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They broke the Internet. Look at the break-away civilization and the rise of technocratic transhumanism. Look at the patterns found in global history. Here is my rough draft commentary as follows:

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Inter-dimensional Aliens

The biggest thing that stood out in the almost five hours long Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1255 - Alex Jones Returns! was the talk about supernatural things. Regardless of whether aliens are real or not, many experiences are shared among so many people and have been shared for thousands of years in so many places around the world. If the experiences were made up, wouldn't the stories, the experiences, vary? How are people able to have all of these shared experiences? Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, & Eddie Bravo, talk about a bunch of different topics in this video. I learned a lot from it. Here is my rough draft commentary on just some of the things that they talked about as follows. I learned so much and I'm looking at life in an even deeper way now. I want to try to break down some of the things from this video. I could write books about these things. Oatmeal Banning is nothing compared to Alex Jones Banning 2018. Alex talks about that. I want to give you a quick introduction outline to this latest episode of Joe Rogan, number 1255. This is really deep.

Breaking World News

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Energy Party

00:00:23 - Alex gives a recap of what was happening that day. Trump talked to Kim of North Korea in Hanoi, Vietnam. There was the Michael Cohen hearings. Beyond that, there was this podcast that upstaged all of those things and Alex Jones was number one trending on Twitter. Joe said that distance was a problem, that they would talk about each other and get hot about it. Well, there may be more about it than just that, more to it than just that. Long story.

Sandy Hook Was Real

00:02:00: Alex Jones talks about how corporate news lied about what Alex said. Alex said it wasn't real but then said it was. He learned later that people did die in Sandy Hook. It's a long story, but you grow as you get older and it is very hard to know everything. Some things are staged and some things are not. Bill Hicks was never as buff as Alex Jones. So, Alex has been on the air for over twenty years. He has been reading the news, history books, many things, like four hours each day. He's generally talking live on air a few hours each day. They began censoring and banning him as he is so effective at getting people to wake up to ask questions and to figure things out. That is key in the information war that we live in. We live better as we ask questions, debate, converse, get together, and get things done in local communities and via free markets. Yeah, some people think everything is fake while others may just believe what they are told. It can be better to seek balance. Globalists have been targeting Alex and others in order to demonize and stop we the people, the patriots. In 2016, Hillary Clinton talked about his dark heart and how he is sending people to the houses of Sandy Hook Victim's families, which isn't true. But he is not Sandy Hook. Other people were questioning it. So, he jumped on to comment on a famous news story that everybody was talking about it. They made it his identity. Joe then says they aren't really trying to do that. Joe might be right to an extent, but donors and others do tell control freak news what to say, certain talking points. This video begins with this. Alex didn't say nobody died at Parkland or Sandy Hook. He may have played devil's advocate when covering events. When you cover news live on air, you may not have all of the facts right away. It takes time to get all the facts together. Yes, it is good to grow and evolve. We all do that. He said that he didn't realize how much influence his show had at that time. Joe then goes on to talk about the problem that conspiracy theories can have that is if we question things too much, perhaps. We may be getting information and drug overloads.

Worms, Zombies, Cat Ladies

00:14:00: They talk about worms that are in soccer ladies and cat ladies. They talk about parasites. Worms get inside grasshoppers and program it like a zombie to jump into water to drown itself. Then the worms swim out. Can evolution create that? Then they go back to Sandy Hook. Fake news continue to lie about Alex more than people might lie about Oatmeal. Joe then says to Alex that it's because it is so personal when it happens to you. Perhaps to an extent, but leftists have been destroying patriots. There is over four more hours left to this episode. Here are a few of my thoughts over just the first few minutes of it. Stay tune for more in the future.

Timeline Outline

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Inter-dimensional Aliens

The biggest thing that stood out to me in the 04 hours, 40 minutes, & 27 seconds long Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1255 - Alex Jones Returns! YouTube video that was published & live to and on YouTube on Wednesday, the 28th of February of 2019 was the talk about supernatural things. Regardless of whether aliens are real or not, many experiences that people are shared and have been shared for thousands of years.