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Great Google.

How beautiful. How perfect. Nothing to see here. Don't read this. Don't look at what they did in China. Christians are not being murdered in China. Google has said that they aren't working on a search engine in China. Legally, that sounds cool. Actually, they're not, but they are helping China on a search engine. So, technically, you might argue, "Sun Dar didn't lie." Yesterday, that Pokemon, Sundar, the Fake CEO of Google, was testify on the Hill of Calvary.

john salley

Wait, not that hill.

But if you make fun of that Pokemon at all, then you are the racist. It's ok if they help China murder millions of Chinese people, of their own people, of minority groups. No bias here. Nothing to see here, at all.

military budget

Gotta Catch Them All

We gotta catch all the Right-Wing Nazis. If we don't, then we would be evil, right? Wasn't the slogan of Google "Do No Evil?" Whatever happened to that? Too busy catching Pokemon Nazis? By the way, his name, Sun Dar, rhymes with bun bar. What is a bun bar? It might be a bar for buns. Are you thinking hot dog buns? What are inside hotdogs and are they fun? Better yet, what is in Google?

Where Did The Towers Go?

Doctor Judy Wood


Where did Google come from?

No, seriously, where did they get all that money in the first place? Not the government, right? That would be a crazy conspiracy theory. So, we better put on our tin-foil hats, right? Wait, knock that off. Yeah, knock that hat off, as Lionel Nation said, "We haven't worn tinfoil in years." Because we wear aluminum hats, not tin foil.

john podesta pizza gate

Oh Little Child Of Foster Care Song

Get your facts straight.

Do your homework on our hats and on history. Why did Life Log die when Facebook began? Dumb question, right? Don't click on that link. Don't click on the photos here. Don't visit those other articles that these pictures are linked to. Yeah, just go back to playing video games. You can trust Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. They are your parents. It is awesome to be raised by technocrats. Who needs parents when we have Big Brother?


Good stuff, Joey! Let's hope this article wakes up a few...

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