Pilgrim Play 1987

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I remember when I was two years old.

I was crawling around in this Pilgrim Play around Thanksgiving of 1987 at the First Baptist Church in Forest Grove, Oregon, in this homeschool club. We attended Friday School in the late 80's. We would go on field trips to local businesses, pizza places, factories, to learn how they make things, do things, how things work, and how people work. We would go to Skate World to skate as a club. My siblings, Katie and Ricky, were also in this play. Sharon Hundley, Jerry Friend, and others as well.

1987 Homeschool Play-1.jpg

Home School Club

The club may have died out in the early 90's, but some of us continued going to Skate World during special events, not happy hour, but think more like homeschool hour, or certain days each month or each year until the late 90's. I was homeschooled until I entered high school in 2000.

1987 Homeschool Play-2.jpg

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