Top Breaking World News of 2018

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Pokemon Sundar Time.

Here is my list of some of the highlights of what's been happening in our world this year. I've not included the fires in California which ISIS took credit for, all the cases of children sex trafficking globally, Family Protection News, and Forbidden News, and Information War News, etc, generally speaking. Trump has been doing a lot of good things, like replace trade deals like TPP and NAFTA with the MCA deal which the Control Freaks slipped some bad things into to allow Big Tech to continue to do what they do and more. Trump has been doing so much to help the world, especially America, and yet the Empire Strikes Back.

Tommy Robinson - Silenced - 2018-05-25 - Friday -

Tommy Robinson.

UK Police threw a man in jail for talking on his phone, by himself. He wasn't given a fair trial. He was on his phone talking on that Friday, the 25th of May, 2018. Did you ever see what they did to the Hitler Dog Man? They went after that dog man. And back to Tommy. So, he was live streaming to friends. He was reading off some publicly available information. They threw him in prison with a bunch of Muslims who were trying to murder him. For more information on Tommy & England in general - click here.

alex jones

Alex Jones.

He was banned from social networks. But don't worry, he hasn't been the only one. Did you see what happened to Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux in Australia? It's pretty bad. Likewise, I've been terminated as well off Facebook, YouTube, etc. This was described in that book titled "Nineteen Eighty-Five." The good news is that people like YouTuber Law is/are, say for example, sending a formal complaint to the Federal Trading Commission (FTC). Also, at the same time, alternative websites, like Gab, Steemit, Minds, Trump Town, Bitchute, Brighteon, etc, have been rising. Keep it going. For more info on Alex Jones - click here.

Facebook Data

Facebook Trial

Sadly, like the Google & Twitter Hearings, it was all for show, mostly, a dog and pony show, like the Hillary Clinton Trump Debates where she handed prearranged questions for the 2016 USA Presidential Debates. In politics, dinosaur media, Hollywood, in many things, they do things like that. But the good news is that citizen journalists are exposing the lies, the deception, of what the Big Tech have been doing in violating Anti-Trust, Fair Use, Safe Harbor, DMCA, copyright, the first amendment, and other American laws, acts, codes, rules, regulations, and things of that nature. Long story short, legally speaking, you are not allowed to be a publisher and a platform at the same time and yet Facebook and others have been operating illegally as both. If you want it to stop, you can write to Trump at For more information on Facebook & things of that nature - click here.


Trojan Horse Invasion

Are we going to fall like The Roman Empire did? On the Dinosaur News Media, networks like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and even Fox, would talk about what they called a caravan seeking asylum in America. What they don't tell us is that some of the other countries in and around South America offered them safe harbor. So, why were the organizations, the groups, of Soros, the United Nations (U.N.), and others, funding the caravans. Why did one of them murder a cop in California? Why are they burning American flags? For more info - click here.

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Roseanne Canceled

ABC axed Roseanne. And Disney, who owns ABC, effed up their films, Star Wars Solo and Last Jedi. Roseanne was a very popular show. Roseanne tweeted. Roseanne wrote on Twitter that Valerie Jarrett was a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planets of the Ape. Valerie has connection with Obama and with the Muslim Brotherhood. You can either laugh at this or you can look into the history that they were all involved in. For more info - click here.

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Government Shutdown?

The Reptilian Democrats and the Rhino Republicans, AKA The Swamp, have been shutting down the government in 2018, like they have in similar fashion in previous years. So, if you try to go to a national park, a federal monument, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canon, Mount Rushmore, you may see a sign that says it's closed. Yet, meanwhile, Robert Mueller and the others are spending millions of American tax dollars on the fake Russian Delusion Investigation which has found that Hillary Clinton guilty of the Russia Uranium Deal and deals in China and other things in Haiti and that thing in Libya and Syria and the Arab Springs, etc. The photo of President Donald John Trump with other former presidents is truly timeless and timely. It's historic and yet priceless as well. Info Wars Army Forum launched in October of 2018. I nickname that place the Freedom Frog Fighter Forums. Join it to find like-minded patriots in a state of America near you. Go to that Forbidden Frog Forum to schedule offline meetups, protests, marches, activism, activities, red pilling ideas, with other members from all around the world. No, you cannot go there, they say. it's forbidden. Also, there were the Yellow Jackets. For more info on Trump Related World News - click here.


Working Websites

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What is Transhumanism?

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Tracking Technology

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