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Negan Escaped

- This girl, the daughter of Rick Grimes, pointed a gun at him. Negan wanted to leave. So she let him. Eventually, he found out that there was nothing out there for him. As he drove a motorcycle, she shot at him on the road. He fell. He said he would return. That was his plan. The Walking Dead (TWD) began in 2010, nine years ago, with Rick shooting a young zombie girl. Now that Rick is off the show, there is his daughter shooting people, full circle. She is what the zombie girl could have been. There were other young girls that died as well during the past nine years. This girl offers a lot of hope as she is caring but also strong. I like that. Is TWD becoming a bit like Star Wars with an excess of SJW themes? Maybe a little but maybe not as bad as what Star Wars has.

Skin Zombies

In episodes 909 & 910, they gave us more of the backstory to the girl. She was in like a hospital. Too many zombies were outside. Her mother murdered her own father and forced her to put on zombie skins to become part of the Whisperers. They blend in with the zombies, the SJW NPC couch potatoes. Like neoliberal progressive leftism, they blend in. Mom told her lies for years that her dad died accidentally while saving her but her mom slaughtered pappa. The girl was captured at a bridge. The boy befriended her. At the end of 910, her mother came to the gate to ask for her daughter back. TWD is all about how people are scarier than zombies, especially wolves in sheep clothing, people in zombie skins.

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Thanks for this post. I forgot to tune in to this Sunday night. Just watched the last episode on the website! One of my favorite TV shows.

I love the Whisperers. Very interesting. I'm also watching Fear The Walking Dead which has a camcorder chick with a tank that I like.

First I heard of Fear The Walking Dead. I'm going to have to look for that one now. Thanks.

You can see FTWD here. Season 5 should be coming in the fall of 2019.

Thanks, I'll check it out :)