been even been kicked off Linkedin and many others. They're kicking off Gavin and others, too. They're trying to ban @Stefan.Molyneux and Steven Crowder and I've been deplatformed as well at times.

Not an Expert

2018-08-18 Saturday 11:31 PM LMS JA Comment on Alex Jones:

Alex Jones has said he does not study Bitcoin a lot and has yet to get behind cryptocurrencies and that may include blockchain networks.

Alex Knows People Who Knows

But on his shows, in the videos, Alex has talked to people about Bitcoin, Gab, things like that. Mike Adams started http://Real.Video and Adams is often on his show. And so, Adams, Cernovich, and others, talk about Steemit. This would mean that Alex knows of Steemit, Gab, Minds, etc. For now, at least people like Ron Gibson are sharing Alex Jones videos to Steemit, etc.


Maybe damaging for Alex, but more importantly, it is potentially even more damaging for the world when good men and women do nothing. Like that 1980's song, we gotta fight for our right to party. I think that was a Beasties Boys song or something.

yes sir, ok well I think some of the leaders of Steemit or steem should keep up the pressure on him. Thanks for reminding me about Mike Adams, since he got kicked off youtube he decided to start his own network?
thanks so much Oatmeal, you're the information guy!

Yeah, Mike has been getting censored, banned, then started Real Video and he started Natural News and it is good as well all pressure Info Wars and others to try Steemit, Gab, Minds, Bit Torrent, Bitchute, Bitcoin, etc.

yes sir Oatmeal! I think it's time we had a big, controversial celebrity come on Steemit!

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