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What's the secret to story telling?

Before I get to THAT, let me tell you a crazy thing that happened Saturday night. Two things. First, a white guy put on that hat and went out into the public to talk about that hat. Second, that same night, just two days ago, a black guy put on the same hat and went out into the public to talk about that same MAGA hat. I love INFO WARS.

The two guys are making the world better.

How? By going out into the real world in order to make stuff happen. When you are making a difference, you hit conflict, contrast. That is a great thing. When you speak truth in a dark world, you shine light on the wickedness of antagonists in history. The world needs more accountability, confrontation: the truth through love.

In HIStory

In other words, we are in history, AKA his STORY, in God's Story, in our stories, as we are on the winning side, as we win, for the sake of destiny, for oatmeal and beyond, "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND," said China's Disney's Pixar's Toy Story's Buzz Light Year, voiced by Tim The Tool Man Allen Taylor of Home Improvement, of The Santa Clause, of Last Man Standing, of Galaxy Quest, of Jungle 2 Jungle.

Cave Guy Gone Wild

Sorry, I'm down a rabbit trail, born to be wild, as I talk about Tim Allen. That is how my brain thinks, very random, where I'm all over the place CONNECTING DOTS. That is how I like to write and that is especially how I like to make videos. I've been told that some of my music videos are too small, short, quick, flashy, all over the place. That is the price you pay when making a movie, a show, a book.

Some may like it and some may not.

That is the beauty of life as each picture is worth at least a thousand words and each letter in those 1,000 words are like pictures, images, diagram, photos, illustrations, as well, and they may be worth an ADDITIONAL thousand words each, and so on and so forth till cows come home. TRUMP IN TENNESSEE AS THE ONLY TEN I SEE.

Story Telling Hat

What kind of stories can a hat tell? Like I said earlier, two guys wore the same hat, and other people tried to shut 'em down, big time. The news is that the MAGA hat is a symbol of and for Making America Great Again. So, back to my story, the white guy was Owen Shroyer who wore the MAGA hat while live streaming out in like Austin, Texas, like at a park. He was interviewing random people.


Some of them acted like ZOMBIES which kind of makes you think and feel like ZOMBIES are real. Globalists allow The Walking Dead, as a PROGRAM, to program us to murder conservatives, the fake ZOMBIES. They're trying to brain wash us to kill each other in race wars and gender wars and political wars and drug wars and sex wars and civil wars and so on and so forth. The left are left with nothing left and they're becoming zombies and are told to eat our brains or to kill us because we are the zombies, the racists, the fake news, the Russians, as in violent and so on. Reality Inverse!

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Black MAGA Hat

Forget about the cat in the hat whom the kids didn't want me to read, no green eggs or Seinfeld soup for ya tonight yo, because it is time to talk about the black guy in the hat. Back to my story, I told you about the white guy in the hat and now it's black guy's turn. Yeah, so, the black guy was Kanye West on Saturday Night Live (SNL) that same Saturday night, 2 days ago, that last SNL show of September 2018, which was the 29th of Sep. He talked about that same hat. So, is SNL live? Not so much as they cut the show short as soon as West started talking about how we can choose to follow our heart instead of our mind, to choose love instead of hate. They bullied Kanye backstage to stop him from wearing the Trump hat.

West called it his Super Man hat.

The good news is that we all can do what Kanye West and Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson and other did and do and are doing. We are doing it. We continue to make the world better in so many ways as we tell our stories and as we wear our hats and signs. Alex Jones showed up at a meeting in Austin, Saturday morning, where they were talking about how Alex lies, plays the victim. Alex stood in front and told the audience some facts about the people on stage as everybody started live streaming Alex whom has been banned from live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Fake News gave Trump free air time during the USA Presidential Race in 2016 and they continue to talk about Trump and Alex Jones all the time. Big Tech banned, bans, and has / have been banning millions of conservatives, independents, real non-leftist liberals, real foreigners, and others, off the Internet. Why? Cuz then you can't talk back to the overlords to expose them like PROJECT VERITAS has been doing in their VIDEOS.

That is why we show up in the real world.

That is why I am Real Oatmeal. That is why we use BLOCKCHAIN so that they can't delete us. They've been deleting us online. That is why we make backups. We continue to rise up. That is why we are better safe than sorry in all that we do. That is why we are trying our best to be Spartacus, V For Vendetta, as Info Wars is Forbidden Information. I am Alex Jones. You are Alex Jones or can be.

That is the beauty in our story. Q?

There may be some truth in Q, in Qanon. I'm not following Q, a group that talked about draining the swamp. But I'm totally for draining the swamp and we all are helping in that, or can be helping in that. Soros, Rothschild, Bill Gates, Oprah, the NWO, China, Apple, Facebook, Google, big tech, Jihadism, and others, are trying to stop Trump and all of us. The good news is that we are taking action to fight back politically. Good Sheppard posts Alex Jones Infowars videos, but then YouTube shuts down that channel. But then Good Sheppard makes a new channel, and gets like thirty thousand or more subscriptions in just a day. A bunch of people watch the videos, and then Alphabet, who owns Google, who owns YouTube, shuts down Good Sheppard, again and again and again, but like Spartacus, we get back up again and again like Rocky, Rambo, the Underdog. Can't stop MAGA moles. We are winning. Keep it up! The Butterfly Domino Snowball Effect!

Deep state is pretty deep and that is deep.

So, I want to continue to talk about that, about the deep state, history, world news, in what we can do, what we are doing. I love to talk about How-To solutions to everyday problems, like how to fix bikes. How to fix computers. How to learn English.

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How to almost anything.

I love the stories that are all around us and that takes me back to my first question in this post about the secret to telling stories. Now, I gave the lesson at the youth group today at the Mountain View Alliance Church in Shelton, Washington State (WA), United States of northern America (USA), the corporation of 1812, 1871, 1913, 1933, 1984, not the country of 1776, 2016. I want to compare what I did tonight, what happened, with my actual lesson plans, my notes, my curriculum, which I didn't get through entirely.


Went to Walmart to buy a camera but didn't have enough money. I went around contemplating whether I should buy a phone, a camera, a camcorder, a tablet, a webcam, or what have you. I have $149 in my wallet. I thought about those things and other things and then went to youth group. We got a white board and then about 5 kids came. The children, are in middle school and they talked gossip, who likes who, & made random jokes. Like, Joe thinks Australians are funny. I agree.

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We played Tag and then ate noodles.

I drew my face on the white board and asked them to guess what I was drawing with the marker. I told a story about the Arnold Attic, of the boy, stuck in an attic, who then got out, left, to like Vietnam and other places. But then came back, the end. The black girl was like, "That's not how you tell a story." She got up and tried to draw and tell a story. Then I asked them which movies and books were their favorites, and that was Incredibles 2, Narnia 2 (Prince Caspian), Lord of the Rings (LOTR), Star Wars, Cars, Small Feet, Titanic, and maybe a few others.

New Words

I taught them a new word, GENRE, which means a type, a kind, a style, a theme, for movies, music, stories. I asked them to name some genres and then to match those movies with the kinds of movies out there and they did. I drew lines on the white board to match the films with the genres like comedy, fantasy, science fiction, inappropriate, rated R, rated PG-13, cartoons, situation comedy (SITCOM), action, thriller, horror (scary), documentary, music videos, etc.

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General: Comedy | Predictive Programming | Sci-Fi | Films/Movies: Antman | Predator | Racist Files | Solo | Total Recall | Television: Roseanne | Shows | Sitcoms | Hoaxed

On The Winning Side

I then taught them that Protagonist means the good guy, Antagonist means the bad guy. Is your life like a movie? Are you or is Jesus the star of your movie, of your life, on the throne of your life? Are your friends the supporting actresses, in supporting roles, in your movie, or are they movie stars in their own movies, or a little bit of both? I asked some of these questions and talked about that for a few minutes. Daniel went to the bathroom. Then we played the telephone game.

After that, we played a Simon Says Train game.

Then we played charades where you guess what the other person is doing. We didn't have enough time as it was almost 7:30 PM to play Pictionary or to talk more. Nathan finished the night with adding a moral to the story to the lesson to compare what I talked about in telling stories in how God plays his part in that as Jesus is the good guy and Satan is the bad guy. We can be part of God's story when we choose to align with that. He prayed. The kids played for a few minutes and then went home. Joe left early. I showed Nate 3 pages of notes for tonight, that I didn't get through most of my notes for today's lesson. But I got through the most important parts perhaps. Now, let me share some of my notes, some of the ideas I've had for today's lesson as follows.

Story Telling

What are your favorite movies, shows, series, books, nursery rhymes, ideas, illustrations, comic books, characters, character archs, films, cartoons, TV programs, commercials, ads, campaigns, slogans, mottos, etc, and why? I asked some of these questions tonight, or actually only 2 questions out of this mess.

How can you tell a story?

Specifically, how can you tell your story and can you tell your own story? I talked about my story tonight by drawing some pictures. I asked them what my name was, why people call me Oatmeal and where I might be from. They guessed a bunch of different states of where I might be from. One said Florida. No, but my grandma is from there. Texas or Oklahoma, no, but brother Rick was there. I'm from Oregon. Somebody said I was 34. Yeah, I'm 33, but close enough.

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How can a story be told?

You can ________ to tell a story:
A. Talk
B. Write
C. Draw
D. Sing
E. Dance
F. Joke
G. Build, Design, Film, etc

I didn't talk about these things tonight.

We ran out of time. Kind of got lost in talking my story when they were trying to guess where I might be from, and when we were playing games. The lesson lasted an hour or so. First, we ate from like 6:00 to 6:30 PM or so, and then we had a lesson which went from either 6:30 or 6:45 to 7:30 PM and time went right by pretty quickly. So, the lesson might have been between 20-60 minutes, give or take a few, and I think closer to 60 minutes.

How To Tell Stories

You tell stories sometimes by what is NOT said. You can also connect the dots to help people see the whole story. I taught a class at an After-School program at the Daniel A. Grout Elementary School in SE Portland, Oregon, back in 2008 and 2009, and that class was called Connect The Dots (CTD).

Connect Dots

I also had that same class scheduled as a small group at Agape Church of Christ in PDX, that same city, the next year. Nobody signed up to join that Agape class, but, "You don't have to follow the rainbow to find your pot of gold," says my mother, Marilyn Mitchell, in her famous double rainbow piano song.

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Nobody connected those dots.

But still, we can learn so much when we seek learning from different sides to stories. History may be written by the winners or by certain people at times it seems, or most of the time, or we are only told one side to certain stories by fake news and things like that and we either learn from history, from those stories, or we repeat the cycles. Kanye West and Scott Adams talk about mental prisons and how we can break free from that type of mental trap. Also, Red Pilled Black Candace Owens has talked about that as well, that the Democrats, the Demon Rats, want us to stay stuck in the past in what we cannot do as opposed to what we can do.

Walk Away

Diamond & Silk has said that people are walking Away, hashtag #WalkAway, off the Democratic Plantation. George Lucas talked about whether he should show the snowman monster in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back as Luke Skywalker was captured, hanging upside down. On one hand, you may want to just hear the monster without seeing the Bogey Man Gremlin, haha. But on the other hand, you may want to see the monster as well. So, there are many ways to tell a story.

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How were stories told?

Historically, generally, the Indian Chief told passed-on stories around campfires at night, sometimes nightly, that is stories that were passed on from generation to generation for thousands and thousands of years in hundreds to thousands of countries and cultures and religions and families and groups all around the world. One of the biggest stories next to creation, to a creator, is the story of a global flood.


Telephone Game
Sentence By Sentence Story Writing Game
Pictionary Game
Charades Games
Simon Says Game
Simon Says Train Game

What helps tell a story?

Pictures, art, illustrations
Comedy, jokes
Facial expression
Body language

Kinds of Stories, Genres

First-Shooter Video Games
Game Show
Racing Games
Role Playing Games (RPG)
Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)
Situational Comedy (Sitcom)
Sports Games
Stand-up Comedy
Tall Tales

Can you tell a story?

Have you ever told, written, drawn, helped, filmed, made, assisted, in making stories, movies, essays, journals, shows, or anything? How do you start a story? How is a story started? It starts with a problem.

Story Outline

Introduction: Once Upon A Time
Problem Crisis
Chapters, Acts, Rising Action
Resolution: Happily Ever After

Is your life a movie?

Who is the star in your life? Who should be the star in your life, in your movie? Are there others in your movie? Are there supporting roles in your movie? Are they really supporters or are they stars of their own reality, their own Scott Adams simulation, dimension, path?

I Love Trump

Who are the antagonists and protagonists in your life and do you like that Jesus Take The Wheel song? I love country music. We can also talk about music genres and not just movie and video game genres if u wanna. Do we always expect people to know and watch our movies, our lives, even as they are busy in starring in their own movies? KILLER QUESTION! BURN HAHA!

Screenshot at 2018-10-01 22:11:53.png
Screenshot at 2018-10-01 22:53:40.png

Count To Ten Game

Count to ten like you are

  1. An Angry Parent
  2. A Baby Learning to Talk
  3. Sad Person who stumbles into a Surprise Birthday Party
  4. Referee
  5. Old Person
  6. Funny Person
  7. Animal
  8. Poor Person Counting Crows, or Pennies
  9. Australian

Walking Game

Walk in a line like you are

  1. Coming home from school, busy
  2. Walking through snow
  3. Bare footed in a swamp
  4. Desert
  5. Cemetery, around zombies, ghosts
  6. Fly
  7. Swim
  8. Run
  9. Crawl
  10. Astronaut
  11. Mountain Climber
  12. Broken Leg
  13. Walking through Honey
  14. Skipping
  15. Diving


What do you think about the Nikon Cool Pix W100?

2018-10-01 Monday Telling Stories
By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Youth Group Outline

2918-10-01 Monday 02:29 PM PST LMS JA: here are my notes for my lesson plan for tonight at the youth group at Mountain View Alliance Church in Shelton, WA, USA. This is scheduled to be my first, and possibly my only presentation, or lesson, or sermon, or discussion, here, there, for this small group of middle school kids, this youth group, around five boys and girls all around the age of ten to twelve, generally. I was there last week, last Monday, for the first time to observe, and we ate Mac & Cheese. Youth Pastor Nate Sartori read from a Bible hero storybook which featured pictures. He asked them what their high and low points were their previous week, or for the upcoming week. During the beginning and end of the 6:00 - 7:30 PM meeting, we played Tag. We ran around, me, the kids, and even Nate at the end. Good time. Takes me back to when I was a kid.

Archive Health

Body: Ears | Eyes | Teeth | Food | Drinks | Jam | Money: 70% of 3rd Generation Rich People Go Bankrupt | Sleep | Other: Depletion of Zinc | Beam Me Up Microwave Scotty

Goal For Today's Lesson

The goal for today's lesson is in introducing kids to telling stories. Right now, I'm brainstorming ideas, questions, games, that can help them. I want to ask them what their favorite movies are. I want to ask them how many different ways there are to tell a story. I want to ask them how a story can begin in a book, a fairy tale, a movie, a show, or even in history books, in real life. Stories begin with once upon a time. Writing about this reminds me of lessons I did and have had as a camp counselor at camps from 2005 to 2010, during those years. I was born in Oregon in 1985 and I love watching movies. I love telling stories. Writing about this reminds of the lessons I taught as a freelance English Teacher in Vietnam for five years from 2012 to 2017 as the Original Oatmeal Joey Arnold. So, I'm thinking about my experience with people, especially and specifically with children even the past thirteen years and beyond. I'm always trying to tell my own stories about my life and I also made up stories as well.

Dinosaur Zombies?

I wrote about a future Humans Versus Dinosaurs Comic Essay. I'll be listing some ideas, questions, games, things, below, for the lesson. I want to connect dots to help people understand that as we understand our own biography, our own stories, of world history in general, of where we were, then we can better understand where we are and where we are going. We can be part of that story when we gamify it all. Gamification helps even like RC may help Steemit in some ways to some extent it seems or so they say right now.


How can you tell stories?
What is my story?


What is your favorite movie?
Why is that your favorite movie?


What is your favorite book?
Why is that your favorite book?


What is your favorite kind of story?
What kind of genres are there?

Why should you tell your story?


Telephone Game

Write down something funny, or some random words, or anything you want, whisper it only one time to the person next to you. That person can whisper the message to the next person and that person can pass it on to the next person and so on until it goes all the way around to everybody there. The last person can say it out loud. Then somebody can read what was originally written.

Sentence By Sentence Writing Game

Write a sentence, a paragraph, a word, a few words, on a paper, a line, to tell a story, or whatever, and pass the paper to the next person who then continues writing and adding to the story a little. Then the next person can write more to that story. You can either hide the previous line and only expose the last word to make the story more random. Each person can add to the story and then somebody can read the whole story out loud.

Timeline: Super MAGA Unicorn Hat

2018-10-01 Monday 08:02 PM LMS | Super MAGA Unicorn Hat
Published at 01:27 AM Tuesday

The Amazing Lucas | SNL Kanye West

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