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Chinese Star Wars

- 12:53 PM - Pew Die Pie reviewed a movie - The Battle Wizard - The prince shoots the other guy's knees off with lasers that come out of his fingers. My favorite thing about Saturday was watching this review. Very insightful. Very educational. They all had unique super powers. One girl's weapon was a blanket. The one guy gets robotic legs, since he lost his legs to the prince who then became the king. Like 20 years later, he came back to see revenge by going after the daughter but is defeated in the end. Watched it around noon, lunch time, AKA dinner time for all you farmers out there. That was the highlight of the day. Earlier on Saturday, at midnight, 12:02 AM, I was reviewing technology, as seen below.


- 12:02 AM - Computer Frames - If they don’t already, computers and phones should be build inside copper cages or other types frames that can shield them from attacks.


12:10 AM - Finding Truth - Exactly, people can ask questions and people can Google Laminin for example as some people may not know what that is. I love asking questions. I try very hard not to maybe assume too much or read into what other people write, say, do, etc. Again, researchers, educators, scholars, get this. Other people, maybe not so much. Yeah, context helps connect the dots for a better perspective.


- 12:16 AM - New Normal - Like other addictions, a drug can give you a new normal, chemically, biologically, physically, and again, mostly chemically speaking, and when your body goes through it, then it craves for more and it has to. Why? Because your new normal is what used to be your old HIGH. Yeah, you get high, but then that becomes not high. But it really is high. But you have to get high to feel normal. Slowly, it becomes an obsessive cycle of self-abuse, whether you like it or not, it tends to go that direction, slowly. Yeah, there are exceptions. But generally, on average, or most of the time, for most people, too often, terrible things happen in regards to addictions, drugs, alcohol, disorders, obsessions, etc, etc.

Headlines With a Voice

- 12:27 AM - Finding Gold - Thanks - Thank you for showing me the Headlines With A Voice YouTube channel. I subscribed. I love that the Bible is in the ground. People dig holes and find the very things the Bible talks about in the dirt. What the Bible says happened, happens, will happen, in so many ways. Ken Ham talks about how we can learn so much about the origin of man. I love history.


- 12:32 AM - Tyranny Clouds - I would love to know what happened to the Nazi Dog and Tommy Robinson. We gotta do something about censorship in Europe. Was sleeping around 01:00 AM - 09:00 AM PST APX.

Brother Adventures

- 09:51 AM - Reviewing Friday - Reviewing January of 2019 - The biggest thing that happened in January of 2019 was the surprise visit from Rick Arnold, my brother, and his wife, for a week, where we went hiking, and we visited Port Angeles, a dam, Seattle, British Columbia in Canada; we played basketball. They were able to tell people at church about their ministry in Honduras.

Cleaning the Backyard

- 10:10 AM - 11:20 AM, around this time, I was helping with cleaning up the backyard for 30 minutes. Around the big garage. The wood is better organized.

Globalism vs Globalization

- 12:41 PM - Distinction Time - But I know what you are saying about how globalists are doing what we might call globalization. It all depends on who defines the words, the terms. I made a distinction between the two words, globalism and globalization, and I am not sure if other people agree with how I define those words. But Globalists are all for global tyranny. Globalists use globalization towards that end. That is true.

Fake Science

- 01:21 PM - Tyranny Over Hearts - The fake news is controlled by the same people who control fake science as well. They promote the billions of years. They lie about how they date things. You can give them something that is only a few decades old, and they will generally date it to be thousands of years old. That is why I’m always asking people how they know the earth is billions of years old. People have their religion in the billions of years but they were not there. The dating methods don’t go that far back and cannot go that far back. Scientists who say they do are lying to you. You can either trust Bill Nye The Science Guy who promotes global warming & is aligned with the ideas of Richard Dawkins, or you can go with Ken Ham and thousands of other people.

Grand Canyon vs St. Helens

- 01:26 PM - Thinking Time - People should compare the Grand Canyon with what happened with that Mount St. Helens volcano eruption in 1980 around the time my older sister was about to be born. People can use their brain to think about what happened on that mountain. Then they can look at the Grand Canyon and think really hard with any ounce of logic left from Winnie The Pooh.

The Real X-Files

- 01:38 PM - Deep Inside - I am a big fan of Fox Mueller and the X-Files. I didn’t know Fox was based on John Desouza. I didn’t know of John until now. I’m watching the video right now. I’m not on drugs, except for oatmeal, but I might as well be as I’m tripping, I’m getting high, while watching this YouTube video. Thank you.

Closed Minded

- 01:59 PM - Rejecting Help - @Paladin seems to be closed minded from information that is supplemental to psychedelics, both directly and indirectly. @MamaPotato was trying to help @Paladin who is rejecting the information. The information is more connected, more relevant, more applicable, than @Paladin knows, it seems, apparently. The Bible is applicable to this thread. But @Paladin pretends that the Bible is not applicable enough. What makes the Bible applicable has nothing to do with whether or not the Bible is historical enough and it doesn’t matter if the Bible is too religious or not. Think about that magical word, “PHARMACY,” and think about why that is mentioned in the Bible and what that might mean.

Social Ghetto Networks

- 02:17 PM - Social Tyranny - I’m still on them even after getting kicked off many times. Yeah, Facebook was designed to make us depressed and more. But I’m there because I’m trying to reach people. But all of it has been red pilling people a little. But yeah, we do gotta get more people to walk away and towards more activism, etc.

Belittling the Belittled

- 02:37 PM - Stupid Questions - @Bingozee seems to be belittling my question. I told him that he might be against western civilization because it was built upon other things that @Bingozee has been belittling. I’m here to promote historical inspiration. Questions are like pictures as they are worth thousands of words and my words, my questions, are not rhetorical but rather prophetic and eternal.

Basketball Theory

- 02:45 PM - One On Self - More like one on yourself. @Paladin might be playing basketball with himself. @hxtr has good questions. @MamaPotato is a good researcher. We can all learn from her.

Who Killed Everybody?

- 03:06 PM - The Thread of Conspiracy Theories - They shot Reagan in their attempt to stop him, kill him. They’re trying to kill Trump and even Roger Stone. They probably were behind the death of Princess Diana. They were behind the sinking of the Titanic. By the way, there was The Depression in 1920-1921, not to be confused with the Great Depression which began in 1929. We don’t hear much about the 1921 depression as a lot of people recovered. But do you know why the 1929 depression was so much different? But who are they? Who are the people behind these things and much more? The purpose of this thread is not simply for us to talk about what we already know as some of us already know who they are to some extent. The purpose of this thread is to talk about it, to practice talking about it, as some people may read this, people who may not know all of this. But beyond that, as we practice talking about these things, we can prepare ourselves for trying to talk to people outside of this circle concerning these things. It is all about red pilling people. But like Lionel Nation says, like when you talk about 9/11, remember that it is not your story. So, the art of asking questions is revolutionary in so many ways. But be patient and don’t go too deep into it all too quickly with new people. Start out slowly and say something like, “Did you know that building 7 fell?” Or you can somebody, “Did you see that one building that got hit by a plane and didn’t fall and it was burning for many hours?” You can include your own red pilling questions concerning all of these events in history and much more. Yes, some people can simply call you a conspiracy theorist. You can become defensive if you want or you can try your best to listen and to ask them more questions, perhaps. You may not be able to dump a bunch of information on their heads. You probably have to just reference things and become a little passionate about these things. People should be taught about the gold standard, for example. I can talk all day about all of these things, and Rothschild, Soros, former USA Presidents, the CFR, Skull & Bones, the Federal Reserve, Rockefeller, etc, etc. Let the games begin.

Warned About You

- 03:17 PM - Contribution - @Bingozee told me that I don’t contribute enough to this forum, that my comments, my questions are too short. @MamaPotato told @Paladin about the Bible which talks about drugs in @Paladin’s drug thread. @Paladin told @MamaPotato that the Bible is off-topic. I told @Paladin that the Bible is on-topic as it does talk about drugs. After that, @Paladin began accusing me, @JoeyArnoldVN, @MamaPotato, and others, of harassing him, @Paladin. It seems that @TheFrozenWarrior and @Bingozee and @Paladin are against me, @MamaPotato, @hxtr, and others. That is why they have been attacking us. That is why they have been making false allegations concerning us and much more. It’s a long story, but it’s also pretty simple at the same time.

Flat Earth vs Hollow Earth

- 03:24 PM - Star-Gate Center - So, according to the real Fox Mueller of the real X-Files, the Flat Earth Debate has been pushed, especially in the 2010’s, the past few years more so than before, it would seem, because it then attempts to therefore discredit theories and possibly even evidence relating to Hollow Earth related things and things related to bases and activity on the Antarctica and much more. I want to dig a hole. What is down there? Is the center of the earth like a Star-Gate?

Who's Saying That?

- 03:28 PM - Rumor Has It - If people are warning you about me, then it depends on who those people are and their agenda therein. Some people are warning other people about me because they don’t like that I’m Christian, it would seem or at least to some extent.

But How Hollow?

- 03:44 PM - Poking Holes Within The Crust - Can the earth have any caves, underwater rivers, deep inside, or is it only full of rock, dirt, and lava? The debate of the Hollow Earth is a debate of how hollow it may be, specifically. Is it only 2% hollow for the caves and the military bases, underground cities, etc, or is it a little but more than 2% hollow?


- 03:58 PM - Within Us - Reminds me of a Halloween Simpson’s episode where Lisa made a microscopic world accidentally when Bart zapped her from his balloon’s electric energy, the shock, as it vibrated onto her tooth which was on a dish. They called her god and Bart was the Devil. Also reminds me of an episode of Rick & Morty where they created a battery which contains a universe inside of it which powers the battery. Inside that microverse, the small people created the same kind of battery with even smaller people inside them. And inside that small micro-universe, the same thing. Reminds of that film, Inception. Also, the universes inside batteries reminds me of the universes inside the marbles in Men In Black. It also makes me wonder how hollow earth might be and whether or not the center of the earth might be a Star-Gate or something to other dimensions. I wonder if there are other universes, dimensions, multiverses, etc.


- 04:05 PM - Hidden Secrets - Alex Jones and others reference the Illuminati every once in a while and he doesn’t do it as often during the past few years. But he has been on air for over 20 years, so the past few years is not everything. I would like to know the origin of Bilderberg.

Old Technology

- 04:08 PM - DVDs vs Thumb Drives - Can you burn some thumb drives as well? Do people still use DVDs? I haven’t in like ten years.

Belief vs State of Mind

- 04:16 PM - Doubt vs Believing - So, a state of mind is not a belief? Who agrees with that? It depends on what belief means. Doesn’t belief rest on the will, on will power, on choices, on decisions of the heart, which is an aspect of the mind, of the ego, of the soul, of the part of you that is you inside the body, in the Captain’s Chair of this vessel we call a human body?

Value in Quoting

- 04:23 PM - Hidden Gems - I love quoting. If somebody quoted from the Bad Bad Book Which Does Not Exist, I would be fine with that. People don’t have to like the Bible. But if I quote from the Bible, like where it talks about working hard like ants, then we can either be happy or we can be angry. The Bible also mentions how people can be lazy like a sloth. Yeah, people can be offended by that, haha. But it is a quote. I quoted Hitler on Facebook and was put in Facebook Jail for a month in 2018. Then I posted another picture with a different Hitler quote and was put on another timeout. People can be offended by quotes, be it from Hitler, the Bible, or your Mom haha. When I see a quote, I see history. And I love history.

Godless Jews

- 04:27 PM - Does It Matter? - If God is not real, then the religion of Judaism is based on a God that is not real, and therefore would not the Jews being offended therein then therefore not be real either? it’s like the question about the tree falling in the forest, assuming nobody is there to hear it fall, then did it make a sound kind of question.

Out of Context

- 04:40 PM - Deception - @Bingozee is taking @MamaPotato out of context. That is too bad. This is a common tactic. I am not really sure if @Bingozee is doing this on purpose or not. It seems that @Bingozee is discrediting people like @MamaPotato. By the way, it would seem that the left used the same tactic, or similar tactics, on people like Trump and others, by saying that they were once for it but then was against it, against something. That is something we have seen for so many years, those type of attacks on public figures. In the case for Trump, it is rather complex. On one hand, they lie about Trump. But at the same time, Trump evolves, changes, just like you and me. Many people were Democrats for example, but then they walked away in that Walk Away Movement, like Diamond & Silk for example.

Freethinkers Are Satanists?

- 04:52 PM - Free Thinking vs Thinking Free - Yes. No. It depends. Christianity, historically speaking, helped western civilization in so many ways for centuries, and by extension, that helped freethinkers. Some of the best inventors, freethinkers, philosophers, scientists, have been Christian. So, freethinking is good. But “FREE THINKING” is bad. It goes back to what the term and words may mean. For example, progressive liberalism may be a perversion of real freethinking. In other words, there may be real and fake versions of freethinking. The left already stole other terms, like gay meant happy for example. So, bad versions of freethinking may be problematic, perhaps to some extent. It depends on the terms and especially on who define those terms.

No God Thread

- 05:14 PM - Proving Intolerance - @Paladin made a There Is No God Thread. In the thread, he said he wanted to see how long it would take for Open Minded People to respond to therefore prove his point that they are NOT open minded, even as they are, in order to prove that he is more open minded than people who are actually more open minded to consider the possibilities that there may or may not be higher powers, gods, creators, which @Paladin doesn’t deny by the way. So, @MamaPotato responded in that thread, and then @Paladin snapped, he reacted, “Oh, that didn’t take long.” In other words, he means that @MamaPotato is being like intolerant or something something, you fill in the blank, when it is actually a reflection, a mirror, an inflection, an infection, of what’s within @Paladin it would seem to some extent. Oh, the oatmeal irony haha. :smiley:

Thread About Not God

- 05:25 PM - Not Not God Talk Is Off Topic From Not God Talk? - @Paladin made a thread about Not God. @MamaPotato responded with Not Not God. @Paladin then responded with how Not Not God is off-topic from the Not God Thread. :D Funny as most people tend to be religious, more so than most people tend to say. There are variations of religions, but people are generally religious, and everything is religious, internally speaking, in the same ways that everything is political, macro speaking, externally speaking - 05:26 PM - I'm watching Pew Die Pie.

Different Religions Are Different?

- 05:44 PM - Misconception Promotion - @Paladin seems to be promoting the misconception in that all religions are the same, even as Christianity promotes Ephesians 2:7-10, that is salvation by grace through faith, which Catholicism forbids, and even as Islamic Invasions was behind the need for the Crusades.

Government Shutdown

- 05:54 PM - Tearing Down Walls Someday? - I don’t think the Congress asked for 3 weeks. I think people like Pelosi asked for an indefinite amount of time in order to negotiate. But she also said they won’t negotiate at all, at the same time. I think Trump made up the 3 weeks as a time frame in order to show the general public that the left won’t negotiate even if they are given three weeks. We need a wall. But future generations will try to tear down walls. So, we gotta do our best to educate and prepare the younger people for future political wars as future generations will chant to tear down walls. So, Trump may be keeping that in mind as well. Washing dishes, taking a shower, around 6 PM. Then was filming the Alex Jones Folk Song Cover - Video - Song for YouTube around 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM APX.


- 07:33 PM - Kroger's Deluxe Churned Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl Ice Cream, No Sugar Added - After washing dishes & taking a shower, I had a small bowl of ice-cream, and I thought I was not going to like it, but then I did. I usually regret eating junk food, fast food, sweets, ice-cream. I do it, and then swear not to do it again but then I do. So, I'm writing this down. I'm challenging myself to either never eat this again or to wait a month or a year, at least, before eating ice-cream again. For the family history book, this is when daddy ate his last bowl of ice-cream, assuming I become a father someday, and assuming I never eat ice-cream again. Hey, holy cow, you know I'll try. They advertise that there is no sugar, but it says artificial flavoring, which is the real problem. Real sugar is better than fake sugar. I've talked about these things before. It's better to eat better. You feel better when you eat better.

Alex Jones Karaoke Challenge

- 09:01 PM - Red Pill Sing at Bars - Alex Jones Folk Song - Super Deluxe - Freestyle - Go to a karaoke bar and sing the Alex Jones Folk Song. Make a video. Make up your own song. You can even freestyle, I double dog dare you. Here is a - video - of me singing that song. I bet you can’t make a better video. You could do this at home or maybe even a bar where people sing. Bring a camera phone. See if they’ll allow you to sing an Infowars Song. Get the conversation on film. Pretend you are Laura Loomer. You could even tell them that you have your own song, even if it’s not. Surprise them. If you wanna, you can share random videos in this thread. No rules in this thread. Free for all.

No God Thread?

- 09:07 PM - So God Is Real, Then? - @JoeyArnoldVN said, “@Paladin made a No God Thread.” @Paladin said, “Not True. Stop lying.” @JoeyArnoldVN replies, “So, you mean, there is a God?”

Know Thy Enemy

- 09:11 PM - Same Same - A Muslim says the same thing to the Infidels. So, in some ways, it would seem that @Paladin is acting like Muslims do and like the Left. They do the same type of things. Know thy enemy. Do karaoke.

Starting Threads

- 09:14 PM - Refusing To Do What You Do - The Paradox - @MamaPotato started this thread. @Paladin then said, “You refuse to start a thread of your own.” @JoeyArnoldVN then said, “Ha ha ha ha ha ha, karaoke time!”

Pushing Not Pushing

- 10:09 PM - The Irony Against What You Do - @Paladin literally pushes his “Don’t Push Me” Hype. It’s like a woman yelling, “STOP YELLING,” in a library. Imagine that. But she is the only one yelling. Everybody’s staring at her. So, she yells again, “WHY YOU STARING AT ME? STOP YELLING.” Likewise, @Paladin is doing that with the whole pushing thing. @MamaPotato is not pushing. Hypothetically, there are different levels, variations, types, of pushing that may or may not be what is necessary, to some extent, at various degrees, depending on the situations, it would seem, which means this whole pushing thing is not a black or white issue but rather 50 shades of Gay Frogs Haha :blush: ... @nwenglarz: "You both set up things to goat the other into confrontation." No. Not both. @MamaPotato was not pushing. @Paladin was pushing. It’s like when the President said there were good people on both sides in Charlotte. Well, there sort of were. But for the most part, ANTIFA, the KKK, and all shorts of Chicago Madness, come from the left. @Paladin: "but please don’t be so arrogant to presume you know anything about me." @Paladin is saying, in other words, that wisdom should not be applied to him. Paladin: "I didn’t agree with your mind control.." My dad said the same thing. Many people do. Christianity promotes the opposite of 1984 Thought Control. People should read that book called Animal Farm. Paladin: "I think Conservatives would be better off abandoning the belief system." Conservatism is brought to you by belief. Conservatism without belief is like a car without wheels or a building without a foundation. Mama Potato quoted a verse: "5: Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof." @MamaPotato referenced something that is very true. People can have a form of godliness and can still deny the power therein, thereof. Bingozee: "It is a FACT 90% of the Global Civilized Civilian is MENTALLY ILL..." @Bingozee fails to distinguish between first world countries and third world countries. There are reasons, historically speaking, spiritually speaking, for why there are differences between first world countries and third world countries. @Bingozee fails to mention that. Mama Potato quoted another verse: "2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves." Paladin: "His entire post history is an obsession with me." @MamaPotato quoted a verse about selfishness. @Paladin then displays a pledge towards selfishness. @hxtr: "He has things to do at 11PM central. Busy guy." Paladin: "do you know where I am located?" @JoeyArnoldVN then replied, “I know what you did last summer, I see dead people, haha. I mean, does it matter where you are? Go do what you gotta do, busy man.” Hxtr: "I would laugh my ass off if we got banned." MamaPotato: "We will probably all get banned for this ridiculousness but it’s almost worth it." Yup. Totally worth it. I will always be here in spirit, even if I was banned. I will continue to invite people to this forum. So, if I am ever banned, then my legacy will live on with my Oatmeal Kids who will be on these forums. Like Obi Won Kenobi in Star Wars. We have you now. I mean, you shall strike me down like Darth Vader did in A New Hope (ANH), and I shall come back a thousand times more powerful. Karaoke Party Time - 10:15 PM - Mama Potato: "@JoeyArnoldVN yesssss that post is awesome!! :+1::revolving_hearts::+1::revolving_hearts::+1: Finally a summary worthy of this derailed total Trainwreckage of a post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: haha."

Lionel Nation Mentions Oatmeal

- 10:22 PM - Losing Minds? - Lionel Nation Media Live Stream Video - Lionel Media Nation Mentions Oatmeal at 01:49 :smiley: haha: he said, “Who is going to be drooling in their Oatmeal,” at 1 minute and 49 seconds into this video, below: I am Oatmeal Joey Arnold: whenever I hear the word “OATMEAL,” I think, “Oh they are talking about me, hahahha.”

Hidden Rainbows

- 10:26 PM - Beauty More Than Skin Deep? - Everybody I know say that. All my life, people have said that. It takes a while for people to recognize who I am, what I am. One girl in high school, Amanda Patterson, said that, “There’s more there than what meets the eye.” So, I’m like an invisible ninja. People generally don’t see me, even when they’re looking right at me.

Shut The Oatmeal Up

- 11:09 PM - Fueling The Fire - Burning Dragons - Paladin: "A person who is sensible enough to admit...." Oatmeal interrupts via raising his hand, “Ummmm, that there might be a god?” @Paladin, “SHUT THE OATMEAL UP HA HA HA HA.” @AndrewPMcD said, “I believe the judeo-Christian values rooted in our system.” It seems that @Paladin was interacting with Andrew. But it also seems that when @JoeyArnoldVN and @MamaPotato and @hxtr and others say the same thing, or similar things, then, suddenly out of nowhere, @Paladin and @Bingozee and @TheFrozenWarrior seem to react to simple history with a different type of reaction. That is very interesting. Andrew: "Not sure what happened there, but basically i said free thinkers should not be persecuted and and religious zealots should be put in check." Steven Crowder would ask you, as seen in his videos, “Who would decide who are the free thinkers and who are the religious zealots? Would you let the government decide who is a terrorist, a zealot, and even worse, mentally insane?” Paladin: "Paying attention to the evil shit around us." @JoeyArnoldVN raises his hand again, “Ummm, including sin?” @Bingozee replies, “Stop with your imaginary OATMEAL BALLS!” Paladin to Mama Potato: "Flagged for off-topic AGAIN."Potato: "because you keep hopping all over this forum fighting with everyone." @Paladin jumps into @MamaPotato threads. @Paladin shouts, “STOP PUSHING YOUR OATMEAL ON ME.” @MamaPotato calmly slides into @Paladin’s threads. @Paladin shouts, yet again, “STOP SLAM DUNKING YOUR MICHAEL JORDAN GREATNESS ONTO ME.” @JoeyArnoldVN then says in the voice of MJ, “Stop It.” Pal: "Expose yourself for the religious lunatic you are." I know what you are, said Pee Wee Herman, but what am I? It takes one to know one. Pal: "Thank you to all who continue to contribute regardless of the religious fanatic censorship taking place on this forum." @Paladin admits that Christians are getting censored, it seems. Again, if it barks like a dog… Mama: "Awwwww… He does care for other people’s validation… How sweet!!" Paladin: "Go take your stupid fucking religious bullshit to a thread that gives a shit, please." @Paladin goes into @MamaPotato and yells at @MamaPotato. Sometimes, @MamaPotato politely peaks into the threads of @Paladin. Each time, @Paladin yells at @MamaPotato and then @Paladin follows @MamaPotato and then @Paladin says to @MamaPotato, “STOP FOLLOWING ME!” And then @Paladin goes back to FOLLOWING MAMA POTATO. I think somebody really loves potatoes and the potato head from Toy Story hahaha.

Celebrating Life

- 11:15 PM - Adoption Over Abortion - Adoption over abortion any day. Awesome.

Tyranny of States Over Cities

- 11:22 PM - The Cancer of Government - That’s why we have to close borders, because like you said, things are growing too fast. One problem is in the way things grow. People need to spread out more. I prefer farms over big cities. I live in a community of houses with a well that the state, WA, is trying to force water meters onto us, through the help of our city, Shelton. So, communities and cities have to try harder to separate themselves from the tyranny of the state and federal governments as they are part of the problems seen with the smart meters and the fires in California and the crime rate in Chicago for example to name a few.

Calling Alex Jones

- 11:28 PM - What What - Hello everybody, What should @SageWarrior say to Alex Jones? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks. Oatmeal.

Rigged Elections

- 11:35 PM - Stopping Tyranny - The good news is that each year, more and more of the fraud is exposed. After that, more people get involved in stopping the fraud, the crimes, the rigging, etc. But we gotta get a whole lot more people involved. Otherwise, it will be too little too late. People are doing things about it. Some people are investigating and documenting it. But we cannot rest on that. We cannot take any of that for granted, because we have no idea how many fake votes we have to stop in order to win in 2020. We have to do what we did in 2016 but about a thousands times that. Literally, a thousand times, because they will be doing it all like a thousand times more, greater. The left will be trying a thousand times harder to win, or even more than that.

Gotham 505

- 11:38 PM - 12:24 AM - Saturday / Sunday - Watching Gotham 505 - 12:25 AM - 12:55 AM - Sunday - Reviewing Gotham - Finding The Bomber - Gordon's partner told Bruce Wayne that the little things help us get through the hard times. It can be tough, and comedy can help us escape for a while. It's good to find alternatives to addictions. We do better with breaks. Our brains may need breaks. Batman was struggling as Catwoman told the story of how she was there in the alley when his parents were murdered. He said that she was a scared kid. She responded, "No Bruce, you were the scared kid. I didn't care." That shocked him. I find it funny that when people talk to him, they say something and then turn around and he is gone. Funny and classic.

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Genderless Daughter

- 2019-02-03 - 02:50 PM - Sunday - Mark Dice Video - "There are a lot of ways to be boys & girls." That is what they said. They also said there are shades to gender. But does that mean a shade of a gender means it is then genderless? If I had a bright shade or a light shade of red, then are those colors not colors? Are those shades of colors then therefore, because it is a shade of color, it is then a colorless color meaning that it is not a color at all because it is a variation of what it is not? And they said she was raising her DAUGHTER genderless. Then, that mean, it is not her DAUGHTER. It is her thing. Her maybe kid or whatever. But kid means boy or girl. So, it can't be a kid either.

So, what is it?

Snow 2019

- 2019-02-03 - 06:16 PM - Sunday - I started seeing snow around this time, while washing dishes, right outside the kitchen window - 08:53 PM - we now have a few inches or so. The first snow of 2019 in Shelton, WA, as far as I know, or at least in the valleys where we live.

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