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Which One Are You?

Are you Trump or are you Robin Hood? Do you believe in dangerous freedom or in peaceful slavery? The risk takers in life are after explosive liberty which awakens the spirit. Beneficiaries, however, are the ones that claim they are entitled to the profits, to the spoils, to the assets, to the money, that the risk takers (RT) worked so hard to earn.

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Common Ground?

Steven Crowder, of the Louder With Crowder Show, talked about this question. Can you find common ground with the left even as Hillary Clinton has said that the Republicans can only respect power? In other words, can you find commonality with mobs, paid for by George Soros & others, with people who have been trying to kill us all? On one hand, you can red pill some people off the democratic plantation. People are walking away or as Diamond & Silk put it, they're running as fast as they can away from it. As Trump put it, "What do you have to lose?" In the latest Crowder show, episode 402, they talked about all of this.

#402 DEMOCRATS PUSH MOB RULE! | Raz0rfist and The Hodge Twins Guest | Louder With Crowder

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Risk Takers vs Beneficiaries

Published in October of 2018 | By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Timeline: Risk Takers vs Beneficiaries

1912 - bankers & others plotted to take even more over.
2018-10-13 Saturday 12:39 PM LMS | Risk Takers vs Beneficiaries
Published at 03:08 PM

Dangerous Freedom Over Peaceful Slavery

Women's Tank Top: from Liberty Maniacs: this Thomas Jefferson quote embodies the divide between risk takers & beneficiaries as seen throughout history. Risk takers are the innovators. They're the kind of people I'm aspiring to be like because I wanna and because it feels better to be that way and because it is better as well. [LibertyManiacs.com]


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BBC Ideas

In this VIDEO, released under the BBC Ideas brand, Amrou al-Khadi, also known as Glamrou, uses the infinite complexity of quantum physics to explain his views on modern gender theory, one of the few things that can rival quantum physics in leaving outside observers baffled.

Paul Joseph Watson

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Gay Muslim Drag Queen Causes Confusion

By Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet

Progressive Propaganda: BBC's Liberal Bias

By Lauren Chen - Roaming Millennial - she endorses Virtual Shield and she is a pretty good journalist. Here is a video on BBC Ideas on Glamrou.



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