Open Mic Week 86 - MAGA

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Joy Villa said it & wore it proudly.

Let's Make America Great Again.

That is the name of her song, which I sing here in this video.

I'm accompanied by some drums.

Singing in my Back To The Future Doc Brown garage.

It takes inventions as we battle cancer giving chemicals.

Yelling & Screaming.

Kanye West is right that we are so drugged out on several levels.

Why not try love, like this Black Jesus said?

They said Steve Jobs & Donald Trump are crazy?

I'd rather be crazy than dead.

Scientists are shocked by black matter for example.

They see an interconnection between us and stars, instantaneously.

Some say this means we must be living in a simulation, not evolution.

Is it magic?

Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, talks about that simulation.

Get on top of things like I did in gardening.

Get on top of it.

Pun intended.

I was on my hill.

The hill I am willing to die on.

Pun intended.

I was gardening.

I was working hard for the money.

It is a choice, said Kanye West.

We always try hate.

Why not try love?

We sometimes need crazy people to get us out of that loop.

We are stuck in cycles of insanity.

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook Users are Dumb Fuckers.

Please flag me for that quote.

Don't look it up.

Don't Google what the Hell I'm even talking about.

Don't look at what George Soros has been doing for decades.

Don't buy Bitcoin, right?

Don't leave the plantation of centralized Rothschild banking.

Don't join Steemit.

Don't wake up.

Go back to sleep.

Don't watch documentaries.

Don't go to Info Wars.

Don't make memes about it.

Don't get Candace Owens Red Pill Black.

Stop reading.

Don't look at my links, below.

Don't start your own songs, memes, GIFs, channels, etc.

Just do as you are told.

Don't Tell Trump that they are censoring his Twitter.

Don't think for yourself like Kaye West does.

Be politically correct.

Get some free racist Starbucks coffee.

Don't eat from your own gardens like I do.

Don't study your own family history.

Don't work very hard for your own career and empire.

Don't look at the Chem Trails.

Don't Google Mark Dice.

Don't Google @Stefan.Molyneux.

Don't Google Joy Villa.

Don't stare at the beautiful stars.

Don't live out in the forest like me.

Don't play basketball like I do.

Don't study the patterns of history.

Don't pass it on like Star Wars Yoda said.

Open Mic Week 86 - MAGA

2018-05-25 Friday 12:15 AM LMS: Open Mic Week 86 - MAGA
Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
Published at 12:38 AM


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Lyrics are amazing!

Btw - Joy villa is a Scientology member
Who spoke out agausht Trump b4 he won. She’s a fake bitch who’s just after attention! Kanye on other hand is real deal👍
Kanye’s real as can be!

Joy Villa has a music video called Make America Great Again (MAGA). I watch her videos where she talks about Trump to this day still. Here is her last live stream on YouTube: 2018-05-25: Friday: today: 8 hours ago: 8 AM PST: I love so many things she says and what she does: Joy talks about Candace Owens, Kanye West, & many great things: she has shown black statistics & has been on the Alex Jones Show & on Fox & all over: hypothetically, even if Joy, Candace, Kanye, and/or anyone are/were to be fake, to be not real, to be selfish, to be only wanting only attention, bad intentions, misleading intentions, etc, it does not really matter when compared to how they raise awareness to truth, history, values, fundamentals, principles, things that really do matter and are worth discussing for so many reasons:

Just research it
She’s fake dude

@ArtGirlNYC, I love Joy Villa and I do research her and you should research her and watch her videos and listen to what she is saying and doing. Joy met with Nigel Farage. Did you see that video? Joy sang for Trump a few days ago. Did you see that? Please do the research and listen to what she is saying and doing.

We can disagree
I still love ya ❤️ @joeyarnoldvn

Love that. Nice lyrics

The lyrics of life.

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Interesting and original. I kind of feel the same when I make a song. In the hallway and in the shower I always sound good but for some reason it doesn't sound good on recording. Your ramblings are what make the song palatable.

Understood and totally agree.

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