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Old Ink.

This year began in the shadows of the Leaf Pagoda for the first three months. I visited Dong Nai. Fellowship English moved from District 1 to District 11 and later to District 4 in April and then Mr. Ribs BBQ Restaurant after that which then discontinued before Christmas that same year. I met Dai Trinh. I was banned from Circle K. I lived in the Thu Duc District, Tan Binh, District 1, 3, 4, and 7. I was homeless for 2 months. I moved into Old Ink. I was teaching all over Saigon in 2014 but then transitioned to only teaching in the first district by December.

2014-12-22 - Tuesday - Vincom - Models JA And Yellow Girl 10835482_1510416415906777_2096385832547635215_o.jpg
2014-12-23 - Tuesday - Vincom - Models JA And Yellow Girl

January, 2014

In January of 2014, I was teaching English at the Leaf Pagoda, Saturday and Sunday nights; at the Fellowship Youth Group apartment we rented on other days; for the Thu Duc kids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Friday and Saturday evenings at the Nguyen Thuong Hien High School; and probably other places at and on the other days as well. Somebody made a joke about me in that Facebook group named Another side of Vietnam (ASOV). This reoccurring mockery would focus on crazy people and compare said persons to me, the Crazy Burnt Oatmeal Monster, haha. Blow it up in the microwave. If it doesn't get all over the place, then it's not a six dollar Crabby Paddy Like Carls Jr. Burgers which is and are officially more expensive than a $5 foot long Subway sandwich. I look just like Subway Jared. I knew a guy in high school with glasses named Jared. Cook the oatmeal too long, and it gets all over the place.

2014-12-23 - Tuesday - Christmas Eve Eve - Old Ink Bathroom Mirror Talk To Myself - 10514222_1510410002574085_4186325436690796642_o.jpg
2014-12-23 - Tuesday - Christmas Eve Eve - Old Ink Bathroom Mirror Talk To Myself


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2014-12-23 - Tuesday - Notre Dome Q1 HCM VN Video JA & VN GIrl Screenshot at 2018-12-14 21:03:10.png

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

2014-12-23 - Tuesday - Notre Dome Q1 HCM VN


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2014-02-16 - Sunday - Met Dai Trinh

February 2014

On Friday, the 7th of February, 2014, The Lego Movie premiered in America, my God blessed country, and everything is awesome or can be as we come together, individually, not collectively, in order to rise up against Will Farrell as seen in that animated movie. I probably saw the film some days later on my laptop. For the Chinese New Year (Tet), I went with a Leaf Pagoda student to his hometown in the Dong Nai province to the Long Khanh city, I think or in that general area. I was told the jungles were mostly cut down in that area like in the 1960's during the Vietnam Civil War. America was helping the Republic of Vietnam fight against the north. I was told that there were giant snakes, like anacondas. They do have rubber trees. Wow, trees made of rubber. Robin Williams was in a movie about Flubber. It's kind of like rubber. I took a bus to my student's hometown in Dong Nai, and stayed for about a week. On Facebook, some people accused me of posting sick photos of myself which I didn't do. Other people made them and shared them. I reposted them because I wanted people to be aware of what the lies were concerning me. I was basically doing what some people do on Twitter when they repost crazy Tweets that they may not agree with. I was doing that Twitter thing on Facebook. Some people may not realize that. Some people may not care. But I was always trying to defend myself. I would sometimes say crazy things that I didn't believe, that I didn't actually think, in order to raise awareness of philosophical importance in culture, in global history. I was always trying to shock people online. From 2006-2013, on the Internet, I grew in my desire to shock people. Since then, I've retreated from such an approach. I wanted to get people's attention. I wanted to hook people. So, I needed to find ways to get people to see me. I always felt so invisible. I'm like Pew Die Pie in some ways in regards to how I write, how I make videos, in how I talk. I'm more Pew than Mark Dice. I've made many videos and articles attempting to explain things like Alex Jones does. That's a good thing. That's not a bad thing. However, there may be a time for that and a time for other things. It may be better not to always emphasize on the rebuttal, the defense. You may need to do it from time to time. Take advantage of those opportunities. Use them as a pivot, a transition towards talking about more important issues that are more applicable, more relevant, more usable, more tangible, for the sake of humanity. That's the Oatmeal we can eat. I will continue to defend myself in order to encourage you to do the same. People will always lie about you. The more they lie about you, the better you might be. They're probably feeling threatened because of you. So, keep the Oatmeal running. When you are over the target, you become the target. I try to pick my battles more as opposed to trying to take on all of the battles all of the time.

Star Wars Adventures

Chronology of My Biography

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Join the Infowars Army

Stealing Death Star Plans

2014-02-18 - Tuesday - I wrote the following in a Star Wars - The Force Net Forum thread on that question concerning who should steal the plans for that movie, Rogue One, which they then had in A New Hope:

When I first saw ANH in the big screen when I was about 12 in 1997, I remember the female captain, or what's her name, mentioned how many people died in obtaining the plans of the Death Star. I have always wanted to see who obtained the plans and how. I cannot think of what could be more important. Other than getting the plans, I want Rebels to eventually kill off Darth Maul, Ahsoka, Mace Windu, lost jedi, and others, maybe, that is if they think they need to, or something. There are many characters that they can kill off that do not show up in the OT.

Unless if they want to use some of the characters in the ST.

The writers or Rebels should cross reference their notes with Abram and those of the ST to make sure there are no contradictions or problems. For example, Ahsoka can't be dead or die in Rebels if she shows up in the ST.

2014-02-22 - Saturday - Facebook Timeout. There was also like a pagoda fight in February of 2014, or a continuation therein, or something.

2013 Pagoda Girls 1479176_542984429129852_906870933_n.jpg

Leaf Versus Oatmeal

2014-02-27 - Thursday - The Oatmeal English Classes were canceled, apparently, allegedly, reportedly, around this time, by the Leaf Pagoda. From August, 2013, through to the end of February, 2014, I was invited to eat, to sleep, at the Leaf Pagoda, in the Go Vap District. I was always encouraged to join, to teach, to eat, to stick around. A number of individuals would tell me that I was always welcomed. So, that was the pattern. That was the norm. But on the 27th of February, I was not allowed food. Some of the staff snuck me some food. They told me not to sleep there. I think I continued sleeping there on some nights until March or April of 2014 around the time Dai Trinh invited me to rent his neighbor's room and to teach him for a few months. There was a civil war in the Leaf Pagoda as some of them liked me and some of them didn't. So, I stayed there in order to protest their inconsistency at being honest enough about everything. I was hoping for them to say that they decided to take a different path. I wanted them to simply say that they changed their minds about me, right or wrong, regardless of the details. But they were saying that I was never invited to teach, eat, sleep, or be there in the first place. They said I was a bad teacher and that I didn't even have a class there in the first place. The Pagoda Fight went, off and on, verbally, in person, at that pagoda, from December 2013 through to like March 2014. After that, the gossip, the fighting, the debating, continued online via emails, and especially on Facebook, for months after that. I'm fine with the class cancellation but not with alleged deception, lies, falsification. Somebody even started a rumor that my visa (for my passport) was expired. It didn't expire. I had extensions. I renewed my visas a few times. Later on, my visa did expire in 2015 but not in 2014. So, it's possible that they read my passport wrong or they might have spread the rumor on purpose in order to turn people against me. Students were upset with the pagoda that they discontinued my classes. My students would tell me that when people asked to join the Oatmeal English Class, the pagoda would generally refuse to tell them when the classes were. They didn't want everybody to join only my class. For weeks, there were over 30 students per class. Over time, it started dying off. My teaching style was funny at times but I was sometimes trying too hard. I was sometimes demanding too much from them. I wrote a lot on the whiteboard. I had them repeat after me what I wrote and had them write it all in their notebooks. They wanted to study more from the book which I thought was boring. So, I started teaching more out of the book. In January, the class started shrinking mostly because they were returning to their hometowns for the Chinese New Year (Tet). The pagoda had my class axed before they could return in March and April after the holidays. People came back after Tet and wanted to join my class. The pagoda would just say that I was gone.

2013 Leaf Pagoda Girl & JA Smile 10551708_1439311479683938_7600687088692862119_o.jpg

March, 2014

Here is a conversation from March of 2014. I also had this conversation about how I could help people learn IELTS, TOEIC, TEFL, other English language certificates. On Facebook, some people would say that nobody would want to find me. People can find me. Oh, "Nobody wants to find you."

2014-12-22 - Tuesday - Vincom - Pants Laid Back Forwards Ready Steady JA 1962095_1510416845906734_4193952801294422647_o.jpg
2014-12-22 - Tuesday - Vincom - Pants Laid Back Forwards Ready Steady

April, 2014

2014-04-28 - Monday - on Facebook, I was publishing Alphabet Posts for learning English. I would write one for each letter. I would write for example, "Words Starting With The Letter A." I was getting hundreds of comments. Around that time, and during most of that year, 2014, I was generally getting hundreds of friend requests per month and sometimes per week. Each day, after just a few hours, I would find dozens of new friend requests. I was, at that time, how do I say the opposite of being Trump Twitter Shadow Banned. Tell Trump about the censorship problem at and spread the word. Speaking of words, this Alphabet Trend continued for months. But it slowly died. But at the same time, Facebook began changing so much after 2014 in so many ways. Regardless of what I would do, I began receiving less friend requests, comments, views, likes, interaction, reach. Millions of people have been having similar problems more so in the 2010's than ever before. Ask around in case you are blind because you know people who knows what has been happening. I also wrote this in April as well.

2014-05-28 - Wednesday - Edge Of Tomorrow - Tom Cruise live-die-repeat-title.jpg
2014-05-28 - Wednesday - Edge Of Tomorrow - Tom Cruise

May, 2014

A dream on expanding Oatmeal English. I wrote the following in May of 2014:


Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 10:10pm: 33 minutes ago

Liên hệ với trợ lý của tôi Joey Arnold USA về TP.HCM HCM: [email protected] 0163-364-2066 . Quận 4, Q.11 Luc Dinh Tien Nguyen 090-312-4615 Q.Tân Bình Dai Trinh 098-865-0437 Q.10 English Rain. Siu Nhưn Lùn 090-553-3203 Q.Tân Phú Belle Lùn. Tiên Phạm 090-665-6878 Q.1 [email protected] 0127-272-5679 Q.Gò Vấp Therock Nguyen 099-563-8088 Q.Thủ Đức Nguyen Cuong. Vu Thanh 0165-624-4099 Q.9 Trần Bảo Tân 098-345-6456


Tell me when and where you want to practice English at. Talk to my assistants. I teach in HCM & online to beginners to experts, children, teens, youth, adults, and people of all ages, levels, for groups and privately as well one-to-one. My name is Joey Arnold. I was born in 1985 in the USA. I'm a film-maker since 1995. I'm also a musician, writer, actor, producer, inventor, designer, motivational speaker, athlete, philosopher, comedian, cartoonist, helper, pastor, basketball player, oatmeal eater, trainer, life coach, director, guide, tutor, etc.........


Add Joey Arnold: Skype: JoeyArnoldVN
I also teach English at FYG Fellowship Youth Group
learn JA English: Tiếng Anh Joey Arnold
Joey Arnold English Club

2014-06-13 - Friday - Q.7 English JA - 10428170_1419817624966657_5909655491361392588_o.jpg
2014-06-13 - Friday - District 7 English - Ngoc Em

June, 2014

In an email or on Facebook, Dai Trinh responded to the Oatmeal Drama by saying that I must be perfect, that I must have never been wrong about anything and that I have no autism at all. I responded with saying that I make mistakes all of the time. I may or may not have autism. Sadly, people use labels like autism to discredit people. It's like calling somebody racist. It's like calling somebody a deplorable, a science denier, a bigot, etc, fill in the blank here. Hillary Clinton called half of Americans all those names, especially that famous term, Deplorable. Now, does my mistakes undo the mistakes and problems of others? Good question. Dai wrote a list, an outline, of people, of things, that I deemed to be wrong, and they include the following: Kathy, Leaf Pagoda, Dai Trinh, Remi, etc. I have written about those people, those things, many times. I made videos about it. Long story short, I like people to know what is up. The Remi Manager said I was crazy. I taught English at the Remi Cafe.

Screenshot at 2018-12-14 16:32:00.png
Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014-07-11 - Friday - Mr.Ribs BBQ English JA Q4 HCM VN - 10297600_1431168717164881_3110099939815030244_n.jpg
2014-07-11 - Friday - Mr.Ribs BBQ English JA Q4 HCM VN

July, 2014

2014-07-17 - Thursday - I wrote, "Joey Arnold is Jesus Christ." First, I'm not actually God. I believe in God. I believe Jesus is God. I believe in the freedom of religion and especially of speech. Second, I'm not perfect. So, most people can know this, obviously, apparently, "Absolutely to some extent." I used to say that quote, "Absolutely to some extent" while talking to people on the phone in 2010 especially while working at Salvation Army's Camp Redwood Glen in Scotts Valley, CA, while talking to maybe Jeff Walters, Sawyer Frye, Adam Wills, and/or others. So, why did I write that I was Jesus if I'm not? I don't remember exactly. But it might have been my way of punching back at Dai Trinh and others who would mock me for saying that I was a teacher and a filmmaker and a doctor and a this thing and a that thing, as seen here, as I would say that I was anything and everything. So, they would say how burnt my oatmeal was, how loose my marbles were, how cracked my Liberty Bell was. So, my response would normally be to make a crazy statement that would be obviously not true. Alex Jones says the same thing. Like, for example, Alex says it's like saying the sky is not blue and that 2+2=5. Liberalism is a disease according to Mark Dice. I was always trying to raise awareness of how progressive people were in Vietnam, both foreigners and Vietnamese alike.

Hook Robin Williams Peter Pan

August, 2014

On Monday, the 11th of August, 2014, I started seeing comments, posts, about Robin Williams dying like on Facebook & Twitter. In other words, who watches CNN anymore? I got breaking news straight from the people. My mind went back to the death of Woof Dick 2008, Michael Jackson 2009, Blake Webb 2010, PDX Oatmeal Bill 2011, USA Joe 2012, Hanoi Arnold 2013, etc. I watched Robin on that television show called The Crazy Ones. I'm crazy too. In that show, he helped make commercials. His daughter was played by Sarah Michelle Gellar who was the legendary Buffy The Vampire Slayer and a dark Sith in Star Wars Rebels. Robin's real daughter was named Zelda after that Nintendo video game franchise. Was Robin murdered? Good question. Either way, my emotions was murdered for days around his death. I think I was at the house of a Filipino family around the time of Robin's death. My dad's GF, Robin Baker, had me thrown in jail in 2012. I'm a big fan of Batman & Robin. A youth group leader at Hillsboro First Baptist, during the early 2000's, was named Robin. One of my favorite characters from How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) was Robin, aye, from Canada, excuse me, sorry, pardon me, haha, pretty cute, interesting, spoiler alert, ending to that Bob Saget narrated show. I saw Robin Williams in many movies. Was always a big fan. The first might have been in Hook in 1991 when he played Peter Pan. In 1987, he starred in Good Morning Vietnam. I ended up seeing that like in the 1990's. Robin was always my favorite comedian during the 90's. Even to this day, he may be my favorite besides maybe Steven Crowder and Alex Jones. By the way, @Stefan.Molyneux made a good video about Robin. And I love robin birds too. I also liked Robin Hood from Once Upon A Time (OUT) on ABC for seven seasons.

2014-09-19 - Friday - Facebook Post On Any Word Any Letter Challenge Left Empty By Friends - Screenshot at 2018-12-14 20:12:43.png
2014-09-19 - Friday - Facebook Post On Any Word Any Letter Challenge Left Empty By Friends

September, 2014

Mr. Ribs BBQ English classes were doing good, a few classes each day, some at night and some in the morning, children and adult classes. I made this video pairing the Father Like Son Video with that HBO Dexter Morgan television series, that Dollhouse show, Baywatch, Growing Pains, and that one song about making me feel alive by Nicki Minaj and that other guy.

2014-09-09 Me Ribs.jpg
2014-09-09 - Tuesday - Mr. Ribs BBQ English

October, 2014

2014-10-08 - Wednesday - I got kicked out of Circle K, a South Korean general store, at 167 Ton Dan Street, District 4, in Saigon, Vietnam. I was homeless from August until Friday, the 10th of October, which is when I moved into my famous Old Ink Apartment in District 1. An older Vietnamese man helped me find that Old Ink room. We walked around, asked around, and found that room. I paid 2.000.000 VND ($100) each month for that room until November of 2015. But just two days prior, I was banned, apparently, from that mini-mart. I was not the only person sleeping there. Generally, in many stores, coffee shops, etc, in Saigon, people sleep. You will see people napping at parks and at businesses, during their lunch break and especially at night. Customers and staff alike do this. So, I was not sticking out. I was not the only one doing it. Everybody was doing it. So, I would sleep over at coffee shops or mini-marts or wherever I could when I was without my own home, apartment, bed, or whatever. So, I would go to Circle K, buy some food from them, and I would sit down in their dinning room section to use their WIFI with my laptop. I sat in the back cafeteria area. I was later told that they close that part down at night. So, I would then sit down at the front section of the cafeteria. I asked if I could use their bathroom and they would give me the key or would unlock the door. At the time, they didn't stop me. But later on, they told it was staff only. I felt sad that they couldn't tell me that originally. I didn't sleep there every night. But probably a few days a week the first few weeks and then it was probably every night. On that Wednesday morning, on that 8th day of October, 2014, around 6 AM ICT, I bought noodles for breakfast, there, and said hello to the female cashier who has talked to me a few times before that, for the past few months, a few times a month. She has said in the past that she liked English, likes to practice English with me when I came to order. So, I engaged in some small talk for her benefit in order to grant her wish for practice. So, this was not our first conversation. I'm not big into small talk. So, I don't normally talk to people. I said three words to her, "You are happy."

2014-10-11 - Saturday - Couple 10438568_643200042464261_8714536657647629012_n.jpg
2014-10-11 - Saturday - Last Day With Q.Tan Phu English

At that, she snapped.

She told me to hurry up and pay. I gave her the money for the noodles a few seconds later. I felt that I was interrupted. So, I told her that she was engaging in a promotion of bad customer service. I was trying to give that store good advice. She was probably having a bad day. I was probably being too strong at that time. And it was probably not my job to teach her how to do her job. In my life, I've made it my job to teach people lessons, to push people to see whatever I thought was the light. My intentions has always been pretty good but my delivery has been like Burnt Oatmeal. This is my confession, that I was too demanding. I was too forceful. I was too strong. No probably about it. What I was trying to say was true. How I was saying it was incomplete. It was too rushed. Rome wasn't built in a day. Oatmeal wasn't built in a day, either. I've written about this Circle K Party Fight thing many times. I've made videos on YouTube about it. But they're probably all gone as YouTube terminated my Ojawall and Joeyarnoldvn channels. I bought my noodles. I sat down. I came back to talk to them. The manager man told me not to talk to her. I started talking to him. I started raising my voice. He was probably trying to protect her. He threatened to call the cops. Robin Baker called the cops on me just 26 months before that on Friday, the 13th of July, 2012, in Oregon, USA, in the same house I grew up in. I ended up in jail for two weeks for a false accusation in 2012. Around February 2014, people at the Leaf Pagoda threatened to call the cops. Other times in my life, people would threaten me in similar fashion. So, I double-dog dared him. Too often, a boy cries wolf. But there is no wolf. I was trying to teach them life lessons. They didn't see it that way. I was trying too hard to teach them things. But they saw it as an attack. The police came, tied me up, broke my glasses, searched my bags without my permission, pushed me around, down to the ground, down to the floor. I was tied up for like hours. But when they found my passport and saw that I was American, they gave me water and untied me. They asked for a translator friend, so I called up my Vietnamese friend of the Fellowship Youth Group, mister Luc Dinh, and he came and translated. Apparently, I was banned from Circle K. I went to the store on Friday, two days later, and they locked the door. Game Of Throne fans would be sad that they didn't hold the door. In October, I was teaching at Mr. Ribs BBQ, in District 4.

2014-11-13 - Thursday TWD Movie or Show FB Question JA Screenshot at 2018-12-14 23:05:49.png
2014-11-13 - Thursday TWD Movie or Show FB Question JA

November, 2014

2014-11-07 - Friday - I posted this photo which is apparently gone now. Mr. Ribs English discontinued around November and December of 2014. It rained a lot.

2014-11-31 - Wednesday - Avatar - Girl Near Old Ink Q1 HCM JA - 1907920_1516220895326329_7558573778746572996_n.jpg
2014-12-31 - Wednesday - Happy New Years With a Girl

December 2014

I bought a $500 camera and started making more videos. I started taking hundreds of daily photos from December, 2014, through until like April, 2015, at the 23/9 Park where I was teaching English for free for about ten or more hours, seven days a week, during those like five months. Thousands of those pictures and videos may be scrubbed off, terminated, deleted, removed, erased, gone forever, as Facebook terminates my accounts at times, without notice, including my Joey Arnold TV account which was at and also the other one which was at and another one was Giao Vien Nguyen Hieu at and my original Facebook was until I tried turning that URL into a fan page which backfired. They said for security purposes, they couldn't give me back my old URL. Now, somebody else has it. Why not just give it back to me, Facebook? Here is a great photo of me and that one actress girl who was a student of mine. I filmed her class during an audition at their university when she asked me to. This photo was taken near my Old Ink apartment on the Pham Ngu Lao Street.

2015-06-05 - Thursday - Remi English Class - JA 10455347_1416075218674231_4130222601511677874_n.jpg
2014-06-05 - Thursday - Remi English Class

2014 Year In Review

Published in December of 2018 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @JoeyArnoldVN
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2014-12-23 - Tuesday - Surprised Girl 10557530_1510417935906625_8670193243332937422_o.jpg

HTML Banned?

Why is some code not allowed on Steemit?

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2018-12-13 - Friday - 11:38 AM LMS - 2014 Year In Review
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2014-02-07 - Friday - Lego Movie - Screenshot at 2018-12-14 12:49:13.png

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