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What are your favorite places, kinds of places, fictional places, real places, countries, planets, cities, parallel universes, jungles, forests, deserts, valleys, continents, gardens, waterfalls, skyscrapers, seas, galaxies, time periods, islands, oceans, lakes, rivers, cultures, mountains, caves, moons, stars, parks, tourists spots, states, nations, clubs, coffee shops, stores, houses, neighborhoods, towns, counties, churches, buildings, hotels, restaurants, resorts, libraries, museums, Rick & Morty Places, Star Wars planets, Star Trek planets, and/or anywhere, nowhere, everywhere, some place, every place, location, or where, and why? Here are some of my favorite places:


The best thing about Vietnam is the family culture which Control Freaks try to destroy in the western world. While living in Vietnam for five years, I learned all about their inner child, inner joy, & beauty (DEP) of the Vietnamese. Love eating rice. Love karaoke. Have thought about living (t)here for the rest of my life. Love their coffee. Love their people. Love their simplicity & their eternal focus on family & health & music & the beauty of the moment.


Just want it that way. Just want to live at the road between worlds, AKA the airport. This song by the Back Street Boys, I Want It That Way, was sung by me, Christian, that girl, maybe others, in the car on our way from Salvation Army's Camp Redwood Glen in Scotts Valley, CA, near San Jose, on our way to San Francisco in the summer of 2010 and it was a blast. Was looking for the Full House. Love larger cities like Saigon and New York City (NYC) because I love networking. Love the Terminal movie which starred Tom Hanks as a man stuck at an airport for many years, like Cast Away with Volleyball Wilson lost on an island. You can meet so many different kinds of people at this Star Gate, AKA an airport. Only place better would be forest, jungle, secret gardens. We do better to live in airplane boat car houses in the ground.

Favorite Places

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Was living in Hawaii. Your photo here reminds me of exotic beaches I've visited. My younger sister was really into punk music. Techno music is pretty fun. I've been to dance parties because I love dancing. Love secret gardens. I need to be alone sometimes. But when I am ready to be around people, I'm totally for dance parties possibly over basketball.

Airports are also a favorite for me because I like people watching lol

Same here
I like doing so in newyork city

Yeah, a fly on the wall, by Clay Aiken, great song. Also, like to watch people at malls. Speaking of watching, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and others, watch us too, and more. They steal us too. They watch us and then they throw us in jail like they did to Tommy Robinson: #FreeTommy

Nature is my fav one! Especially mountains. ;))

Love climbing on top of mountains. The air. The perspective gained.

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